Trump STRUGGLED to Read Constitution, Was “Like Foreign Language”
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Trump STRUGGLED to Read Constitution, Was “Like Foreign Language”

The explosive and embarrassing stories about
Donald Trump contained in the new book that is coming out today, I believe continue to
flow and they are truly the stuff of horrors. It is now alleged that Donald Trump visibly
struggled to read a passage from the constitution while he was being filmed for a documentary,
and then flew into a rage during which he blamed other people in the room and the film
crew for crimp Conkling a pea crinkling, a piece of paper. Crumpling I liked that. Uh, blamed everybody in the room for Trump’s
inability to read. We’d been covering Trump’s difficulty reading
for a long time. Of course, our video Trump fails basic literacy
test now with more than 3.3 million views on YouTube. A real classic. So this is a stunning excerpt from the book
of very stable genius. We looked at an excerpt yesterday. The book is by Washington post reporters,
Philip Rucker and Carol Lennon and the excerpt reads, quote, with led lights on stilts in
front of him. Trump took a seat. You’re lucky you got the easy part. Polosi told him cheerfully. This is Nancy Pelosi’s daughter who’s the
filmmaker. It gets complicated after this, but the president
stumbled trying to get out the words in the arcane, stilted form. The founding fathers had written. Trump grew irritated. It’s very hard to do because of the language
here. Trump told the crew, it’s very hard to get
through that whole thing without a stumble. He added, it’s like a different language,
right? The camera man tried to call him Trump telling
him it was no big deal. To take a moment and start over. Trump tried again, but again remarked. It’s like a foreign language. This is the constitution by the way, which
he claims to so much understand. He feels as though it’s written in a different
language. They go on to to write in the book quote. Every time he stumbled, he manufactured something
to blame people and other person in the room recalled. He never said, sorry, I’m messing up. Other people would screw up and say, Oh, I’m
sorry. They would be self-effacing. He was making up excuses and saying there
were distracting sounds. He was definitely blaming everyone for his
inability to get through it. That was prickly or childish though. Stiff. He eventually made it through without any
errors and then again you continuing whatever the reason for Trump’s discomfort with the
reading, several watching agreed this much. He behaved like a brooding child, short tempered,
brittle and quick to blame mystery distractions for his mistakes. I didn’t expect this, but I felt sorry for
him. Another witness said when vice president Pence
is reading it, when former vice president Dick Cheney is reading it, I knew they knew
the constitution and I thought before he got this job, he really should have read it. So this is of course denied constantly by
Trumpists. They say Trump’s reading is fine. Clearly it’s not. I mean completely unrelated sources of all
kinds that are observing Donald Trump behind the scenes notice. Trump really struggles to read. It’s okay. Just admit it. Struggling to read doesn’t mean you’re stupid
or a bad person or that your political ideas are bad or anything. It just means he struggles to read. The question becomes why does he so acutely
struggle to read? Is he merely dyslexic? Is the struggling to read part of a broader
cognitive decline? Did he always struggle to read or did he have
a period where he did not? Is there some other explanation? This is not anything to joke about. If you had a 73 year old in your family that
suddenly had trouble reading, you would want to figure out what’s going on. You wouldn’t pretend nothing’s going on. And yet that is exactly what the most committed
Trumpists insist on doing. Here is more corroboration from another unrelated
source that Donald Trump, you know, it’s like everybody from people who worked with the
guy on Saturday night live who have nothing to do with Phillip Rucker and Carol Lennon
of the Washington post. Everybody says, when you put something in
front of him and he’s got to read it, he has trouble. He’s on video having trouble. Let’s figure out what it is. That’s all. Doesn’t make his political ideas bad. His political ideas are bad on their own merits. It just means we should know what is going
on and if there is some kind of cognitive issue
taking place here. Let’s take a quick break. Much more coming up on this very busy Tuesday


  • D'shawn Cherry

    Some would say if you know you can't read…..dont apply for a job where there's alot of public live READING!!!! He used to work at NBC the more you know 🌈 was the motto. I'm just trying to figure out why people still want him to run this country. Would you want an illiterate pilot?

  • Mister Kim

    That's right Timmy, if you study, work hard and stay honest… expect to be be poor with no healthcare. But if you learn to cheat, lie and sleep with porn stars… you too can become a rich buffoon in the highest office. And if you start a war causing soldiers to lose their leg or arm, maybe Ellen will be your friend.

