• Coal-in-my-hole

    Australian healthcare looks better than it is, it's still not bad for sure but its not perfect……Yes I am Australian

  • me heretoday

    a shameful day in Australian history when our Prime Minister publicly brown noses a senile old git like Trump

  • T

    Making health Care Free doesn't fix anything, it just make it free. Fix health care, hospitals, doctors, phamicuticals, insurance companies, insurance laws!

  • vsboy 25

    only the wealthy will get the best health care in America.Trump prefers the rich get the best and the lower class get no or little coverage.

  • Rodrigo Acosta

    America is the wealthiest country in the world… It is possible to have a great health care system

  • Noel George

    What a Laugh!! Turnbull would wipe Medicare in Oz if he could. Has a popularity rating similar to Frump! Voted in on a wealth of promises. Look where Oz is now.

  • remplante

    I can't stop laughing. Dumb congratulating dumber. If strayan PM Turnbull could dismantle our universal health care, he would in a heartbeat. Turnbull's party is termed Liberal which means conservative. It was a Labour govt (way to the left of US Democrats) that introduced medicare. Yep it has funding issues and our hospital systems have long delays for non-urgent surgery, however, we value life and could not countenance a nation that refuses medical treatment for those in need. With or without money.

  • Bob

    unfortunately the morons in government here ….specifically the man sitting next to trump is slowly ruining our healthcare and sending towards an american style health system. But its still a million times better than the america system especially now that trump is sending the US back to the dark ages with everything

  • JimBeam

    Turnbull now knows what it's like to be shit upon, that is, in knowing what the Australian people are feeling concerning his own work back home, especially when he got stood up by the Trumpet – who doesn't give a shit at all about Turnbull and what he has to offer. Turnbull's just another pawn in the DSA's chess game.

  • ShinDo

    YOU liberals DON'T GET IT! still! Trump wants universal health care, what better way for him to have COMPLETE control and institute the mark? wake up!

  • Kerkopes

    Trump doesn't care about healthcare insurance. And he doesn't care about me or you. Trump cares about Trump. He cares about accolades. He cares about golf.

  • The Blade

    Straight faced liar. Donald always looks around to see if people are buying his bullshit! People need to start yelling out Bullshit! But Donald also carefully peppers his audiences with supporters. Time for another victory rally where we can hear all the idiots who will lose healthcare and pay higher premiums and deductibles scream adoration for Donald!

  • Jason R

    Oh get a grip snowflakes. Trump was just trying to be politic about the subject. Everyone knows you can't take what he says verbatim.

  • KiwiTrekkie . nz

    Trump praises Australia's healthcare system but at the same time, destroys America's own healthcare system by replacing it with a tax cut for billionaires bill that's poorly disguised as a healthcare plan?

  • LittleMikey

    Congratulations, America. You elected a bigger idiot than George W. Bush. I didn't even think that was possible.

  • snaggs107

    😂😂😂 yet the Trumpsters keep eating his lies. Fucking idiots.. Bcuz of their stupidity, not only will they suffer but thru no fault by us logic & fact users, we too will suffer. Thx alot Re-pube-icans

  • SkyP1e

    The republican politicians that spin for or in other ways try to normalize Trump are like parents that encourage a baby holding a loaded gun. Hopefully that baby will start blasting away at his enablers. Oh and Trump's supporters are like onlookers calling the baby a "marksman".

  • Mark Cross

    While he teaches Americans how to stab themselves in their own back and rally to exalt him!

    Yeah, aren't we great again? We just gave billionaires another raise and took our own healthcare away cause republicans put a democratic black man's name on it!
    Yeah, fuck you, fuck us!

  • Armor of God By Pastor Bill Taylor Sr

    As thou knowest not what is the way of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child: even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all.
    Ecclesiastes 11:5 KJV

  • Armor of God By Pastor Bill Taylor Sr

    Government Big enough to control and Give you everything you need and want; Is TO BIG ; And BIG Enough To Take It ALL AWAY FROM YOU AND Execute YOU !: Feed The People and Government a Little socialism each day till one day they wake up communist and not even realize it . And Like it ! Powder Dry ! Repent !

  • Armor of God By Pastor Bill Taylor Sr

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord ; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.
    Psalms 33:12 KJV

  • Nicholas Brown

    Look no further than HR676 a healthcare reform bill. Trump supported this type of system while running for office, why won't he support Single Payer now?

  • complexadaptive

    Come up here to Canada, Meet me in Toronto, I will break my own leg in front of you and you can follow me through the process to see how socialized medicine works..

