Une journée à Universal Studios Hollywood
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Une journée à Universal Studios Hollywood

Previously on Destination Fun,
I came back to Universal Studios Hollywood. My goal is to try and
discover all the attractions that didn’t exist during my
last visit six years ago. After visiting the world of Harry Potter,
I am now ready to discover the colourful worlds of The Simpsons and Minions. From all the lands of the park,
I think the one I prefer is this one: Springfield, the land of The Simpsons. It’s colourful, it’s happy and then it’s The Simpsons. I take you to the best places
to have fun around the world. Subscribe to join the adventure. Only one destination: fun! Here in the land of The Simpsons, I have
only one desire: to eat a huge donut. But I don’t really want to pay for that,
so I will take his. Do you share? That’s bacon?! There is bacon on the donut? That’s right, there is bacon on the donut. Wow! It’s really hot today and I think I really need a beer. It’s a good excuse to go to have a Duff. Before entering Moe’s tavern, let’s do something
that I have wanted to try for a long time. Moe’s tavern! Yes, hello? Is Al there? First name: Al. Surname: Coholic. Let me check. Phone call for Al, Al Coholic. Is there an alcoholic here? Wait a minute! Listen you, little ***:
if I ever find out who you are, I’ll kill you! I’m not sure if it was a good idea finally. Cheers Barney! I finished it but I feel a little bit weird, I even feel like I’m on my way
to becoming completely yellow. Don’t you think? I arrive at the right moment. Bart Simpson!
Let’s take a picture together. I met everyone here at Springfield,
in The Simpsons universe: Bart, Lisa, Marge, Homer… You can have a look at all this
on my Instagram account. If you don’t follow me yet,
it’s now or never. Do you agree with me, Milhouse? Today I wanted to try another
The Simpsons-inspired restaurant So obviously I had a Duff but I had a burger where the buns
are replaced by waffles. Yes, I swear! Look. It’s crazy stuff, how can I eat this? I’m going to taste it but I don’t really know
how I’m going to eat it and it’s a bit sticky. It’s a sweet and salty mix and I like it. It’s good actually. A good Duff, cheers to Homer Simpson. Before leaving The Simpsons’ Land,
I can’t resist doing The Simpsons ride. It’s a roller coaster simulator. You are in a car that moves in all directions
and there is a giant screen. It’s really immersive and I like it a lot. I had forgotten how much it moves. I decided to put myself in danger with this huge
ice cream with a fluo yellow banana coulis. To put myself in danger,
because I am lactose intolerant. So it’s going to be really intense at the moment…
and it will be even more intense later. There is something I like here at Universal
Studios Hollywood: it’s the Studio Tour. And it’s time to go to do it especially because there is a part that
I don’t know and that I will discover. It’s the attraction dedicated to Fast & Furious. Let’s go! It’s Hill Valley, the city of Back to the Future. The Fast & Furious part,
which concluded the Studio Tour, was really impressive. You are in a shed, you have 3D glasses
and there is a 360-degree screen. You are in a pursuit race with
helicopters, tanks, cars. They jumped and flew in all directions.
You are immersed in the Fast & Furious universe. And frankly, it was great. I just met Scooby-Doo and his gang right there.
The photo is on my Instagram account. And I realize that there are attractions that no longer exist compared to my last visit. I remember last time doing the attraction
of Terminator 2, and it no longer exists. In any case if there is one that I regret
never having done, it’s the one of Back to the Future. I think it still exists at Universal Studios Tokyo,
but I’m not sure. In any case I would have really liked to discover it,
but it’s maybe something that will never happen. Have you seen how this beautiful ribbon
suits me well. I’m here in a little Hello Kitty shop
and there are lots of T-Shirts based on the theme of Hello Kitty and Universal films. For example, there is Back to the Future,
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassic Park… and it’s really cute and funny at the same time. I just found SpongeBob and Patrick Star
disguised for Halloween. Hello! Hi Bob! After crossing the streets of Paris,
– yes I swear to you – we arrive in the world of Minions. Even Minions here are in Halloween mode. Look at this! Wow, that’s so cool! What if we went for a ride?
Isn’t it a good idea? It goes up, it goes up! Wow! Here we are at the funfair
in the world of Minions. We’re at the funfair from the first
episode of Despicable Me. I am at the top, how do I get down now? Yeah, it’s cool! And obviously you can win
the famous unicorn, of course. Here in the world of Minions, there is a
great aquatic area for children but… erm… I didn’t bring my swim short.
So I’ll go another time. In the attraction of Despicable Me, they will try to transform me into Minion.
Will the experience succeed? This is it, I think I entered
Gru’s house. I’m ready! It was really cool this experience
at the attraction of Minions. They tried to turn me into Minion but
finally I’ve turned back into a human… I think uh… I hope! But what’s going on? I thought I had
re-transformed into human but I stayed a Minion. Besides, I can’t even remove them. If I have to stay a Minion all my life, I need my plush toy! I have just met the three girls of Gru and they were really impressed
because they realized that the guy on my T-shirt is me.
Yes, precisely! I was wondering: what would happen
if I rang the doorbell at Gru’s house? Wow! He liked my T-shirt too! The very first Destination Fun T-Shirt,
available in limited edition, has been validated here at Universal Studios Hollywood
by Gru’s girls and Gru himself! The shop is open. You too can now
have your T-Shirt on fabds.com I hope you liked this new adventure
at Universal Studios Hollywood. I see you soon for a new video. Only one destination: fun!


  • Romane Cottebrune

    YeaaaaaY ! Moi aussi jpeux frimer avec mon tee shirt maintenant !! =D

    Ahah tu vis dangereusement en effet, clairement si j’etais intolerante j’aurais pas tenté, trop peur de gâcher le reste de la journée 😂

    J’attend d’autres videos avec impatience, comme d’hab 😉

  • Lauren B

    Le tess-shirt Hello Kitty jurassic Park est génial ! Si il y est en octobre à Universal orlando, je le prend 😀
    J'adore les personnages déguisés pour Halloween !!

  • Marie 3

    Merci pour la vidéo!
    J'ai eu la chance de faire l'attraction Retour vers le futur à Osaka en 2012.J'y suis retournée en 2017 et elle a été remplacée par une attraction sur Les Minions.

  • Sgt Belleck

    Franchement je poste rarement de commentaire mais la je suis obligé car c'est beaucoup d'émotions moi qui te suis depuis tes début ! Tout cela me rappelle l'époque où tu faisais ce parc avec tes potes et c'était génial ! Surtout avec la glace Men In Black ! Bref cela date un peu mais toujours présent !
    Surtout continue Fab c'est toujours un plaisir de suivre tes aventures !!

  • Sam Metbach

    Je te suis depuis les début je kiffe t vidéo c dommage que tu as perdu des vues mais jesper que tu va continuer et re aller au Québec nous faire découvrir des lieux cool

  • Cinécrologie

    l'attraction retour vers le futur n'existe malheureusement plus à universal studios japan non plus 🙁 elle a été remplacée par une attraction moi, moche et méchant

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