Try Not To Get Scared Challenge (Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights)
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Try Not To Get Scared Challenge (Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights)

– (both scream)
– (Danny laughs) – (Labib screams)
– (Eric) Sir, you go back in your hole!
– I liked it at a lot at first. (car honking)
(screams) ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, we’re taking you
to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood
to do a Try Not to Get Scared Challenge.
– (laughs) – Being scared, I love it.
I seek it out. I just love the feeling
of being scared. – (FBE) You’ll be competing
against each other. If you get scared,
you get a strike. And whoever has the least
amount of strikes will win a get out of a jail free card
that can save you from a future punishment.
– Huh? Pun– yo– – (FBE) It will only work
one time, though. – We’re both hella scared. (laughs) – Oh my good.
♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Oh, I love the music! – (laughs)
– (both scream) (buzzer)
– Don’t get close to me! – Oh my god. It’s so [bleep] loud.
– Okay. The light is making it worse, since I can’t see!
– Hold on to me. – Bill Murray would’ve never
wanted me to go through this! – (Jeannie screams)
(buzzer) – Oh!
– (ghost laughing) (buzzer) – (both scream)
(buzzer) – (Izzy) Oh, hell no. Oh, no.
– I’m just so scared, because you can’t see anything.
– (Brittany screams) (buzzer) – (ghost groans) – (Brittany screams)
– Oh, [bleep]! – (both scream)
(buzzer) – (Jeannie) Don’t get me,
don’t get me, don’t get me. Is that a person?
– No, no, no, no, no. – (Jeannie screams) What’s going on?
(buzzer) (screams) That was the scariest! – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
– (voice-over) Get her! – (ghost snarls) – (Eric) Oh! (laughs)
– (Labib whooping) – (voice-over) Get her! – (Brittany screams)
(buzzer) – [Bleep]. Yeah, get him!
(buzzer) (loud growling) – Oh!
– You saw him! – (Jeannie screams)
(buzzer) – No! NO! (screams)
(buzzer) – Oh, god. I can’t see. – (both scream and swear)
(buzzer) – (Jeannie) Oh, god. He looks so good.
I love your costume! – (Brittany screams)
(buzzer) – Ah! She looked horrible.
– She did! – (Eric) Ah! AH!
– (Labib) OH! – Oh my god!
Look how pretty that is. – Oh!
– Bro!. There– – Stay Puft! Stay Puft! – (both scream)
(buzzer) – All right! All right!
– (Brittany yells) – (Danny laughs)
– I didn’t know– – (both shout)
(buzzer) – You dipped!
– That was like… – This was the hardest thing.
– They told me that was the chillest one.
– That’s the terrifying part. – Oh, god.
– (laughs) – Oh, man. It’s hot.
That was– woo! – Oh, boy.
– That was a lot worse than I expected.
And they came up to us, like, right to our face.
Not fun. – I love it! I want more!
– It was traumatizing. (laughs)
– I need her– – I’m so ready.
– I need her energy. – Let’s go!
– Ahhh. – Woo. Ah, [bleep].
– Can’t see the door. – It’s too bright again. (loud, low moan)
– Oh, I already don’t like this. – Oh god, oh god, oh god.
– (Izzy) Who is that? – (Jeannie) A person!
That’s a person. – Oh, hell no.
Oh, hell no. – Okay.
– Ah! No, no, no, no, no! (buzzer)
Oh no, no, no, no, no. – (both scream)
(buzzer) – Oh, no. That’s so mean.
Oh my god. This is so cool, though. – Oh, [bleep]!
(buzzer) – (both laugh)
– I was like watching. I was like, “Are you real?
Are you real?” – Ah, Noah!
– Oh! Noah! OHHH man!
– It’s got the Demodog! – OHHH!
– Oh, [bleep]! – Bro, chill out, man.
– Hair! Come on! – Look at all the detail–
literally, there are so many details. ♪ (“Stranger Things” theme) ♪ – Look outside!
– (Danny) That’s amazing! – Oh my god, oh my god,
oh my god! Oh, it’s cold– – (both scream)
(buzzer) – Oh, don’t do that!
Don’t do that! That’s so mean. – Something’s through here.
I can feel it. – I feel the vibes.
– (amused) Vibe check?! – I love Str–
– (both scream) – (Izzy) Oh, that is so tight!
– Oh! – Oh, what’s wrong?
– That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!
– Oh my god. Oh, dude! That’s wild! That’s crazy!
– That’s so cool! – That’s crazy! – I’m excited scared.
– I know. – It got– oh!
