Trump Vindictiveness Sends Chilling Message To U.S. Officials | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Trump Vindictiveness Sends Chilling Message To U.S. Officials | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  • Lucid Dreamer, Psychic Reader

    Always be sure that a group of smiling black people (preferably women) "spontaneously" appear behind a white candidate, for the "unplanned" photo op. Now that's SMART strategy!

  • Sew Fab Alteration shop Monica

    I'm really disappointed. This "firing" of Col. Vindman has been proven as a half than less truth. Many appointed in his position have been reassigned. I am a strong opponent of Trump and his policies but we need truth in reporting on all sides.

  • Louie Galatz

    Another impeachable offense that the spineless Republican party will say it's wrong but will not do a thing about. Cowards each and every one of those spineless wimps all but Romney he had the spine to do what's right . I am an independent not a liberal nor conservative but a person who has a brain and uses it not like the red hat cult who can't or won't or is incapable of using their brains.

  • Kim Kemeys

    These has gotten out of control. The American people need to be outraged by the dictator in the White House. American people really need to wake up. Vote him out of office.

  • Tony Bell

    Interesting both twin brothers from Ukraine become "Lt Col" in the US army during Obama's watch. Most corrupt country on Earth just happens to produce twins elevated in rank, with top security clearance, in the US military. This need's an investigation. The smell is atrocious.

  • TheMonkdad

    Please tell me that the Dems can weaponize all of this. There is SO Much to use to educate Americans on how horrific Trump and the senators who allowed him to do this are.

  • alaskahelo

    I wonder how it is that ms. maddow still has a job? Isn't it the case that news reporters should be reporting facts? Yet, day after day, year after year, ms maddow has been factually wrong. In point of fact, everything she has been accusing trump of doing all these years, it has been the democrats doing it.

    Look, people, if trump were what you say he is then hillary clinton would be in jail where she belongs. Maddow would be in jail. Schiff, pelosi and all the rest of the cast of clowns would all be in prison.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, things aren't exactly what you seem to believe. If there is any shred of rationality left within you, the possibility should be considered, don't you think?

    The witch hunt of an impeachment fell flat on its face because there was nothing there. Accept it. You have an election coming up, that will be your chance to put someone else in the white house.

    I will tell you this plainly; if you manage to put one of your people into the white house in an honest election, we on the conservative side will accept the election gracefully, unlike what you have done. However, if you all continue to cheat as you attempted to cheat in Iowa just a few days ago, and as the DNC cheated in the last election, I cannot make the same prediction.

    It is absolutely vital you win the election honestly because if you don't, there will be trouble of a kind you've never seen before. It is obvious from the comments here and many, many other venues where leftists congregate, that you all believe us to be stupid and harmless.

    Yeah, nah mate. We've tolerated your boorish, elitist idiocy because we are very, very tolerant. But there is a limit and you fine folks seemed determined to find out where, exactly, that limit is.

    Don't keep pushing. Most of you are nowhere near as smart as you appear to believe.

  • Cornelius Coble

    Donald Trump is a mad ,vindictive hateful,immature, immoral person……..why is he being allowed to run amok!!,he is a school yard bully…..his day is coming and it wont be long…..God says vengeance is His!!,

  • Paul Henri

    This just proves that the Conservative Christian is a hypocrite. What did Lord Jesus say about loving your enemies? This just proves that Donald Trump is not a person of faith. He is an evil person. And his actions are evil. They are not of God.

  • southtown j

    Billie badbutt is crying now huh? Well, I don't think it's personal against Vidman I just think he was what they call him, a whistleblower who had loose lips. You can't do that in his line of work so they replaced his rear end. I believe there was something wrong with some of these people who worked in some of these places. Like Benghazi, and the one that recently was attacked and not to mention this one in the Ukraine. Biden needs to be investigated a!Ong with Obama and Clinton!

  • Christien du Preez

    The highest levels? they should know that Trump could have re-assigned, or even fired Vindman when he took office. He din't fire one Obama holdover, for he reckoned they were Americans, and tried to work with them. Vindman have long been suspected of leaking sensitive stuff, and when he colluded with Schiff down in the sewers, he showed what he was. BUT, he wasn't fired. The lies about that is infuriating, as he was only re-assigned to a job where he doesn't have to be loyal to the president, or work with the White House staff directly. Why do this fake news get away with the lies? I know, the pathetic hate filled followers they have, thrive on the venom they spew.

  • Alba's Permanent Cosmetic Artistry

    All I heard was "when you serve at the White House you serve at the pleasure of the president and can remove you from the role…" GAME OVER.

  • Trotzig Goyim

    So, if I testify against my boss on made up bs, I can keep my job? I can't wait to tell the world she grabbed my junk and winked!

  • Thunderduck

    Vindman is a traitor and should be fired (or worse).  The four prosecutors that resigned are a good start.  Drain the swamp.

  • Joseph Zrnchik

    Trump has a lead pipe, pliers and a blowtorch and is getting medieval on the deep state Obama and Hillary partisans who are attacking him from within. Obama's 270 political appointees at the NSC has turned FEDGOV into Chicago politics. Trump is draining the swamp and there is nothing Pelosi, Schumer or Nadler can do about it. Next comes the perp walks courtesy of John Durham. Trump wins again!

