TVJ Midday News: CMU President Lawyer Requesting Courts To Dismiss Charges –  January 23 2020
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TVJ Midday News: CMU President Lawyer Requesting Courts To Dismiss Charges – January 23 2020

good afternoon and Milton Walker with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot
attorney for CMU president professor fritz Pinnock he Wildmon this morning
again asks the court to dismiss the charges against his client mr. Pinnock
on former education minister we will read his wife Sharon their daughter
Cheryl and counsel for the brownstone division Kimber Lawrence may their
second court appearance this morning in court today mr. Waldman challenged the
legality of the charges against his client Yaga that his client was charged
by the FI D officers who have no basis to institute any criminal charges
against anyone the accused will return to court on April 8 we’ll have more on
this story in primetime news at 7 Jamaica fell four places on the 2019
corruption perception index the country is now ranked 70 out of 180 countries
this is placed Jamaica score the global average of 43 percent in the region
Bahamas Barbados st. Vincent and the Grenadines Dominica and st. Lucia all
ranked above 50 financial expenditure for crime-fighting measures were
scrutinized at Wednesday’s sitting of public account of Parliament’s public
administration and Appropriations Committee the PA AC increased expenses
are being projected as there is no end in sight for states of emergency
operations more in the support listing crime as the greatest challenge facing
the country PA AC members questioned representatives of the Jamaica
Constabulary force about expenditure for the current fiscal year according to Jay
CFS director of Budget and Finance Devon Cahoon the state of emergency
expected to cost Jamaica five hundred and twenty five million dollars for the
2019 20 fiscal year December 2019 total expenditure approximately 392 million
the cost includes an increase in meals and day-to-day setup for the measure but
committee member McHale Philips question specific financial
increases for state of emergency and other operations how much is it that
you’re expecting to spend on meals for the financial year by up to the end of
the financial year outside of the state of public emergency projections outside
of the state of emergency for meal we’re looking at approximately eighty five
million but then that that just a rough estimate that’s totally up to the
operational side and what consistent forty forty five million
that’s what is usually what it so what member Phillips queried what he believed
to be inconsistencies with the doubling of some costs namely food and
accommodation compared with a smaller increase in fuel costs and I’m just
making the observation I’m just making the observation that if your if your
other costs have gone on and you are doing more operations then I would
expect that your fuel costs would go up because minima for each to us that I
don’t know that we can meet that this that distinction when it pertains to
fuel I don’t know that we can say that this fuel was consumed in the state of
emergency are outside a state of emergency because it’s universal the
committee also questioned discussions about legislative changes that promise
to give the security forces the necessary powers to operate without the
extremes of a state of emergency as it is now in the constable forest act and
in the Constitution there is some prescription as to how long please mr.
Bailey you’re saying that after two years you have not yet arrived at a set
of proposal legislative proposals to deal with those provisions is that what
you say no I’m saying that it still being settled
there’s something on the table what it is still being settled for two years now
it’s still unsettled is that so yes or no I would have to say in light of the
process how it operates we have to consult with the Attorney General and
chambers we have the concert with officer a chief parliamentary consul the firearm licensing authority the Fla says
it’s working closely with the Jamaica constable Air Force to reduce the number
of illegal guns in the country corporate communications office at the farm
Licensing Authority Michaela haidle says the entity is often
called upon to assist the police in determining if firearms are registered
speaking on the smell Jamaica this morning mr. Hyde I’ll explain that it’s
ballistic machines are used to make the necessary checks on firearms I will be
sure that we have the machines a time that we take care at Valley 6 6 so we
have the brass check machine which at a good time a fee that someone has a
developer we have the ballistics available to check that make sure that
this work on is either system registered as a legal firearm or a baby illegal
firearm pad and mr. Hydell was speaking yesterday on smile there’s a call this
afternoon for more parents to do more to keep their children on the right path to
prevent them being lured by gangs principal of the Spanish Don high school
vent Lee brown says this can be done through the early intervention at home
speaking at the era 5 devotion Anderson Catherine North Division on Tuesday mr.
