• Rider of A Pale Horse

    A statue put up by Democrats and tore down by Democrats's. No the parties have not changed positions. No the history has not changed. The Students have became criminals and should be charged and jailed.

  • Viking Knight

    Ignorant Hatful lefty Libtards Watch the old interview of a confederate ex soldier on youtube called https://youtu.be/uHDfC-z9YaE called Confederate "General" Julius Howell Recalls the 1860s ~ best civil war history lesson I ever had

  • Southern Gentleman

    Why don’t people know the Confederacy was extremely diverse? African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, Irish, French Algerians, and Cubans fought for the Confederacy.

    Like Stand Watie, Loretta Velasquez, Santos Benavides, Moses Ezekiel, Marlboro Jones, and W.S Lewis

  • harvard175

    What good little Nazis these Bolshevik scum and useful idiots have become. Counterintuitive statement you say? No, merely two sides of the same coin. The left was co-opted, long ago, by those who would see this country tear itself apart from within. We are now witnessing the labor of these anti-American, and anti-freedom actors come to fruition. Welcome to the ever increasing violence of the ongoing soft coup being conducted in the U.S. by the progressive movement under the guise of the Democrat party. #WalkAway

  • Lag Swag

    They're not confederate monuments, they're AMERICAN MONUMENTS/AMERICAN STATUES. Fix the title please, and fix your misleading descriptions on the "news"

  • jerrod carter

    Take there tuition expelled all involved charge them for destruction to the property that what school said last year

  • New Wave

    I believe that the student mobs should be prosecuted as vigorously as the mobs were that lynched black folks 100 years ago were. Perhaps the students can take selfies with the toppled statue and sale them as postcards the way the white mobs took pictures with the charred and mutilated remains of their black victims and sold the images as postcards.

  • Alton Grimes

    A foolish and irresponsible action. They, unlike a greater percentage of the world's populations, have the priveledge to receive a higher education, and they resort to vandalism?

  • Silence DoGood

    They have 90 days to put it back up and felony charges are pending! All these statues are going back up these ignorant left wing liberals are dumber than a box of rocks!!!!

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