  • Hildebeast Clinton

    You got offended, which means now you can justify mindlessly and physically assaulting a MAGA hat wearing family having a picnic.

  • Peri -Sue

    God help us all. President bone spurs the Coward and Chief…This is disgraceful and all the Trump supporters that are following him blindly should be put on notice that the only thing that matters to Trump is $ and power. He has no compass of right or wrong. He has destroyed or position in the world and is a joke to world leaders. I’m with John Stewart when he says “Trump is not going to leave!” Unfortunately I think he has only just begun.

  • Nanakanisurra

    The breakneck hellbent speed at which all these current events keep accumulating and escalating towards chaos is getting too frighteningly beyond human endurance.

  • Cybernets 2020

    Fair Democracy dies and the freedom of speech will soon go with it and so will justice die, America moves towards the era where large and greedy corporation will run the country not the people. The political system is broken. You have people who sit in power spewing out lies of getting rid of corruption when they themselves are the source of it, they manipulate the people who are gullible and easy to control to win in favor by promoting hate and violence and false stories only to gain leverage. In this generation there is more hatred and division, the "United States of America" is going towards a path of "Divided States of America", good people especially those who have served this country and its people are being punished for speaking underoath and following the law, it's becoming apparent the law does not apply to the rich and powerful, the rich in power abuse their power and do what they want by rigging the system they themselves and yet at the same time they will say the same thing to that very same system when it opposes them, they slowly remove the morally correct staff and they bring in the corruption to work into office, and dam anyone who speaks out.

  • TheJagjr4450

    If you make a run at the leader you had better take him out… else you are going to get taken out. Expecting to remain in position after testifying against your boss, the president, is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Herb Nichols

    It's my guess, and opinion, that there's not one person in this country that's more vindictive and spiteful than the orange turd!!

  • Brian B

    Under Trump we live in a fascist dictatorship. Corporate greed combined with Republican control means Trump can do whatever he wants to do and there are no longer checks and balances.

  • canuck

    Having worked in the Canadian public service life I can tell you we cannot speak publically about any problems we see, or we would get fired. Complaining inside is pretty taboo as well, unles you are a doctor or lawyer who can get more freedom to writ to lobby to dissent. The limits of democracy are very clear and most people just go silent.

  • j3161usadkg

    "…career professionals who have sworn an oath the the US constitution….", blah, blah, blah, means absolutely nothing. What good does an oath means when you can get 50 senators to lie under oath before the entire world. These senators, using Gods name, lied under oath to protect damien thorn and his little black dog. These oaths and the constitution that goes with it, means nothing!! Nothing!! We are living in a lawless society led by a brain dead potus.

  • Elpida Epaminonda

    Deary , they are out of Presidents house they are corrupted they were against him they should be sent back to Ukraine we should not allowed them to stay in America but you see they are not fired they still have a job Why ???
    They should striped them of metals and honor the vets that are fought for America / Americans came wounded without limps and they are homeless!!!!!
    Shame to all of you to support a guy that was working with the corrupted official of Ukraine
    When people will wake up ?? He Should be send back to Ukraine not reassigned to another job get rid of the venomous snakes bc for me he is a Traitor he sell his Country for 5 min fame imagine what he will do in the future !!!
    Please take care and honor our real soldiers who gave their lives for our country !!!❤️

  • Patricia Burke

    FYI…Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Zedong, Duvalier, Kim Il-sung, Pinochet, Idi Amin etc. we’re all assassinated… the list goes on! Most dictatorships do NOT END WELL!

  • Sitchinite420

    But Trump learned a lesson. 😆 Yep he sure did. That he can get away with anything and he’s protected regardless by the GOP. If a Democrat did this they’d be screaming, the hypocrisy has thickened.

  • Susan Delaney

    America loses each and every day while he’s in office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He Trashes the US Constitution And anyone and everyone who disagrees with him! GET HIM OUT!!!Keep America, AMERICA!!DUMP the trump(s)! Vote! 2020

  • David Smith

    I'm betting Trump's first inclination was to have Lieutenant Colonel Vindman executed on live TV for treason until someone told him he couldn't to that.

    What was the justification for firing Vindman's brother outside of Trump's delusional impression that he can do whatever he wants because he's King of the Forest?

  • Shirley Brown

    Trump is a disaster that happened the day or night he was conceived. So those who put him in the White House bedamned u too.

  • Samiam

    Retribution in the ugliest form should have been anticipated. They think they can control Trump? Joke. That is what all of them is thinking. That is how they are appeasing their conscience. The only way to tame a snake is to take away his bite.

  • Just Honest

    Anyone who still supports Trump HATES America. They don’t care about America or how destructive Trump is to our constitution! They only care about Trump and themselves! We must unite to terminate the rise of dictatorship!

  • Tracy McMillan

    The sad part of this is the Trump loyalist don't hear anyone like Fernando Cruz criticize the president. They only listen to Trump.

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