• Paul Xheka

    Thanx for keeping America safe and are military ahead of the curve!! Elect That MOTHERFU**ER Again TRUMP2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • ProfoundClarity

    It just came out that we were all lied to for the war and here we are on fox talking great about spending even more money in the military budget.

  • howzit3000

    With increasingly russia and china aggressive demeanor. It is important that the US boost up its military strength. Once fallen behind is dangerous. Look how china uss aggressive rhetoric towards the US at some point it sounded like threats. NK is still a menace and fatboy Kim can’t be trusted. Europe thinks they can break away from Nato which i think is a mistake. The military budget is huge but justified at least for now.

  • Red Pill

    That's all money that is being wasted that General Eisenhower warned the American people about. Those trillions of dollars now over 20 trillion have been wasted on the military where there is no threat to the United States, all that money could have been spent on Healthcare and rebuilding the infrastructure of the American Homeland and on education. Its been wasted on regime change operations and destruction of life and property around the world.

  • Chris Walters

    I want more spending in other areas without an increased budget so that makes me question the amount we spend on military. Is this amount, year after year really necessary? We waste it in wars and disputes we shouldn't be involved in. Both parties are filled with war hawks lining their own pockets through military activity. We are so far ahead of the world when it comes to military, less spending will not endanger us or our interests. Also does foreign aid come out of the military budget?

  • B.T. Sanson

    This is what happens when you come behind a sellout like Obama. On the bright side the money is NOT going to Iran in cash bales.

  • Lapew Mo

    Uh, so we now Invite Enlisted to Raise large family's on the Taxpayers dime, record high cost Fighters we don't need. and Aircraft getting worn out for PIlots to get extra flight pay. So the Troops are good, but Management needs to change. Nothing but Waste and more Waste. Stop this Excess! Once again, Personnel are great, it's the Waste of the Entire system that is breaking the backs of the Taxpayers. Get us Out of Debt for crying out Loud!

  • Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy

    Thank you President Trump!!! I've never seen a coup, till now and I am NOT standing by for more of the same TDS! Get over it leftist as you're setting your party up for failure and too many Armed Americans will never cave to a New World Order!!!

  • nick worster

    They complain about the budget yet they want to take the budget and make it over 50 trillion dollars every 10 years… Yep there's a logic Gap there

  • bill smith

    I have supported Trump sence day 1 BUT he signed a 2000 page bill that dose as much harm as good nobody was told about it and nobody had time to see or read it for shame on him. I thought he was for the people not sure he still has my vote any more

  • Alandra Sochia

    We can only hope and pray the president gets reelected and begins to get this spending under control for the sake of our children and nation. This can not go on. S8mple math with gigantic numbers!C.j.and Ruthie B

  • B uppy

    Think that is excessive considering that the national debt is critically high. That would be my priority over such high military spending.

  • Justin Tyme

    Let’s use some of that money to arrest those ‘within’ for whom have committed treason against this president and our country!

  • Sally Villa

    Great for Americans if not for his determination America might be losing its glory. His mouth helps, because he can’t be silence. Good luck Mr President

  • tesla1077

    Trump is funding the military after taking money out of the military fund, WTF trump has no idea what he is doing and stupid people think this is good.

  • Grant Stievater

    Trump is not a national security threat. Trump is a threat to the Left’s planned dominance of American Society. Obama tried to move the USA closer to Europe, but working class Americans fought back. The USA will be more conservative in 5 years than it has in 50.

  • Henry Niemi

    Youre gonna need it. China is building a fleet of aircraft carriers, and its obivous to me they are planning the invasion of USA.
    Trump should go 'Pearl Harbor' on them and flatten their ship yards before its too late!

  • chinogixxer750

    I member Obama fighting against sequestration. Funny how all the Republic's supported undermining him and our military than but now turn around and Pat Trump on the back LOL. I've never seen anybody's butthole licked that clean LOL.

  • Joe Glass

    This is propaganda to the worst degree. Republicans forced budget cuts with the Teaparty movement to hurt Obama and now simply don’t care how much is spent because they have the presidency. I hate politics

  • Willy Jimmy

    As close as we are to a major war, this might needed. Unfortunately it's because of this cost is no object mentality by military planners that the numbers are so ridiculously high. Other countries do more with less, we do less with more. We need to start thinking about more cost efficient defense instead of so many billion dollar experiments. Littoral combat ship, hello. Do we really need 5 times as many supercarriers as the any other country, especially when our 1 is equal to 2 of theirs? How many executive class jets does the airforce really need? And it's not just the Generals. Why does congress order aircraft and other equipment the military doesn't even want? To buy votes in the home district that's why. And can Saudi Arabia not defend themselves for once? They have all of our latest tech, probably selling access to it to China.

