U.S. Senate unanimously passes Hong Kong rights bill and China condemns it

after almost half a year of intense
pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong the US Senate has passed legislation aimed
at protecting and the human rights of Hong Kong citizens China was quick to
react warning it will retaliate if the u.s. does not stop her Hong Moo has
leaked details in a unanimous vote on Tuesday the Senate passed a Hong Kong
human rights and democracy act showing full support for Hong Kong protesters as
well as a warning to China against violent suppressions under the bill the
United States would need to certify at least once a year that Hong Kong retains
enough autonomy to qualify for special us training considerations Washington
could also play sanctions and officials responsible for human rights violations
in Hong Kong Tuesday’s vote marks a new challenge to the Chinese government is
Washington and Beijing are still tied up in a prolonged trade war the bill will
now go to the House of Representatives as a bill is slightly different from one
passed unanimously by the house last month the two chambers will narrow their
differences before sending the bill to president Trump Beijing responded by
again telling the u.s. to not interfere in its domestic affairs its behavior
only exposes its ulterior intention to intervene in Hong Kong and its double
standards on violent crimes to compare the efforts of the Hong Kong police and
properly enforcing the law and stopping violence and riots with the radical
violent behavior of the extremist forces is in nature an insult to the rule of
law and human rights China voted strong countermeasures to
safeguard its sovereignty and security warning that the negative consequences
will end up coming back to the US Arirang news

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