• 88Gibson LesPaul

    Sessions has a very serious case of TRLS, Trump-Ruins-Lives Syndrome. He knows now how premature was his endorsement of Trump. His wife and family know, too. Yes, he has TRLS and so does Sean Spicer, Rod Porter, JD Gordon, Flynn and family, Manafort and family, Gates and family, Popadopulous and family and so many others. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has it too, but doesn't know it yet. She'll find out when she goes to get a job, like Sean Spicer.

  • snickelfritz 59

    The biggest nemesis for the president is to give people a second chance. Most people would agree to that. The president should keep the pressure on Sessions to quit.

  • A Sparrow

    Sessions is literally the only thing standing between Cannabis legalization….. Useless senile geezer. Bite the dust already, what's with demons fucking LIVING so LONG…

  • Ricardo Velchi

    Sessions lied to Congress about a meeting he had with a Russian ambassador and they found out , that's why he had to recuse himself

  • Althur 13

    This country is in extremely dangerous managed by an unqualified and evil person. National security has been compromised by foreign enemy country. General attorney has been threaded to avoid being part of mafia political party. This midterms and 2020 Voting is the best tool against obstruction of law, modern political corruption, mafia political parties. Voting is everybody's responsibility for the best future of our children and country.

  • David McCray

    why isn't you tube shutting this channel down?? its clearly states this is a business channel…what the hell are they talking politics for???

  • Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. In the words of Black Dynamite- "Mama, you can bet yo sweet ass and half a titty whoever ordered the hit on you has already got the pigs in they back pocket." ~ Black Dynamite


  • Michelle Breton

    Keep enemy's close that's what he did so Comey could hang himself and it's what he did.Comey played hangman with the President and our great President won.

  • Carlos Collado

    Trumpers need to remember that muller was appointed because it is believed that trump obstructed justice when he fired comey. Trump: “because of the russia thing wasn’t going away”. He actually said that in a interview shortly after he fire comey. What an idiot he is.

  • Adam C


  • Ricky Fontaine


  • Very Fake News CNN

    So Mollie says DOJ is corrupt but somehow everyone should be ok with two congressmen being indicted for things that are beyond stretched and there is no way for them to defend themselves. It is called innocent until proven guilty. So, Mollie, how does it work out when right before elections there were women accusing Alabama Senator of having sex 40 years ago (how everything disappeared fast once he lost). I think we know what is going on. What they accuse CA congressman is beyond ridiculous– they can put him away for 20 years for claiming a table lamp to be a fixture but as a piece of furniture it would imply fraud. Hei, we are glad FBI ignored Florida shooter–we know the priorities.

  • Willam Unknown

    There are many things about the Keebler elf, Jeff Sessions, that I do not agree with, but I have to respect that he stands up to the Traitor-in-Chief in the White House and does what is best for our country.  Sessions obviously puts America first, something that is impossible for the self-absorbed, selfish idiot in the oval office.

  • Frank Gutowski

    She needs to go back and read about what happened to RMN after he started firing politically uncooperative DOJ officials.

  • pauz

    If your a journalist- You report. you don't through in you 2 cents in. calling the DOJ illegitimate is treasonous!!! F__ you FOX NEWS

  • glad tobe me

    Sessions must respect the citizens
    they get rich with tax money, this is a job. not like McCain who thought 👎we forgot about his promises about health care . FBI wasting our money in dirty games .🤤

  • Greg Kelmis

    Bla bla bla listen up libtard keep doing this shit and we the people will follow our founding fathers advice. “ Freedoms roots must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots from time to time.”

  • Joel2010Dmax

    Dont get your hopes up. Trump has one tool up his sleeve….. he didnt tweet any of those tweets. Someone else tweeted all those tweets. Mark my word, he is saving this one up as a last hail mary. We elected drama queen/reality tv star. Would you expect anything less? He ran on everyone conspiring against him so that will be the last nail in his coffin

  • Justin Stephenson

    Sessions had to recuse himself. He cannot be responsible for investigation into the Trump campaign when he was a key player in that campaign. That is basic

  • Humbie Medina

    This woman is incapable to say anything negative about the president. The president just asked Sessions to do what he asked Comey to do. To
    Let general Flynn go. This lady passed over that. Obama saluted with a coffee in his hand and she screamed trairor. I recall.

  • Humbie Medina

    Trump can't help acting guilty
    Every action that he takes is twisted
    Sometimes i feel bad for him as if he is in need of help. Unfortunately, he will consider that a display
    of weakness.