  • mike dar

    Under Obama the Front Line units were down to a 50% ready Status… which in times of war is the % when a unit is taken off the 'line' to replenish. Much can be said about some of the Defense projects and costly programs that seem entirely 'Development Orientated' and not 'Delivery orientated' where Development goes on forever with vast overbudgeting…. but it is essential that Front line units are war ready… there is no other purpose of having a military if it is not prepared.Trump stated that NOW,,, the military will be back to Preparedness'.I expect a slight reduction in Military spending requests next year for buildouts in 2021… and hope to see Block Grant funding/blackmail from Dems to get cuts also.

  • tomk1tl

    I sure hope that President Trump looked very carefully inside this bill as the "sneaky" democrats may have inserted a "rider" or "land mine" to hurt this country of ours !

  • Robert Parkhurst

    Huh, that 8.6 Billion associated towards Vets Mental Health, good. Let’s improve our vets situations, glad to know it’s not just ‘Okay, let’s funnel all this into weapons’.

  • Bob Beckel

    Could the President Add the Border Wall to the Defense Budget?
    The increase in the military budget should hurt campaign contributions to the Democratic Party. The Democrats get huge contributions from foreign nations for attacking the US Military. Check out US casualties under Democratic Administrations.

  • nubserver

    Those who want peace are prepared for war…I wish my country of Brazil had money for its military..😥 let’s get a gofundme going boys!!

  • unclepatsy666

    The President is a man of peace, tolerance and kindness. He tweets words of wisdom each day. He has the highest morals and should be followed. It is his country and we should make him king.

  • Mark Vincent

    Does that include The billions and billions that are spent poisoning us and earth with aluminum and another heavy metals , telling our wonderful military that it’s for” the cause” wake up America , look up , that is not air it’s a crime ….. mr. President I thank you for what you’ve done , time to let us breathe !!!

  • Brandon Weilburg

    I think about what that money could be doing!
    Building upgrading infrastructure educating American kids healthcare on par with our nations wealth, solving crisis paying off
    War debt. Instead, NOooo it’s protecting Saudi oil German factories Japanese corporations, and the wealth transfer from worker to military industrial corporatocracy
    Is akin to slavery

  • Circuit7Active

    Not all vets are honorable. I know a few that steal the government blind. Too many fraudulently claim being handicapped, scam govt money and then run in iron man races.

  • davenetdog

    Thank God for President Trump. We no longer have a Treasonous President in power. Impeach Obama for the Coup attempt and send him to Gitmo.

  • CARL Rauschkolb

    Why are y'all killing soldiers shouldn't y'all be sending out drones and mechs we are in 2020 come on now wake up where's the T2s at where are the terminators we haven't even created ATATS or ATSTS yet but yet they found the Millennium Falcon and they're claiming that it's a UFO we're so highly Advanced that we don't have none of that s***we haven't even found a real UFO or a planet capable to sustain life elsewhere we have so much money that we just throw it away yet you got people out there with cancer dying people with AIDS dying and poor people still suffering living on the streets instead of handing over bread and water they want more guns there's a reason God cut your wings and cast you to the earth cut you to the ground and cursed you because you didn't follow his Rule of Order and you're still not repenting on it purgatory is very real and so is hell you pray to Jesus like he's going to save you you stabbed and killed your own savior and you think he's going to come back and save you that's all you Americans think about is killing somebody power and control you motherf**kas need Jesus

  • Winston Smith

    With all this extra funding from Trump they might make Afghanistan as successful as the Vietnam War and stop America from being invaded by the Confederates again. TRUMP 2020

  • Ricardo Rangel

    A balanced National Budget hasn't existed for a number of years. Why does Congress continue to ignore their Responsibility?

  • Ron B

    Obama reduced our military to its lowest levels since pre WW2 levels, I’m so glad that Trump cares about our nation’s security and has built back up our depleted and aging military.

  • B Patrick

    We have a cartel terrorist problem here in the US. Theyre trying to take over our country by asymmetrical means. Bring our troops home and secure our country please.

  • CountBifford

    I bet that money isn't going to Veterans Affairs. They don't want to spend money on broken soldiers, they want to buy shiny new toys and provide contracts for private corporations.

  • Daniel Fite

    Thank you trump for not ending the wars like promised , we need to fight and die for our greatest ally Israel. Israel interests before America, just like the founding fathers wanted

  • Paul Shearer

    The US needs to stop throwing ridiculous amounts of money at defense and start focusing on getting more value for money. China's military spending is a fraction of the US, but when you compare China's military growth compared to the US the difference is much closer than people realize.

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