Universal Audio 당신이 알아야 할 몇 가지
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Universal Audio 당신이 알아야 할 몇 가지

Hello, I am the clerk of the clerk. I went on vacation yesterday
I’m still working hard today because there’s a little recording Now it’s always fun whenever you record, so go ahead and make real money
I should come I’ll work hard. Yes, I have arrived. This is my favorite studio.
Called dub studio It’s a dubbed studio on the side of Sinsa station. I recorded a lot here.
By the way, today’s recording was taken here so I came to see Kim Young-gon for a long time. Mr. Kim Young-gon, Hotel DeLunaard I’m going to see you in a long time. Yeah hello for a few days i’ve actually used apo x
Based on my experiences, I would like to tell you Seems to be able to
Before any review on Apollox You don’t know much about this universal audio company
If you don’t know the characteristics of the company, it doesn’t really mean So first of all, before the Apollox review,
Is why many musicians use Universal Audio products. In writing, let me briefly tell you that even beginners
Let me explain The first reason many people use universal audio products
because of the uad plugin Now let me explain what uad plug-in is really easy
If you look at the studio picture or the studio video, You have a lot of equipment
Things that look expensive at the moment are called hardware equipment That could be this eq or it could be a compressor
There may be things like mic free or revebe In the past, these outboard equipment
I’ve been trying to digitize and make software sounds If there is any compression, we will hear the same compressor
Let’s implement it digitally. There are a lot of these efforts. You say, “Reply,” the company replies, replies,
Make it, make it, make some kind of equipment, for example la 2a I tried to make the same equipment as la2a
I’m good at this. Some reprints from universal audio. Products
The level is a little different than some products from other companies Uh, many engineers, the first engineers to write uad plugins
I told you How do you feel about Waves uad?
At first What is the same color?
I didn’t I asked a month later and said uad was much better
I did it So this means that musicians want to use uad plugin
In universal audio you can use our product It’s called buy
So if you don’t use our products, you can run this software. So many people have this universal audio product
One of them was the Apollo series I used In the case of the uad plug-in from universal audio,
I think it’s a common phenomenon for industry. Due to the development of science and technology, in the old days,
Which needed more and more space and more manpower Hardware devices are getting smaller, smaller, smaller, lighter,
Performance Equally good and so many industries are changing and one of them
I think it’s the video side again. In the past, to shoot drone shots
I took a helicopter and I shot it from below. You can make a great shot with just one big drone.
Like this uad plugin in the music world maybe this kind of hardware equipment
It’s cool to have a lot of this hardware, but it also takes up a lot of space. And uh
The price is much more expensive. These things are so simple It’s perfect with uad plugin, but there’s almost no sound difference.
I have a preamp hardware called Inive Nib 1073 and uad You have a plugin too, so I asked
You’re telling me what the difference is in this sound. Then
I never know it. So I say 100% that sounds the same I don’t think
But the difference in sound is not significant. And if that doesn’t make sense for the sound really
Unless you’re an expert, you can actually use plugins too So many people use the uad plugin
Write a universal audio product Did you get it? This is Thor
It’s not my dog, it’s my four-year-old dog. But I’m out there, so I’ll keep it up and I’ll put it here Thor, good night. Keep sleeping.
Do you wanna wake up? I’m afraid The reason I use a second universal audio product
because of dsp chips It’s not a company with April and a card, but a digital signal.
Abbreviation for processor Now what is this dsp uad program
It’s a little bit unusual for us to run programs You use your computer’s cpu and RAM
By the way, they don’t use cpu and ram, which is unusual in computer. Dsp Is driven only by the chips they have made.
That means that even if your computer uses uad, Less difficult.
This has great meaning for example i just got some good program I found that this program uses too much cpu and ram on my computer
If you eat it, you can upgrade our computer You have to give up things or you work very slowly
Although the plug-in is very powerful, this universal Are you snore? The dsp chip embedded in the universal audio product
Because it’s running, it’s okay on your computer. That’s why a lot of people come here
I said I have it, but I thought so first Wow this is uad but it doesn’t eat computer cpu
I thought it wasn’t good, but in fact, everything in the world has its advantages and disadvantages. You know that uad plugin is getting dsp
I will If your computer runs out of cpu and RAM, you can upgrade
In this case I’m not able to upgrade this dsp more I have to buy extra, but it’s expensive.
It’s quite expensive so that’s what uad plugin to do Occasional use happens
I’m trying to write this but I have two Aspolox dsp houses It’s a duo version with a dog
I cut it, and I have to save it. program any dsp chip itself without using cpu and ram
I think it’s a big advantage to drive it. Now if you have a lot of money, now is not a duo
Go ahead and get more dsp chips I understand you guys. Third, universal audio
The reason is because of the technology called Unison This technology called Unison
In the recording, the good preamps in universal audio Strapping and really no hardware latency
Is a technology that does not cause Latency is when recording
It’s a delay and that’s usually not the case It happens a bit in the interface
But by the way, this feature is called “union” Almost zero latency. So in a moment
It’s not a plugin, it’s like I have an audio interface It leaves out a virtual preamp and makes it like a real recording.
Actually this means a lot. I really like it. Because of this feature called Unison, how does this audio interface
Depending on the combination of the preamps, you can extract a lot of results. And with almost zero ray touch, I actually use the technology
I wrote a preamp and recorded it there Did
In addition to vocal and guitar recordings, guitar recordings It’s really important. It’s really like being able to record right away
Because it’s an amazing technology. There is
Now, the first three things I’m using from a universal audio uad plug
dsp chip unix free technology you need to know three things Apollo x Is there a meaning to review about
No matter how you talked to me I talked to you about Universal Audio in a preview later today.
Next time I’ll be honest reviewing my use of Apollo x. I will do it to you
I don’t have any sponsorship and I bought my money so I can speak honestly Seems to
Thank you. Let’s say hello. So until next time, I hope that
Thank you Chairman shopping
Should I be in a meeting? I’m humble
Even if it’s okay Let’s stick


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