U.S. military intervention in the Dominican Republic
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U.S. military intervention in the Dominican Republic

[♪upbeat music♪] This Week in Army History In 1965 during the height of the Cold War, Americans were concerned about the Communist influence in the Western hemisphere. This was particularly true with respect to the Caribbean Basin following Cuba’s Communist Revolution in 1959. The Dominican Republic endured a constant struggle for political control between Communist-sympathizing leftist groups and conservative business and military leaders. On April 24, a group of leftist forces unexpectedly deposed the Dominican leadership. Crowds took to the streets throughout the capital of Santo Domingo and quickly overwhelmed the Dominican security forces. The US ambassador, W. Tapley Bennett, Jr, described the situation as “collective madness.” To authorities in Washington he declared, “I recommend that serious thought be given to armed intervention to restore order beyond the mere protection of lives.” “If the present loyalist efforts fail, the power will go to groups whose aims are identified with those of the Communist Party.” “We might have to intervene to prevent another Cuba.” In response, President Johnson, stating the need to protect American lives and property, directed the US military to deploy to the Dominican Republic to stabilize and prevent the country from falling to the Communists. Thus began Operation Power Pack. The plan called for a battalion-sized element from the 82nd Airborne to air-land at San Isidro Airfield east of the capital and advance westward, securing both the eastern and western sections of the city. They would then be assisted by loyalist elements in regaining control of Santo Domingo. However, soldiers were soon engaged in house-to-house clearing operations while under fire from rebel forces. The rebels were assisted by Dominican military defectors who wore the same uniforms as loyalist forces allied with the United States. Yet by the end of the first week, two full battalions from the 82nd were conducting security operations on the ground. By the end of May, the entire division was in country as the command began stability operations. Ultimately, more than 40,000 US troops participated in the action. Operation Power Pack proved that the United States military could move rapidly and forcefully to defend its interests in the Western hemisphere. [♪upbeat music♪]


  • rightsman123

    @TerrorWarrior5000 And you are a troll. This has nothing to do with ron paul. Why would even post here? Just because you believe in interventionist foreign polices doesn't mean you have to crap on people that don't. You are a very small person indeed.

  • Jensy Sosa

    American PRICKS! I just read, the entire US internvention in my country (Dominican Republic) wow US can be sooo !#%!#$ Im angry right now, i just developed a little hate for the US after reading all that BULL!#!^!

  • truth seeker

    @2jnc5 watch all sections and learn:
    YouTube – 1/12 The Panama Deception
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  • matatanXtreme

    Well I am Dominican and I do not condemn the US for this intervention because it helped to root out all communism from our island country. However there was no leftist coup as this video claims, the coup was performed by anticommunist generals fearing that then president Juan Bosch was too leftist. Juan Bosch was overthrown and the public went to the street to defend their constitutionally elected president. the military divided in a pro Bosch and a pro coup section and hence a civil war started with as result that the constitutional defenders began to win the upper hand. This infuriated the US and eventually they invaded to prevent Bosch from retaking power as this could mean fertile ground to establish another Cuba style government. Because DR is close to Puerto Rico the US could not accept another Cuba in the Caribbean.       

  • Jorge Figueroa

    Us had to move in before Russia states a claim on DR just like Cuba , it's funny that Cuba fought to be independent only to swear total loyalties to Russia , to prevent the US from going in, The USA all ready had interest in DR, with American business like malls and resorts , were on the island the people of the island had no owner ship, just as workers , this is the reason for embargo that the US placed on Cuba , they pulled all there stores and company's out, this country said hey you want your independence here you go, Dominican rep would have had the same deal,

  • Focused All Day

    See this is kinda what we do, we go in and do what we want to other countries. It's all in the name of business, just don't get in our way.

  • American In Taiwan

    Should have had more photos or some actual footage of the conflict. Also the voice for the general's quote, wow, just ridiculous. Nobody actually talks like that.

  • Raul Placido

    the real story is way diferent than the claims in this video…it was all about interests in both parts, Dominican military and Lyndon administration, the real facts were that they demonized the Constitutionalists (rebel faction) as ''comunist'' because at the time being ''comunist'' was evil to the public opinion, this faction only wanted to put back their beloved and democratic elected President of the 1963 election who was overthrown by another group who wasnt agree with that president politics, why? because his new policies werent favorable for their own ambitious interests so they convinced the military for their help on the overthrow, it took few years later for the people who voted for that president to notice that injustice and went to the streets to riot, the military reacted violent, after that, some members of the army and police forces opened their eyes and did what they have sworn to when they became members of the force, DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, so they took their weapons against the oppressors to defend the people and lead them, now as REBELS to a civil war against the Military factions who cowardly seeked help from the US 🙂

  • Google account 1

    america is the source of all strife within the world . I'm sorry I'm W H I T E . may i have another sir ? whimpering while i (S P R E A D my cheeks )


    Yankees go home!
    Como República Dominicana había pagado su deuda EEUU quería mantener su poder sobre éste país soberano. Quedó mal EEUU al igual que en Vietnam.
    Yankees go home!

  • Gumarro

    It is funny how the portray the 1965 uprising. This was a counter-coup to restore the democratically elected government toppled by the military in 1963.
    Somehow, whoever created this "documentary" left that part out.

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