Ukrainian Navy Admiral On Russian Intervention In Crimea
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Ukrainian Navy Admiral On Russian Intervention In Crimea

Dear compatriots, the current situation in
Crimea is getting more disturbing. A number of journalists, military chiefs and
public figures were captured within the last 24 hours. Besides, Rocket-Technical Base of the Southern
Navy Unit was seized. 17 out of 35 Air Force technical posts are
seized. Ukrainian militarymen and their family, civilians with patriotic spirits,
have been put under unprecedented and coarse pressure. In our opinion, Putin’s plan is not limited
to Crimean intervention. There has been significant Russian military
build-up in Crimea and at Ukrainian borders. There is an established network of special
agents and saboteurs, whose task is to seize administrative buildings and governmental
institutions and raise Russian flags on top of them, thus requesting support and protection
of ethnic Russians in Ukraine by Russian military. These are real threats, but not the reasons
for panic. With relevant self-organization and organization
of civilians we have all the possibilities to defend Ukraine and our future. In the above conditions, Ukrainian patriots
must organize themselves and unite. First, call your local recruiting office,
update your contact details and personal data, be ready to arrive to the recruiting office
should mobilization be announced. Second, evaluate what kind of passive help you can
provide at this moment and let our coordinators know of it. Third, organize yourselves in relevant groups
and inform our coordinator of your initiatives. Avoid unorganized, non-productive actions
– they can have a negative effect. I address the leaders of defence and security
of Ukraine: same as milions of Ukrainian citizens, we
now do not feel ourselves protected. You seem to neglect implementing full-scale adequate actions
to resolve the situation and taking all measures to resist agression. For example, we do not understand why in good
time Ukrainian Navy vessels have not been withdrawn from their home ports and later got blocked in harbors. We do not understand why there are no clear
relevant instructions from the government to local administrative institutions, so that
the latter would act in accordance with the situation. We do not understand why there are no efforts
made to train patriotic citizens of Crimea for possible defense and medical aid. We do not understand why the specialists have
not been sent to the corresponding diplomatic missions in Washington, Brussels and our other partners. So that certain questions are discussed on a corresponding level. You must clearly understand, that if you fail
to control the situation, then self organized civilians will have to do it instead of you. I would like to specially address the citizens
of Crimea, to Ukrainian militarymen stationed in Crimea. Despite the unprecedent pressure that you
have been exposed to, you must remember: people of Ukraine are with you, together we
will no doubt win. There are millions of us and you must remember that we will win. You are heroes. We all deserve to live in an independent democratic
country, free from bandits and dictators. Glory to Ukraine!

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