Tyler Perry Takes TODAY On A Tour Of His Studio And Talks About His New Film | TODAY
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Tyler Perry Takes TODAY On A Tour Of His Studio And Talks About His New Film | TODAY


  • Bernadette Bush

    I just enjoy watching Mr. Perry and wondering if Madea going to come out and say something crazy. Lol!!! Mr. Perry was talking so fast. 😘

  • Vince Durrell

    I love his drive and commitment to his people, however, I don't agree with him feeling like he has to write everything. Some of the stories ard boring and predictable.

  • juan ponce

    Just like spike lee said tyler perry is racist pig all his movies shows are for black people his friends black Janet jackson oprah Winfrey Mariah Carey his scary drama movies all black people he is a racist pig people open your eyes hes making his fortune the wrong way plus he donated and voted to donald trump's campaign plus his wife left him cause she got tired of him mistreating her everybody support us on getting rid of this man

  • Terah

    His story makes me cry. He’s so inspiring. He went thru so much but look at him now. He was destined to be successful. #BlackExcellence

  • kttanderson1

    Tyler Perry is a smart man! Smart black man!! And don’t try to cross over into the white men’s race. Like the black man sitting next to you. She stay in your own race!

  • kttanderson1

    Most black men forget their race. And marry the other races. They don’t even try and help black peoples. They just marry white and give it back the the white race. Black peoples are beneath them. Their black women are not good enough! Thanks, Tyler. What would we as black peoples would do without you and Bill Cosby! Smart black men!

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