  • Zenon

    As a Canadian, can confirm, Trump-RyanCare is a disastrous bill that will result in American deaths & misery. Republicans know this (which is why they rammed it through the House), they just don't care. All they care about is their campaign donations from Big Business 🙁

  • Vicki Fischer-Rasmussen

    When visiting America over the past decade, I have spoken about health care to many from both sides of the political debate. It is my understanding that Americans see a nationalised healthcare system such as we have in Australia, as too much government interference in their lives. Our health care system ensures health care for all, no-one is left to die for lack of insurance and the best available and AUTHORISED care is provided irrespective of socio-economic status. We all pay the same percentage of our income by way of health care levy and there is no dispute over pre-existing conditions. We do have our choice of general practitioner (regular doctor) but do not have the specialist provider of our choice in a public health care system. There are wait lists based upon urgency of care and sometimes a requested treatment is not authorised within the nationalised system, but this is usually because the protocol or drug has not yet been approved or is in trial stage only. Each state operates its own public hospitals, mental health, child health and health promotion services with funding from the federal government. However, the standard of health care is pretty good for all. Certainly the standard of care for someone on the poverty line in Australian is better than that for a similar income person in the US. The Australian system is one of the best in the world and way better than Britain. Dental care is provided for children from K-12 but outside of that the responsibility is upon the individual. Subsidised dental care is available for those receiving welfare benefits but the range of services is limited. For example, a denture will be subsidised but an implant will not except if under extreme circumstances.

  • xxnike629xx

    Pathetic how Trump is praising universal health care yet he can't get his shit together and doing universal health care for all citizens and giving non citizens a deeply discounted health care policy?
    Americans are getting sicker every year and these politicians and pharmaceutical companies are allowing food manufacturing companies to continue to use harmful chemicals that over time make us very ill physically and mentally.
    WAKE UP!

  • country girl

    What an idiot! Australia having a better healthcare system and throwing 24 million people off of theirs just because we don't have a better healthcare system? that's down right ridiculous!!!

  • Armor of God By Pastor Bill Taylor Sr

    4:21 Salute every saint in Christ Jesus. The brethren which are with me greet you.4:23 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen. Philippians

  • Raheem Coles

    I highly doubt he even knew Australia had universal healthcare. He cant be bothered with things like "facts" or "details". Those things arent sexy or spalshy.

  • I am Sammi

    Oh so trump praises Universal healthcare and takes our healthcare away? Much like he Invites Phillipian Duarte a man who kills his own people, women and children included, to the White House but drops bombs on Syria because of those beautiful little babies! Priceless

  • Wglass90

    Trumpcare is worse than what Obamacare could ever dream of, and it's quite humorous and pathetically sad to see the people who voted for this unrealistic sack of shit with the "pre-existing conditions" on the list who won't be covered. I found it quite ironic how Trump praised Australia's UNIVERSAL Health care when it's completely opposite of our own. I'm not a Democrat, but the Republicans really screwed up (as usual) when it seemed like they had a chance to turn things around. Their days are numbered in congress, along with Trump's presidency which will be short lived once when the people realize the whole concept of this bill backfires along with whatever idiotic plans or ideas he has in store for the next 3 years. This whole thing is nothing short of an experiment which is failing hard, and for that Trumpcare will be repealed faster in the future than any bill in history.

  • BCT

    Trump's a socialist?
    Of course not.
    He's just completely ignorant about Australia's health care system,and everything else in the known universe.

  • Democrat / Republican Yin & Yang

    his gastro bypass is killing him. desparate. please share.

    guts i really need help! i don't usually ask. olease share

  • StormBear

    Australian's have forced compulsory health care, uncapped medicare levy of 2.5% of your gross income, and it's about to rise, can't get more socialist than that folks….

  • Mark Kilian

    Trump is for universal healthcare. he has been for it since the first time he ran for president in 2000 for the reform party. you democrats should do your research on him running back in 2000. he was for universal health care and was anti gun. you have a lot more in common with him than you would think

  • Andy Davis

    A medicare for all program would cost america over 3.2 trillion dollars which we could pay if we had a federal sales tax. but we need to adopt a more European style type of free health care not cannadas

  • Peter

    Australia can have free healthcare because it doesn't have an overflow of 3rd worlders committing crimes and leeching off the working population

  • Larry Hart

    The U.S. is the only country without universal health insurance coverage. 

    Health care in Australia: The public health system is called Medicare. It ensures free universal access to hospital treatment and subsidised out-of-hospital medical treatment. It is funded by a 1.5% tax levy on all taxpayers, an extra 1% levy on high income earners, as well as general revenue.

  • big Cahuna

    Trump and the Republicans know we should have the same health care system as Australia. The corporations are fleecing the folks here in America..

  • Terry Lewis

    Our people would not tolerate receiving care from a nurse instead of a Doctor. In the bush and small towns it is all they have. They also have private insurance if you can afford it. Our poor would scream racism if we tried it to get them to accept care like Australia has. Apples and oranges.

