Ukraine War – Ukrainians ready for guerilla war during the Russian intervention in eastern Ukraine
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Ukraine War – Ukrainians ready for guerilla war during the Russian intervention in eastern Ukraine

We, Ukrainians of the east, watching inaction of the authorities and absolute sabotage of local security forces, feel defenseless against separatists and occupiers. Realizing this, we take the mission of liberation of the southeast from the occupiers in the person of saboteurs, so-called green men, traitors and separatists. Any violation of the territorial integrity of our country we perceive as an offense against the Ukrainians. Any assistance for occupiers we consider as nothing but a betrayal. Owing to our actions today in Kharkiv the separatist coven is impossible. Moreover, our guerrilla units operate today also in Crimea – in Simferopol was burned the office of Putin’s party “United Russia.” Everyone who thinks that here – to the east, will arrive trains with Banderivtsy from Ternopil and Lviv I hasten to disappoint: most of us are from the southeast. We live here, we – your neighbors, we live in the same houses, go to the same hospitals, we educate your children, we shop in the same stores, our children play with yours in the same backyards. We just believe that we must fight for our future, that no one will serve it to us on a silver plate. We expect for support of all Ukrainians of the east and the south. With your support, we’ll kick out of our cities the enemy, the one who decided that he can simply come and enslave us. Now, under the cover of night in our cities will be administered justice, and the enemy will be defeated, the offender will be punished. Also, we want to say: we do not need doles of Kоlomoysky and other oligarchs, we are doing this not for money, not for salary, but for our kids future. Our highest value is homeland, righteousness and justice. We will spare no time, no life. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!


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