• Adam Aant

    Soleimani was a ranking official of a State aparatus of a sovereign country. His assignment was to eliminate alqaeda, isis and other known international terrorists and he was completely successful at it. The day of the assassination: his visit to iraq was open and announced, the US was officially notified he was invited by iraq to attend a regional meeting for international cooperation and peace keeping that included saudis. The US illegally assassinated an officer whose job was to eliminate the same terrorists that have killed US citizens. Iran hasn't invaded anyone and they have repeatedly stated that they want open cooperation with neighboring nations.



  • Red Warrior

    Trump can’t win with the Democrats, if he counters the aggression of Iran (remember them attacking the US embassy) he is criticised. If he pulls troops out they criticise him for leaving so called allies and civilians vulnerable to attack. Also Tulsi is naive if she thinks Iran ever stopped their nuclear programs.

  • Mitchell Kovacs

    Why isn’t tulsi a republican by now? Should would be so much more loved and respected buy a real party who would respect her

  • Rebecca Peterson

    Gee, I didn’t know that. I heard that everybody knows that Trump is a psychopath. Also, that Jesus is coming soon. This is all really good and useful information.

  • James Liggett

    How can u laugh over some one dying and did you see the awful way the leader of lybia died???? When she meets her maker I would love to be there and see who is laughing then!!! She was actually a heart beat away from being commander in chief of the United States!!! Scary!!!

  • Charles Mcgonigle

    Hillary Clinton is a lot of things it's just easier to say she's The spawn of Satan. Just say spawn of Satan people will say oh yeah you're talking about Hillary Clinton.

  • kac2868

    There goes Tulsi bashing Hillary again! Tulsi is nothing more than a republican who's running as a democrat because she doesn't have the guts to challenge Traitor Trump! Well Tulsi, when Trump gets removed from office for all the crimes he's committed, you can switch parties to run in the party you belong, the republicans!

  • Charles Mcgonigle

    Tulsi Gabbard she still supports abortion she still a Democrat. That's too bad maybe in time she'll change. But until then she's still a Democrat I vote Republican.

  • Bob Mitchell

    Sadly, America has become the Great Satan, not just to people in the Middle East but throughout the world. 👿👿👿👎👎👎🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • SuperDannyrulez

    Forget all of the establishment democrats and republicans. They are all corrupt. The only one I trust are the ones that are funded solely by small dollar donations. I trust Bernie Sanders because the media hates him more then Donald trump or anyone else for that matter. They’ve actively been trying to make sure he loses. Hillary and Obama will probably team up to make creepy Joe win the nomination and ultimately lose to Trump.

  • Underdog

    Just because Tulsi served in Iraq that don't mean she knows everything that's going on.
    That's like saying just because I changed my oil in my car that makes me a mechanic. The only two countries I support a war with today in 2020 are Iran and Mexico with a 3rd possibility of Saudi Arabia.. Once Iran is defeated then we can bring our Troops home because IMO they're the reason behind most of the Middle East tension..

  • odeis5

    First she would have gone to bed and let our people get killed, then she would have made someone commit suicide so they couldn't disagree, then she would have given Iran nuclear weapons in exchange for paying her husband a million dollars to speak to their people, then she would have talked to Obamer to make sure he didn't have any cousins in the area where they wanted to drop a bomb or two.

  • Manuel Ursua Benitez

    At least she accomplished being Secretary of State. She was willing to stand up to EVIL, at its best. You can't defeat EVIL, because no one wants to. And it is the reason all countries have their own Arm Forces, you're afraid to find the solution, if you all haven't already. It will be a sad that future Generations to come into this world of EVIL, that there is a solution. And come into this world as it was, during the time of Adam and Eve, there was no corruption, there was peace. You people just don't care about the future of our human race. You just care about you precious time, at present day. You make jokes about her, you laugh at her, as does others in your party. So when you say what you say, you all carry that EVIL streak in your blood line since birth. That means you all don't have a conscience, and Evil doesn't have a conscience.

  • Richy One

    PUTIN IS WATCHING .. AND PISSING HIMSELF LAUGHING .. Americans the biggest imbecile in the World today //// bravo cocksuckers finally you accomplish something … you are the laughter of the world today …LOL

  • Teed Epefanio

    I like Tulsi. Proof that one democrat has some brains… like Trump or Rand Paul… sensible.. we need more politicians like them and less of what I've seen throughout my life.. USA!

  • Beth Lunger

    Seeing…more like glancingly, observing TULSI doing all these town hall campaigning all over the US is a pisser. She never did it for us in her 2nd district. We never or hardly saw her in 8 years and the place shows it.
    Don't buy her Miss Aloha BLAH BLAH. Ask her to sing Tiny Bubbles, she'd be more authentic.

  • pedro F

    What a repulsive, disgusting vile human Clinton is.
    But then again, criminals like her and her husband do make money from destroying other countries.

  • Hans Wurst

    Hillary was participant of the Iran nuclear deal.
    I dont think she would have started anything with Iran.
    But nobody knows, what who would have done if… if… if..
    Bla Bla bla

  • Gary Bishop

    Tulsi did serve her country and in MY opinion is the sanest Demorat running. President Trump does have my vote again along with a across the board Republican vote.

  • Christopher McCann

    She made no sense. Just one talking point after another. I like her but shes pro trump by the way she spoke, she just dont know it yet.