  • Romulus I

    Can you Trump people rationalize this comment he makes on Australian healthcare, while also pushing the bill that was just passed in the house. Also going back to that interview with 60 minutes where he said he wants goverment to pay for universal health care and how it was very "Un-Republican" for him. Trump People…Please break this all down for me. .
    I'm really REALLY trying to understand this very weird man.

  • Saber

    I have some advice to those who want single payer. Propose a bill that creates a public option in your state and that has a tax that everyone who wants the public option has to pay and those who don't want it don't have to pay. In other words: put your money where your mouth is.

  • Nevin Temple

    He does know what party he is in right? Like Republicans would EVER allow that while they are in power. It's been a Democratic dream for years, YEARS, to have single payer in the US. But Republicans never allowed it because they believe the market should take care of it. The Democrats slowly surrendered single payer after the neo-liberals took over the party in the 80's and 90's. Obamacare/ACA was meant to be a compromise between the Dems and Reps with their neo-liberals policies. Now with this wave of nationalism that elected Trump into office, this idiot doesn't even know what his own party wants. I'm a Democrat, an old fashioned one at that. I have no problem with this whatsoever, however, he isn't going to do this cause he has no original thought in his head except for what the Republicans in DC regurgitate out of their mouths. After all, he is sponsoring a Healthcare bill, that barely covers people's health. And then he promises phase 2 and 3 and so on. Give me a break. Single-payer is the way to go, pay a little out of your taxes, get a lifetime of support. And dont think of it as you paying for others, but them paying for you! It works both ways. Make people pay the appropriate tax dollars, it should be no different then paying for social security today, keep working, give a little, and I will help you out when you need it. If you don't like how Healthcare is being run, then unlike the private companies, you can vote the bastards out if you don't like how it's being managed. Give power to ALL the people, not just the few like how I feel with what the establishment is doing to us.

  • artbytandy

    At this point, I believe Trump is mentally ill, he truly thinks his side is pushing for Universal Healthcare? Fucking moron.

  • MrVandj1

    If we want single payor than we have to get Nancy Pelosi out. She is being primary in 2018 by Stephen jaffe. Pass the word NOW

  • getparadox

    What's the big deal? All he said was that Australia's system is better than Obamacare. We know that already.

  • anthony toscano

    Trump hasn't a clue, really, this idiot doesn't know anything about health care.
    Republicans are using him to continue a coup by corporate 1%.
    He has to remind himself that he is the president;
    How anyone votes Republican is beyond me, Of course Hillary wasn't a great choice either.

  • Mark DP

    The key point here is that Australia taxes its workforce at a higher rate than in the USA. A tax rate at 10% and more depending on the income bracket. European countries have high tax rates too some more than others. So if the USA wants universal healthcare its going to cost you!

  • julian hobrough

    Trump is the UGLIEST manboy on the planet. Turnbull would slide up any arse that has nuclear weapons. Trump snubbed Turnbull twice, not just once. And Turnbull smiles and goes along with it, because he's a slimy piece of lawyer garbage, and has no choice. He thinks.

  • Charles Goede

    Universal, single payer healthcare is the only way to bring healthcare, not 'useless criminal health insurance policies', to all our citizens. The larger the pool, the lower the actual cost per capita, period. AND Americans wouldn't have to lose their homes over a catastrophic healthcare diagnosis.

  • Wassup

    Their health system is the worst in the developed world and is only going to get worse under Trump.
    Yes we do have better health care, much much better.

  • Eartha Kitt

    If Bernie would say this, Liberals would foam at the mouth and agree. Now trump says it and he's "SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT!!!" and is somehow blamed for the entire American healthcare system. Yet Obama who served for eight years, is given an excuse.

    Likewise, liberals foam at the mouth because of Obamacare. If Trump implemented such a disaster like that, it would be called the worst healthcare system ever.

  • JustWasted3HoursHere

    The instant Trump said this, the Healthcare lobbyists and most conservatives blew their coffee out of their noses. "Ix-nay on the -ingle-say ayer-pay!"

  • Justin Drew

    Not quite correct in saying we have single payer, we have universal health funded by 1% income tax that’s compulsory for all income earners over $18,000 (called the Medicare levy) and a further .5% (for the national disability insurance scheme) and now private insurance

    Our private health insurance was introduced to help curb waiting times but it hasn’t worked very well, waiting times have increased dramatically for everyone, it’s expensive, and the best hospitals and most well equipped in the country are all public. The private healthcare industry here doesn’t innovate either and the private research market here is nonexistent. We have a federally funded and owed science agency and state funded and owned research organisations they’ve led the big medical discoveries out of Australia. Medicare for all is a worthy pursuit! Many Australians wish we still had single payer

  • WhoDarestheMAN gamer

    Wow. The orange doofus actually said something correct.

    Australia does have FAAAAAAR better healthcare than the USA.

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