Understand Gun Laws in 6 Minutes
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Understand Gun Laws in 6 Minutes

so gun laws and gun control have been in the news a lot lately can’t imagine why… it would help to know
what the existing laws about owning and using guns are and what they
require you to do if you wanna have a gun or several handy so let’s dig in shall we the very first law that touches your guns
at least until the gun touching act of 2014 passes is the requirement of gun registration
every gun manufacturer importer and dealer has to register every gun they either make import or sell and ensure that gun has a unique serial
number whenever a gun is sold the dealer has to record the purchaser’s name and the gun’s serial number they also have to include whether it was
purchased for use by an agent of a state or local government but the information collected when the
gun was registered can’t be used as evidence in a criminal case unless it was given falsely it’s illegal
to buy or sell unregistered gun this is in part because every time a
gun is made imported or sold you have to pay a tax the tax is $200 which is the same as it was in 1934 all gun manufacturers importers and
dealers must also be licensed and the license fee ranges from $100 to $500 the law specifically states the
registration includes guns disguised as other objects and to make sure the people are following
the rules the ATF inspects licensed gun dealers every 12 months as well as after any crimes involving
that dealer’s guns breaking the registration or licensing
rules will mean your guns get seized and you could pay up to $250,000 in fines as an individual or $500,000 if you’re an organization a dealer is someone who makes a business selling guns not someone who sells them occasionally
or on the side there’s a vigorous debate over whether these amateur sellers should also get a license and file paperwork no one knows for sure how many guns are sold this way with estimates ranging from 25%-40% of total sales some kinds of guns are banned from being sold in the U.S. at all machine guns are banned this means any
gun they can shoot more than once in a row without having to pull the trigger
again silencers are also banned though both
can still be made for export there are no restrictions on antique
firearms which means anything made in 1898 or before if you can’t still readily buy ammo for it there’s also the assault weapons ban which ran from 1994 to 2004 and is being discussed again it banned 18 types of semiautomatic
guns, which means a gun that lets you shoot multiple times just by pulling
the trigger again, that had specific military features like
a telescoping stock a pistol grip on rifles a bayonet mount a grenade launcher or a flash suppressor
the assault weapons ban also applied to any ammo clips that let you put more
than 10 bullets in the gun at a time one problem was that it didn’t apply to
anything made before 1994 so there were a lot of semiautomatic weapons still
floating around for those 10 years another problem was that most types of
guns are semiautomatics so the line between what was and what wasn’t banned was hard to understand and rather blurry the other major federal gun laws the
Brady Bill which applies to background checks while minors–the age is 21 for handguns and 18 for everything else– felons drug addicts and anyone legally
decided mentally defective have all been barred from owning guns since 1968 there wasn’t any good way enforcing this the Brady Bill enacted a system of background checks in 1994 first they were required to be done by law
enforcement officers and then when that was ruled unconstitutional an instant online system was instituted
though many law enforcement officers still voluntarily do background checks it also
widens the gun ban to legal immigrants dishonorably discharged soldiers people
under restraining orders people under indictment for a crime where the punishment exceeds 1 year and people convicted of misdemeanor
domestic violence the background check can take up to 3 days Congress also offers grants to states to improve their electronic background check systems now the state level laws vary widely
some states recognize the permits of other states and some don’t states aren’t required to spend their own
resources and forcing federal gun laws though some do generally states will have rules about gun
registration and licenses waiting periods rules on how many guns
you can own and rules about where you can have guns
as well as how you can carry them for example some states limit the number
of guns you can buy any one time particularly handguns some states
require you to log a certain number of shooting hours or even to take a test
before you get a gun license some states banned weapons in certain
public places and some states make it really hard or
impossible either carry a gun with you everywhere you go called open carry or to carry a gun
around secret call concealed carry most states are
less restrictive than the federal government but some are much more so you may have heard about the Heller case
that went to the Supreme Court DC had banned handguns altogether and
required a trigger lock on any guns in the house the Supreme Court struck both of those
restrictions down the really important part was the court
held that the Second Amendment does guarantee an individual right to bear
arms and there you have it


  • Ken X

    Few things are off IIRC. There is no $200 tax for every firearm and machine guns and suppressors aren't banned. The $200 ATF fee you're probably thinking of applies to any machine gun, suppressor, short-barreled rifle or shotgun, or "destructive device" you may want to buy in addition to a handful of other odd birds. This would require you passing an additional background check and being added to the ATF's registry. It's worth noting that machine guns are prohibitively, nutso expensive.

  • Antlion95

    This would be an excellent introduction to gun laws for people who know nothing about the subject. Not very biased one way or the other from what I could tell. Nicely done!

  • Cole DiDonato

    You can still fully automatic guns. You need special permits. Assault weapons don't exist. Just a scary term for what you hate.

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