– Oh, hell no! Why?! Why?! Why?! Ahhhh!
I don’t like things behind me! – OH! OH, OH, OH! – Ahhh, I did not see you!
You go, you go! – (Jeannie) We’re outside. – No, this is really cool.
Oh, this is cool. – Pick your own pumpkin–
– (both scream) (buzzer)
– Oh my god. That’s so mean! Ah! – We’re supposed to keep going.
– Okay. – Are we okay?
– Thank you. I love you. Thank you–
– (both scream) (buzzer)
– Don’t do that! Whoa!
– Where are ya? – Oh, man. This is– (yells)
– What?! Dude! – Oh, back up! Back up, dawg!
– Infected! – (Brittany screams)
– (Danny laughs) (buzzer)
– I did not see him coming. – AHHH! Ahh!
Ahh! Ahhh! – The walls are shaking.
The walls– oh, no.
– Oh no, Jeannie. No, no. – (Jeannie) I hate this.
– (Izzy) No, no, no, no. – Oh, this doesn’t look
like a fun place to be. – (Brittany screams)
(buzzer) (loud mechanical noise)
– OHHH! (buzzer)
Dawg! – (Eric) Sir, you go back
in your hole! – I can bare–
– (both scream) (buzzer)
– (Jeannie) Oh, okay! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
– Okay, I’m sorry. – (Eric) Ah, no, no, no!
– (Labib screams) (buzzer)
– (Eric laughs) – And that smell–
– (both yell) [Bleep].
(buzzer) – Oh my god!
– I don’t like this! – Is that a real person?! – (both scream)
– Stop, stop, stop! – (screams) I saw it! I saw it!
I saw it! Goddamn! I saw! Ah! (loud, low growling) – I thought you were a mannequin!
Ow. [Bleep] science. (loud growling)
– Ooh! – What is gonna happen?! – (both scream)
(buzzer) – I almost kicked him! I was like–
– I did not even see him. – I don’t like doors.
– (Jeannie) I hate doors. That’s a door.
– Oh, [bleep]. – (both scream)
(buzzer) – I hate doors! – (both) Oh!
(buzzer) – I like this one. – (both scream)
(buzzer) – Oh, man! OH!
(buzzer) – Oh! [Bleep]!
(buzzer) – I was looking at it! (loud roar)
– (Labib) OHHHH! (buzzer) – You had a physical fit, dude.
At one point, you were like, “Ah!” – At one point, they all came
at me, and I was like, “Enough is enough.”
– (laughs) – If you’ve seen Stranger Things,
it’s like you know what to expect, so it’s really cool to see
all the detail that goes into it. – Yeah, there was also smells.
You could feel things in that one. – They sprayed us.
– Yeah. Oh, yeah. We got wet. – Way scarier than the show.
– I’m sweating. – Way scarier than the show. – It’s a Bambi!
– (laughs) “It’s a Bambi.” – Ahh!
– (owl hooting) – (Brittany) I don’t even know
what it was. – (Danny laughs)
– Why are we in the woods? – Where are we?
– (both scream) – Owl!
– It’s just an owl! I hate you! – Literally, that was nothing! (loud clang)
– (owl hooting) – It’s just an owl.
– That leaf scared me. Oh, [bleep]. Hell no.
– Ohhhh! – (Izzy) Oh, hell no.
– Oh! that’s a person! – Is it? I don’t trust it.
– That’s not a person. – I don’t trust it.
– That’s not a person. That’s not a p–
– (both scream) – It’s a person! It’s a person!
(buzzer) That was a person!
– I don’t like this! – No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no! (screams)
Oh, [bleep]! – (Danny laughs)
(buzzer) – (both scream)
(buzzer) – Ahhh!
– Goddammit! (gunfire sounds)
– (Brittany screams and laughs) – We’re about to get murdered.
Oh, I hate when— (gunfire sound)
– (both scream) – Oh my god!
(buzzer) – Ow, I hurt my hand!
Ow! I don’t like– – (both scream)
(buzzer) – DANNY! DANNY!
– I know! – (screams)
(buzzer) – (Labib screams) Nah, dude!
(buzzer) – Oh. Oh my god.
– (Jeannie) Oh, [bleep]! Oh, [bleep]. Oh, [bleep]. Okay. – I don’t remember this house–
– (screams) (buzzer)
– I don’t– oh, that’s so like the movie.
– Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my gosh. I’m scared.
(glass shattering) – (Jeannie screams)
– Oh my god! (buzzer) – Oh my god, bro!
