Ukraine War – Old lady protests against Russian intervention into Crimea Ukraine
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Ukraine War – Old lady protests against Russian intervention into Crimea Ukraine

We don’t need any of your defence! I’m not afraid!
And do you understand what? Do you understand the fear is a psyhology
of a Slave!? Do you understand that? And all of you, you are listening to Putin…and Putin…… Lady, what do you want here???
I don’t understand what you here for… Get out of here now!!! Lady… Don’t beat me. We always have Crimea as a part of Ukraine
and it always will be Ukrainian And here’s no need for bloodshed.
But you need the bloodshed here!!
Is why you are here… You came here in order to provoke and to frighten us people.
And all of you have been sitting quiet! You’ve been quiet! I don’t affraid! I don’t affraid! You a provokator!
They are oure guys and here lady – you are provocator!
Go away now! Get out of here!! Go go go!!! Why did you do that?
What you filming it for? But why is she doing it to us? And you filming it is a provokator!
And the lady is insane…


  • Landis Reed

    who messed up does a person need to be, to want to be Ruled by communism?
    the person has to be as stupid as the ignorant fools who 'think they' want Socialism in the U.S.. sounds good when you're at the bottom, but as soon as you have something and the 'others' demand it… Not so 'good' then, but usually too late..
    Dumb F*ers!

  • Tim Krahling Sr

    Слава бабушке!

    "Do you understand the fear is a psychology of a slave?!"

    Preach it, Babushka !!!

    This lady gets it.  Take away the fear and intimidation that they hold over you and you've disarmed them.  And, if they push you, get the hell back up.

    slava babushke !!!

  • Squid Ward

    Я за Россиян…Но этому пидару пизды бы дал за бабульку бедную((

  • Strannik sm

    скорее всего тут провокацией пахнет,подошел человечик и толкнул бабушку в интересах Майданутых,какой дурак будет толкать пожилова человека,зная что снимают камеры 🙂

  • Malevolence The Candid Elf

    Lucky she wasn't in the might U.S.A. – The cops over their shot an old man in the chest last week for reaching for his walking cane.  (6 shots fired)

  • Siberian Кот

    Если бы бабуля кричала "Крым это Россия!" (а таких там тоже не мало)пошли бы комменты "йопаные бенедровцы"?Сколько можно вестись на провокации журнашлюшек ?
    Дебил который толкнул старую женщину-просто дебил,без национальности и политической ориентации.
    (хотя нет,есть у него ориентация-пидар)
    И кстати,почему так видео резко оборвалось?Может потому что "зеленые человечки этому дауну пиздюлей наваляли?
    It`s just an idiot push old woman..the idiots like him have not nationality and politics mind.

  • Womb Raider

    This video proves that the Russians are acting loke they always have-brutish with a mob mentality, look at ww2 with their human wave attacks, they are a very backwards people, always a little strange, it seems the farther east you go the more barbaric they get,
    Western Europe is much more refined and they have more class,
    Even the Russian language is shitty,

    Gee whiz….

  • USSR Aleksandr

    Бабушка, теперь 2 миллиона русских тоже не боятся, совсем
    This is only one grandmother, don't you make a tantrum about this

  • Lorkin Z Joonlyme

    судя по видио, в Крыму жила только одна старушка и тут набежал народ…
    сейчас она, наверное, поменяла свое мнение. особенно глядя на Одессу 

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