  • Louanna Davis

    Trump is exposing all the Leftest wickedness. Trump wants people to be happy and prosperous. He is bringing back GOOD paying jobs and trying to save America's billions of dollars in unneeded regulations that kill jobs. He doesn't listen to lobbies and loves the people of this great nation. Trump is working for $1.00 a year. He has lost money instead of making money. Trump has the people's ear. He cares about us. The left eats humans alive. They hate us. Be careful what you ask for leftest, because if you hurt Donald J Trump, GOD will destroy you.

  • Miami Bori

    Trumpet is mad at everyone that don't Want to lie for him and cover hes back Jeff is going to cover his ass watch out trumpet Jeff might have shit against you Dummy

  • gary ramswell

    Fox go fuck yourself.
    Trump is running scared now it's all collapsing around him.
    We all know he's a criminal
    We all know he's a liar
    And he cannot be trusted.

  • Tommy Cease

    Politically inappropriate? What they did was legally inappropriate and they shouldn't be treated any different from any other citizen

  • Abdy Gabriel Beltran Hernandez

    Sessions is incompetent. Period. He does know how to handle in any level the situation and doesn't bring up into accountability everyone who is dividing the nation and limiting presidential power. Bc after a president like this women in purple states can not be called to fallow the lead other then through obvious legal matters. Its stand as a obvious clue that there are some gaps in the secret society of government that could be handled from a different agenda if a president does choose act on his own will with the public. And this is an act of terror to the public.

    I'm abdy Beltran. Facebook picture red car

  • William Davis

    Sessions failure is to administer equal justice. Why no investigations of the democrats. there is a law that government employees cannot use private servers or email for confidential or secret information. It doesnt make any difference what is in the emails, the fact that she went poutside government regulations was a violation of the law.

  • Thomas Chambers

    The DUMBOCRATS DONT realize that Trump says shit just to irritate the media and keep the shit stirred. He loves the spotlight. And the media and the left wing have been eating it up for 2 years now. SUCKERS!!!!! Trump in 2020!!!!!!!!

  • Vessy Amola

    People that work for Fox channel are ALL Bipolar, one day you dog Trump and two minutes later you Praise him, Most of you reporters are turning a blind eye to his crimes.

  • Nicholas Santos

    Trump is just mad because he thought that by appointing session,he was going to get away with his criminal collusion with Russia

  • Neo Noir

    If you don't think Jeff Sessions doesn't have dirt or even recordings of Trump, like everyone else then you're nuts. More drama will follow if he is fired.

  • 1985cjjeeper

    Yes, keep bashing him Trump. The liberal press will end up giving Sessions an award right before he drops the bomb on their corruption. Hook, line, and sinker. -These people are stupid. Q

  • Jerome Lund

    A good number of people are steaming names at Cavuto. He is a conservative,btw. FOX's own mantra: Fair and Balanced. You are all exposed.

  • DudeWatches

    At what point can we expect to hold Donald Trump to the words he has spoken? The rest of us normal people have to be held to the words we speak, so why does the same standard not apply to him?

  • Cpt.Sisko thinks you're soft.

    Dont waste your breath. Obstruction of justice is completely lost on dumbass Trump voters unless you mentioned Hillary or Obama IN THE SAME SENTENCE.

  • Ralph Turner

    Nice! You should consider what this man is doing to the American people and the TRUMP GOVERNMENT!!! You will soon find out who will need help; AND IT will not be me OK stupid!!.

  • Darrle Ennis

    Funny that tRUMP hired Sessions but now thinks he's dumb. This only confirms that if you say nice things about his dumbazz he doesn't care about anything else

  • Cory Taft

    We all know this potus is UNFIT !!!! just having a anonymous Republican baby sitter is not the answer! HE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED NOW !!!! THE WORLD AND OUR COUNTRY IS IN REAL DANGER! REPUBLICANS NEED TO GROW SOME BALLS AND STEP UP NOW!!!!NOW!!! NOW!!!🇺🇸😱

  • Daniel Williams

    Enjoyed reading all of your comments, thank you. However, all of you are missing a very important fact. The fact is that Washington is a huge Snake Pit. This Snake pit is filled with both Republicans and Democrats who are the biggest criminals in the World. What most of you or I should say all of you, don’t realize is that this Country is Finished. Honesty , Integrity, Rule of Law is completely gone. Washington has no morals or honor. The Senate, The Congress, and all of it is completely corrupt to it’s core. I don’t care what President is elected it will not make a difference. There are underground springs of water that keep this swamp filled with water and thus corruption. It’s not Fake News, these are Facts

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