  • Garry Coe

    While a different point of view is always a good thing I'm sorry but when it comes to Iran or North Korea they need to learn if you want your place in the modern day world you have to act a certain way. Peace through strength is the only thing that will hold them in line. When will a democrat back America with a peace through strength policy because it matters to the rest of the world. Do democrats want to be the leader of the free world or play second fiddle to China? What will it take to see them support the free world? No one wants a war but the ultimate road block to war is how America will respond to bad behavior from people who want to push the limits as Iran does

  • Chuck Hanshaw

    I have never agreed with Hillary on anything that has ever come out of her mouth. However Defending Israel, YES.. absolutely.

  • Kyle Stoddard

    Tulsi is an idiot if she thinks Iran was adhering to ANY of the provisions in the anti-nuclear agreement. They've been continuing development the entire time. smh…..

  • Robert Saunders

    Hillary is a serial suicider, so a jump to warmonger is easy. Also, Tulsi needs a new suit. She wears the same one every day. Like she’s the white knight or something.

  • Steven Kresoja

    She's not going to be President ever, she doesn't have the skill set.
    Trump is the first ever to have the skill set in order to run the country.
    There must be an end to lobbyists and special interest money.
    These two things are what makes someone into a politician

  • Steven Kresoja

    She doesn't know how things really have been working, she's never been in the position to know how things really work, the job of President is way over her head , just like it is for 99% of all of us

  • Thomas Cavanaugh

    The problem is, if we don't have a military presence in the middle east, ISIS will eventually get another foothold on the region.

  • Garrett Szilard

    I am IN favor that all future presidents must have served in the US military for no less than four years, and served honorably. And no…not a desk job military person, someone that was actually out on the field.

    I whole heartily believe that kind of president could make the right and tough calls AND use our military properly and NOT use it carelessly.

  • John Romano

    This is common knowledge if you are informed. Shes the only dem id ever vote for… The liberal message is served better with her at the helm. Trump should get her on the republican ticket. Her PROFESSIONAL manner would be a great asset in opposing the views of republicans. Her views are a mixture of conservative and liberal. There is a way that professional soldiers speak… Respectful, direct, honest and above all non-partisan and mission oriented. Trump get this soldier working for us soldiers…. She will present other viewpoints that educated ppl can relate to. Whatever, tulsis party is in shambles… Dont let this message fade lady… You swore to protect & defend… Time to pay up. A lot of active military and vets understand her language. Warrior

  • Stephen Strang

    Tulsi is who she is. Period. But once she gets in the office, she won't, she would have her hands tied. Especially if she doesn't accept the current engine that will surround her and make the immense responsibility of the potus, operate smoothly.

  • Richie Schneider

    I avoid watching "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" at all cost, but I like watching TBS so I have to see the commercials for it. One of the most cringe inducing ones has that dumb twat, Samantha Bee, saying that there were many exciting female democratic candidates (you can tell this is an old commercial, yet they still air it over and over) and there's Tulsi Gabbard.
    The left's hatred for Tulsi Gabbard is disgusting.

  • Rafael Kresmar

    It's a shame that the crooked democrats will do everything in their power to keep Tulsi Gabbard from becoming the president like they did with Bernie in 2016. She and Yang are the only candidates I'd actually vote for on the democrates side….

  • PauL SteVeN McLeiSH

    CLiNtoN WaNteD to DRoNe StRiKe aSSaNGe !! Do You tHiNK it WouLD HaVe MaDe aNY DiffReNCe, if He WaS SuRRouNDeD BY CHiLDReN, aS LoNG aS SHe KiLLeD aSSaNGe !! aND WHY DoeS SHe WaNt HiM DeaD ? BeCauSe He eXPoSeD HoW eViL aND CoRRuPt SHe iS !! CRaZY !! SHe SHouLD Be iN PRiSoN foR tHe CoMMoN CRiMiNaL SHe iS !! Do You tHiNK We SHouLD tuRN a BLiND eYe to HeR CoRRuPtioN BeCauSe SHe HaS a Lot of MoNeY ? StoLeN MoNeY at tHat, HoW CoRRuPt aND HoW RiCH Do You HaVe to Be ? SHe iS tHe SWaMP tHe PuRe eViL Rot tHat We HaVe to Get RiD of BefoRe We CaN HaVe aNY juStiCe iN tHiS WoRLD, PeRioD !! aWe tHe BeSt fae CRieff PeRtHSHiRe BoNNie SCotLaND !!!

  • Twinky McWaddle

    Hillary is the epitome of Evil and criminal and needs to be taken to prison for the rest of her days along with her Dastardly husband Bill the Rapist and pedophile..

  • Jonathan Watson

    If I ever were to vote for a Democrat (probably never would because of certain policies), it would be Tulsi, at least she is willing to call out the lies of her fellow Democrats, try to reach across the aisle, and use basic logic.

  • Richard Restivo

    These rogue regimes are growing knowing that the Democrats are dividing us from within. Thanks Obama for giving Syria to Russia and Iraq to Iran. Leave and let the people in the Middle East fight among themselves as they have been doing for 100 years. There is no such thing as democracy in this part of the world.

  • The Implication

    I used to think Tulsi would make a good president. I’m not so much on that anymore. She may be able to grow and learn to become a good candidate in the future, but I don’t think she’s there yet. I would like to see her as Secretary of State though. We need someone who is about peace, but not afraid to do it if necessary.

  • Internet Privacy Advocate

    The Trump prsidency is finished. It's just a matter of time before he's gone. I did vote for him because I didn't like Hillary. I don't like the Dems and wish Tulsi would get out of the Party which I see as being Hale-Bopp worshiping Stalinists wbo engage in Klu Klux Klan justice. Unfortunately Trump has failed, and I'll vote 3rd party before ever voting for him again. Tulsi is the only Dem candidate who appeals to me at all, but the fact that she is a Dem is an extreme negative.

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