  • Scott Mac

    Like all morons, trump tries to denigrate intelligence (Greta, Trumpy? Beaten by a 12 year old girl?)

    Like all cowards, he bullies courage.

    Like all thieves, he dishonours honesty.

    45 4 45

  • Climate Deception Network

    Reading Analysis (short): Constitution of USA, Section 7 – Revenue Bills, Legislative Process, Presidential Veto. Trump should be able to read through this one paragraph, eight sentence, 396 word section, although it comes out as a 16 year grade level on the Word Perfect reading analysis software. I assume that this is the same as the Flesh-Kincade reading analysis model. The president of the USA should be able to read any contemporary English language document place before him, I would think. This is a national security issue, IMHO.

  • Nicolas Charles

    This PROVES that trump NEVER READ the Constitution. The man took an oath to preserve and defend a document he NEVER READ!! This POS is the reason why I say ALL FUTURE presidential candidates MUST PASS AN EXAM on the CONSTITUTION. The 1st question would probably cause an aneurysm in trump supporters; "what is the difference between the Bill of rights, articles of the constitution and amendments? How many are there of each?

  • Renegade2786

    Yes Trumpy, it is a foreign language. It's called English (a language originated from England), it has always been a foreign language in Navajo land (which is known as America).

  • samiamrg7

    From the beginning of this Trump reading stuff, it stood out to me that Trump seems to much prefer numbers to words. He seems to have much less trouble looking at and remembering dollar amounts or percentages and the like.

  • Richard Baginski

    People are surprised the moron can't read?
    He's a stupid, uneducated, useless POS with no redeemable qualities.
    Sorry, but I have no sympathy for him.

  • Nicolas Charles

    So, to be clear, to donald trump the potus, the United States Constitution, the LAW OF THE LAND, which is written in ENGLISH, is like a FOREIGN LANGUAGE🤔🤔🤔…..😂😂😂

  • mickjen

    I'm really disappointed by these comments. Anyone who's been watching would know Trump is not a reader, writer, orator. But DP raises a valid point, that he's a man of a certain age, w a horrible personality, who may have an actual developmental issue. I'm going to say it's utter laziness and classlessness, but so many of these comments are just, ha ha, he's dumb.

    When you look at the evidence that his youngest son might be autistic, and that's why Trump was so rude to Melania at the Inauguration, it makes me actually feel sympathy for Trump, that's he's such a toxic male, that he can't have any emotions but bullying or bragging.

    And how he got elected has more to do with the generalized sexism in America, so liberal guys trying to emasculate him here is part of the fuckin problem.

  • Colin Skelding

    It's a good thing Trump can't get his hands on the original to read it.

    He'd get pissed, crumple it up and throw it away.

  • Joshua Endlich

    Your Original “Trump can’t read Video” is how I first found your channel. I believe a friend shared it on Facebook at the time. Big fan now.

  • Jordan Stotts

    Get real you losers. Just because the dude doesn’t read well doesn’t me shit. It just says he doesn’t read on a regular basis doesn’t mean his common sense isn’t there. Leave the dude alone and get a life

  • Tahir Ali

    Thank you David for not making fun of Trump’s struggle with reading. You could have pulled a Huckabee Sanders and/or Lara Trump (who both made fun of Biden’s speech impediment), but chose to take the higher ground.

    It has been said that Trump does not read. This could explain why.

  • Penboy as 'god'

    Actually, David, you're just mirroring what Michael Wolff said in interviews as well as in both of his successful books. Except, honestly, I think Michael was being more direct and truthful — his words/descriptions of what others told him about Trump are considerably more harsh with reality. I personally think you're being too nice towards Trump because that's your basic nature — nothing wrong with that, of course, but we seriously need to get to the raw truth about this man.

  • Dany’el

    Not to defend Trump as a president or a person but could it be he’s dyslexic? If he is it’s in pretty poor taste to mock anyone for that. A lot of successful people have struggled with dyslexia. It doesn’t make them stupid. I’m not dyslexic myself but I thought it might be a possibility.

  • Albert Koenig


  • Rhyas9

    Even if it's in the "arcane and stilted" english that the founding fathers did use (which IMO isn't stilted nor passe, it's deep, articulate, and witty), all he had to do was R-E-A-D it.