Brown said parents need to provide for their children especially those in the
inner cities he says schools cannot be held responsible for students entering
gangs in the 21st century in inner-city areas
it not easy schools America produced maybe somebody most famous named guns in
this tone and the journey time runs the injured Eltham array but it is not our
world and our main function is to provide men and women for society so
that your jobs can be easier as police officers mr. Brown also commended the
police for seeking divine intervention he said it’s important in a time when
many criminals are seeking alternative ways to work against the law I have
students who come to school on a daily basis who wear their God rings and I
tell them that brings another load and it’s a mama saying I take it uh forever
dead mr. Burkett today and the person wore mother’s mother and her mom is my
good friend I let you get a good deal on a funeral and those rings I remove and
they’re still alive so the criminals of society are seeking all sewed up we used
to work against the law-abiding forces so there’s nothing wrong if the police
counting at the collar and divine intervention and it’s time for a break
but stay with us much more stories after the break welcome back continuing the news police
constable is being treated in hospital after he was more down this morning
during a traffic stop in New Kingston it’s understood that a constable
assigned to the public safety and traffic enforcement branch suffered
injuries to his legs is supported at the drive of a Toyota which motor car was a
signal to stop at the intersection of Worthington and chef alga roads he
disobeyed and hit the policeman before speeding away the police are seeking the
public’s help to locate the vehicle with license plate P P six three seven nine
that’s a black Toyota wish P P six three seven nine they say the occupants
resisted multiple attempts to catch them an ox or Express bus ran off the road
this morning in middle quarter-cent Elizabeth the bus was heading towards
Negril when the incident occurred it’s not clear what happened but it’s
understood that no one was injured passengers on the bus explained what
happened it was doing all of a sudden city boys are going in early me see
Panna bunky bunk in it seems like the driver when he came here you take the
corner too wide and it missed the control because I was the one who sit
beside him in the front seat so actually see everything that happened you know I
mean but I was pray to God that when I see least like this as a father please
don’t let it turn over because if it turn on the side we’d have casualty you
know what for God’s sake it just leave it here the National solid waste
management authority tennis table may has rolled out a pilot project to
encourage its the practice recycling as inherently
support the project requires citizens to separate their garbage separating
household garbage it’s what the National Solid Waste
Management Authority NSW ma wants citizens to start practicing as part of
the authorities effort to promote recycling activities across the country
public relations specialists at the NSW MA Kimberly Blair says for now the
agency will be providing biodegradable bags to help with the transition we have
our crews doing our own sensitizing persons as to the project and taking
those who are willing and ready to participate and then we hand them these
bugs and tell them that this is the bug that you will get to put plastics only
all plastics so hundred-percent degradable and the householders will put
the bug in these bags and we call it them twice monthly but will the same
truck that collects non recyclable garbage be responsible for collecting
the plastics as well it’s a differential that will come in so be have the dates
as well the collection needs for the plastics and we have sensitize the
residents as to the collection so it’s not the same truck coming to collect
these plastic the project has already started in 12 communities in northern
st. Andrew NSW ma executive director Audley gordon says the response so far
has been positive we are very optimistic we believe that the pilot will be very
successful we have seen the excitement in our own offices in this stuff right
now we have people out there it says that kind of frigid morning but yeah oh
they’re distributing bans talking to people and people are just generally
excited the whole solders are welcoming us they’ve they’re happy to be a part
and we believe that you know it’s a small investment to be made in the
environment i will do it we are positive Herman green TVJ news the Agriculture
Minister only show has announced plans to both prevent and control the spread
of plant pests across borders in order that over the last 15 years there were
at least nine new pests which have affected the agricultural sector TV
trays Andrew lately reports speaking during the launch of the International
Year of Plant Health in Jamaica on Thursday Agriculture Minister oddly Shaw
says Jamaica’s ability to produce crops continue to be plagued by pests outbreak
he says some of the crops affected our major income earners for farmers and the
country locally we now have a green paper for our national seed policy this
piece of legislation when finalized will ensure clean seeds are put into
production we are modernizing the plant quarantine act to make it more
comprehensive to deal with the matters of protection and quarantine and soon
Jamaica will have a modern Plant Health Act in line with international standards
he also announced that as of February 1 disinfectant mats will be installed at
airport to reduce the risk of plant and animal pests entering the country so
that is disinfectant mat maps so that for instance if somebody goes to
Colombia and pick up that disease on their shoes come to the airport a normal
manner effective February 1 we are having disinfectant mats that you have
to wipe your shoe on as you’re coming into our island in addition he reminded
farmers that they too have a role to play in healthy plant production and
calling upon our farmers and horticulturalist to protect your crops
to use the best agricultural practices to ensure healthy pest free production
from your trees and plants and call upon your Extension offices if you need help
mr. Shah also revealed that the ministry is working with the Mexican government
and of the Jamaica Constabulary force jcf on an agriculture k9 program to help
reduce the number of unauthorized plants and crops being smuggled into the
country and relatedly TVJ news in sports the West Indies top Group B with maximum
six points after recording a massive 246 run win over Nigeria in their final
group game the ICC under-19 World Cup in South Africa today batting first the
West Indies posted three injured and three for eight from their 50 overs
captain Kimani mellows with 65 got the Caribbean side off to a good start
adding 70 runs for the first wicket with lonardo Julian who made 18 Matty Patrick
top-scorer did 68 while Joshua James had 43 Kevin Anderson
25 and Jamaican Kurt McKenzie 15 also got stars along with Antonio Marez 17
but failed to carry on three Nigeria and Boulder bolas ended with two wickets
each in apply Nigeria were bowled out for just fifty seven runs Jaden seals
was once again impressive back in for 419 while ash Meade Ned claim 2 for 11
this was the West Indies is a third biggest victory in the history of the
under-19 World Cup and that’s the media news I’m Milton Walker join us again at
7:00 for primetime news on behalf of the news sports and production teams


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