• Calum John Roberts

    This sadly doesn’t surprise me, because it makes Hollywood look like sadistic bullies and of course they don’t want that.

  • Donald Zorniger

    Hollywood has no problems about making movies with violence involving all sorts of weaponry.

    Then when it happens in reality they're on the bandwagon for stripping away our second amendment rights.

    They're Hypocrites in their own right!

  • Sue Helms

    Ummm for anti gun snowflakes, what are they doing coming out with such a sick film? Try it… the so called deplorables are the "ONLY American Patriots" that will show you who knows how to hunt and it won't be any of you, your delicate pansies. We love our Country and will protect it. As for calling us names… remember the ole saying sticks and stones… your showing your racism and hatred. TRUMP 2020! That is when we will end all of you and your so called socialism. We will beat you with votes NOT violence.

  • eli dakate

    Hypocrites in Hollyweird.  I cant even watch any movies any longer because all the rapists and pedophiles that are in our current group of actors.  Passing moral judgments from the pedestal of perversion.  It really is laughable.  Where is their leader Pervey Shekelstein?  He in prison yet?  Nope he will buy his way out.  They pretend to be disgusted with Trump?  They are disgusting perverts trying to keep the attention elsewhere

  • Judy Jessee

    Brother said what lowlife idiots to make a movie about hunting humans , Chris Dorner was no movie you scum bags . Unbelievable evil ignorant idiots

  • Republican 4U2NV

    Typical psychotic, violent, racist, hateful democrats being their typical selves… They don't even try to hide their true colors anymore.

  • Fred A


    Fox just can't be honest with its viewers. It's impossible! They need people to be afraid. Fear is what got Trump in office, and they need fear to keep him there.

    That movie was a fake movie supremacists made to make liberals look bad. Universal studios realized this and THAT'S why it was pulled.

    Fox News: still spreading lies!

  • Jay Davis

    The movie "they live" with Roddy piper. Anyone remember? Reminds me of the dems today. Put the glasses on and see what their agenda is!

  • Aldemar Delapuy

    Do not play hunt people, someone will show you a trick you never thought of that will cost your life, stay home leave people alone…

  • DrumWild

    Good because the last thing we need is a movie that makes Liberals look like the bad guy. Thank you for protecting the Liberal image.

  • Richard Frye

    This movie must be a fantasy because us deplorables will be doing the hunting it's a two way street you liberal losers.

  • customvideo454

    Smart choice Universal.
    These people are not who America is, and by far do not represent the majority of Americans. Good to see people waking up !!

  • customvideo454

    They cancelled the movie, because in the REAL world it's the liberals that are racist, violant, intolerant, bigoted FACIST, and there is tons of documented videos to prove that in future American history, and our children to see.

  • Eric Hauser Sr.

    there is a movie out already like this one…
    it stars Ice Tea , Gary Busey and Ruger Hauer.
    " Survive the Game "
    rich guys hunt homeless men…

  • George Washington

    I probably own more firearms than everyone in Hollywood combined lol plus I've lived in the woods my whole life and know how to live off the land, good luck👌

  • Steve Preston

    Gutless republicans are owned by the NRA. Call your local republican congressman and tell them to grow some balls 😲

  • jameskwaka

    We don't need the movie. It is about to happen, all too horrifically, in Hong Kong. Elites killing their opponents. The ideologies that Democrats dream of brought to life. Exterminate those who dare to challenge your authority.

  • I'm Your President

    So many Liberals whine at the sight of eating meat and complain about killing of animals, so how in the hell is it even realistic to think they have the balls to take on an already existing conservative militia?

  • Dave Pawson

    I learned a long time ago to not just walk away from a threat that is real and serious. Handle it then and there. Not much point in living life looking over your shoulder waiting to get ambushed.

  • Old Time Farm Boy

    The fact that Universal even thought that making this movie was a good idea proves their attitudes and beliefs about all the people in what they call the flyover part of the country which is everything between the east coast and west coast. And then they actually spent who knows how much money producing it and were about to release it confident that there would be no consequences.