  • cosmosofinfinity

    The lat time this happened, he complained the text was too small. They gave him that excuse again. They need to print it on giant letters like a children's book. Let's see what excuse he uses then.

  • wood wire

    he knew from a young age he was privledged. no need to learn how to read . all he needed to know was wear a suit, be a dick, and sit at a desk pretending to be a business man.

  • gigi McClung

    My mom loved to read..but when she began her decline she lost her ability to spell and read..she was past 80 though..I think when we begin to age we do begin to lose those abilities..but who knows..I'm not sure his IQ is all that either..

  • empty emptiness

    I find this hard to believe because nobody knows more about the constitution than him, many people are saying this very strongly and people came up to him after the reading and said that was the best reading of the constitution they have ever heard….strongly…very strongly.

  • Chris Miller

    Did anyone else noticed how Trump talked in his Davos speech? Slurred words and sounded like he was drunk. There is definitely something wrong here.

  • Deborah Davis

    Perhaps if they would have put his name in it, maybe just maybe, it would have held his attention. Although since he only has the attention span of a gnat. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • sailaab

    there is nothing wrong with him, okay¡
    it was emotionally overwhelming to R ad the constitution and got cloudy tears blocking his eyes¡

    and yeah the first six words of this comment are all *fake news.*

  • sailaab

    sometimes i wonder if "being stupid" or "dumb" can get genetically passed on¡ if so..
    this chap sure should have been neutered or had vasectomy done on him… looooong back¡

  • A Voice in the Wilderness

    You, like many others, have no content without Trump…I hope for your sake he gets re-elected or you may have to resort to welfare like most of your subscribers…

  • Sine Qua Non

    The office dwarfs him. He's out of his depth in nearly every regard.

    This no longer surprises me. Frankly the last month or two I've written him off and am done with hoping he'll rise to the demands of the office.
    I've accepted he will not change and I will cast my ballot for whomever (hopefully it's Bernie) runs against him.

    Our nation could use the likes of a Bernie presidency he's got a slow hand and the compassion needed to mend relationships diplomatically and nationally.

    Trump is a collage of our worst tendencies. I thought he would've seen the light, that was expecting too much.

  • Fofo Fofo

    He is abusiness man. He knows one thing how to grab money from others illegally ,
    increasing his funds.Simply ,he sees reading or learning awaste of time.Congrats for his followers the egnorance Trump2020.

  • Nocturnalux

    Reading the constitution would not have changed anything as he wouldn't understand much of it. It's a bit like I can read hangul but was never proficient enough in the language to understand anything beyond 'hello'. Except Korean is my fourth language and English should be Trump's first and only.

  • Steve Johnson

    3:12 Except that donald dump is a bad person, and has new-found stupidity. Compare donald dump videos of ten to twelve years ago, when donald dump was still able to layer several thoughts together and put them into words. This is the time to ask for help — not scapegoat those around you.

  • Sam West

    Trump has been spotted wearing reading glasses on a few occasions, but he's too vain and insecure to wear them in public. Maybe that's part of his problem.

  • robdoghotdog !

    honestly the usa should have had multiple constitutional conventions since 1787 jfc but politicians aren’t ready to have that conversation

  • Carol Alexander

    I've said this several times that Trump speaks, and now reads, as though English is his second language. His old fashioned way of speech reminds me of my parents, who would be 109 and 100 if they were alive. (My moyher passed at 97!) Trump simply never grew. (I am 76 yeaes old.)

  • mstalcup

    I don’t know whether he genuinely has dyslexia, but I do know that he’s stupid – and that alone could serve as a reasonable explanation for his difficulty reading.

  • rcaffarel

    Remember when he stared at the sun during an eclipse without eye protection? That might explain the problem since he fried his maculas.

  • Menachem Sachem Robotscowitz

    The McDonald's menu is perfectly easy to read.
    Can't we make THAT the Constitution?
    The Bill of Rights can just be things that Donny eats:
    Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Filet-o-Fish, Putin's Prick….

  • Wadahtah Jones

    I just realized that David has close to 800000 subs. But struggles to get 50k views on most of his videos. He is turning out like CNN. Losing viewers.

  • IIzRoBzII

    You know it's common for older people to need glasses to read. The muscles that stretch the lens to adjust it's focus get tired.

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