(buzzer) – Lupita, no! (glass shattering)
(buzzer) – I’m so tense right now.
– I can’t– – (both scream)
(buzzer) – Why would you do that?!
Why would you do that?! – I liked it a lot at first.
– Careful. Yeah, it’s– (car honking)
– (Brittany screams) (buzzer) (car honking)
– Oh, what the [bleep]?! (buzzer)
– (Jeannie) [Bleep]! A car?! – Well, that’s not a good sign. – (voice-over) Ahh!
– Oh-ho-ho-ho. – (both) Ohhh!
– I don’t know. I don’t like this. – Oh! (screams)
(buzzer) – Why are they laughing? (laughs)
– They’re laughing! Why are they laughing?
– ‘Cause they’re having fun. – Bitch. (inhuman screech)
(buzzer) – Cool.
– Oh, there’s a door. Jeannie, there’s a door!
– Oh, I hate doors. – There’s two! There’s two!
– I hate doors. I hate doors. I hate doors. Oh– (screams)
– I don’t like it! Don’t like it! Don’t like it! Don’t like it,
like it, like it, like it! There’s two! There’s two!
– (both scream) (buzzer)
– You’re so mean. I don’t like you. – Their faces look–
(screams) [Bleep]! – Ooh, those masks were not fun.
I didn’t like those. Those masks were really
frickin’ creepy. – No! No!
– Okay, a door. – (both scream)
(buzzer) – (screams) – (screams and laughs)
(buzzer) – I feel like we’re in Scooby-Doo.
– Oh, no. Oh, dude.
– (Eric) The underground! – (Labib) Oh, no.
– Oh, [bleep]. – Oh. Oh! A door. Oh [bleep]. [Bleep]!
– Oh no, no, no, no, no. – Door! (yells) – (both scream)
(buzzer) – Ah, ah, ah, ahhh!
– (Danny laughs) Oh!
(buzzer) – We’re back in class.
– Ah! – OHHHH!
(buzzer) – MY GOD! Oh my!
– I don’t like this. AHHH! (buzzer)
Use Jeannie! – (screams) Her face!
Oh my god! Her eyes! – Oh– (screams)
(buzzer) – Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
OH! Oh [bleep]! – Ah!
(buzzer) God! I don’t know who’s real! – Oh, [bleep]!
– (both scream) – (Izzy) Don’t!
(buzzer) – I don’t like the scissors.
I don’t like the scissors. – (both scream)
(buzzer) – Ugh! That was a lot.
– That was just like a lot. – There were so many
jump scares in that one. – (Brittany) So many.
– (Danny) Just everywhere. That one was–
it was because it was so real. – (Brittany) It was a lot,
but it was fun. – Ooh. It was a lot of fun.
– Yeah. – It’s crazy how much
they’re committing to their character, because I’ve seen the movie “Us.”
– (Izzy) Oh, yeah. On point. – (Jeannie) They’re so scary!
– (Izzy) They embodied the character for sure.
– So, I think the best part, though, is having you as my partner,
’cause you kind of kept me safe. You’d always be in front,
and you’re like, “Whoa! Move out! Come on! Let’s go!”
You always warned me when someone was coming.
– (Labib) Yo, ’cause when they started rushing, I was like, “Yo,
back up. Back up.” – (Eric laughs)
– (FBE) There is a winner today of this pair.
– Danny! – (both laugh)
– (FBE) Yes, Danny won. – Yup. Shocking.
– (FBE) So, that means he gets his get out of jail free card.
– He can use that whenever on Reacts
– That’s so nice. – (FBE) He can use it once on–
the next time there’s a punishment, and he can use it
to get out of that punishment if he doesn’t wanna do it.
– Dang. – That’s great. I am so excited…
– (clapping) You look at you. – …to have one of these.
– (FBE) It was Eric. – Oh!
– (FBE) Eric, you won. So Eric, it’s the get out of jail free card.
– (both clap) – There was a moment in the maze
where I saw you take off, and there was just a cloud
of smoke behind you. – (FBE) Winner was… Izzy!
– (squeals) Ah!
– (both laugh) – Wait. How is–
– What?! – How is she the winner?
I demand a recount, because I was there the whole time.
– There were some moments, where I was also to a point where
helping Brittany more than being scared, so I had
a lot of fun with that too. – I think we were very there
for each other. (laughs) – Thanks for watching us
try not to get scared on the React Channel.
– And if you wanna see some more sweet, sweet behind-the-scenes footage
of this episode, you can head on over to FBE2, where we just posted
a behind-the-scenes vlog. See you there!
– Bye!


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