  • Anon Ymous

    Hollywood knew exactly what they were doing with this film: To encourage violence in the ranks of the left against the right to the point of mass genocide. Blame the guns for the murders and thus help enforce the left's gun grab agenda.

  • Tom Wimmenhove

    Awww, did the right-wing snowflakes get their feelies hurt and they had to infringe on that 'free speech' thing they are always so passionate about? "Let's just get movies pulled that contain expressions that we don't like. Because that's not at all what we accuse the left of all the time."

  • s kannard

    liberals would be like hunting squirrels just put 7 down for stealing apples off tree ,you can run but you cant hide.just like liberals steal everything that's not locked down.

  • Barbara H

    Typical propaganda permoted by Trumps attempt to stoke up the hatred and throw bone to his base. Trumps Alzheimer's is advancing quicker then anticipated.

  • J.e Woodard

    Hillary didn't think about DEMOCRATS having REPUBLICAN relatives.
    Mom said, Blood is thicker than water."
    FAMILIES can argue among themselves, but if some outsider try to meddle in their affairs, they get together against the outsider and turn on him/ her.

  • Tom Wolak

    Its fiction because 1. Liberals dont know one end of a gun from the other and 2. They'd be slaughtered 5 minites into the movie

  • Margo Bradley

    No worry dumbshit Democrats wouldn’t know how to use weapons anyway they would merrily throw insults because they want to ban all weapons

  • Michael Bond

    They should release it. Perhaps it would be the spark we need to solve the problem once and for all. In a civil war, the right would slaughter the left.

  • Jamie Kloer

    They are setting fire to themselves. They better not give out ideas or Hollywood might have to hide further behind their walls and security guards with guns. Remember who owns the guns. Do they want to provoke us.

  • rey quinones

    is a movie they pull of the screen a top secret or an eminent danger, i mean really what does it mean ?are we not responsible enough to see it ,are we not free to make a choice we want ,that it is taken from us? are we to ask for permission?,I mean who is saying that they know better and we don't ,i mean does this mean that our opinion do not matter ?, are we just being told what to do? are our choices being taken away from us ? that we have no say in this matter ,is the money spend on this movie given back to them .,where they told not to make a movie like this ?,'THE HUNT'.,IN THAT CASE ,THEN THERE SHOULD BE A WHOLE LOT OF MOVIES ,pulled from the screen as well .and i would like to know UNDER WHAT LAWS CAN THIS BE DONE ,without the people's consent, and if there is such a law did the people gave consent or did we the people agreed to it ?.This is ridiculous, that's what this is and if its being done like that? where the hell do the constitution fit in to all this . so" the purge" is ok but not this one .? see my meaning ?

  • bianchi1885

    I'm a conservative. Universal pulling the plug on this film is wrong. This is self-censorship and submission to thought-control. This is precisely what we Republicans rail Leftists over. There is an excellent 1994 movie, "Surviving the Game," with Rutger Hauer (RIP), Gary Busey and Ice-T with essentially the same plot, but instead of hunting a person based on politics, a black, homeless man is hunted by a bunch of crazy white guys (spoiler alert: the tables get turned on the hunters). That 1994 film would never have been made in 2019 because the person being hunted is black. Or, in this case, because the person is a "deplorable." So this is where we've come, folks. We pull a page from the Left because we are "offended" by a movie that hasn't even been shown. Personally, this movie should have run, and i think it would have made the Left look like the fools they are — just like that play in Central Park back in 2017 that had a Trump-impersonator being assassinated Julius Caesar-style. Conservatives are no better if we applaud Universal for cowering to political correctness.

  • Chicken Nugget055

    The point of the movie is to make fun of rich liberals but a lot of conservatives can’t seem to realize that so that got angry at a movie making fun of people that treat conservatives poorly. I am not even a conservative and thought this movie looked interesting.

  • Claude Bessette

    I just seen the movie angel has fallen and the presidents name on there that they try to assassinate is called "Trumball" !!! I was not impressed to say the least. I just thought Hollywood is doing all they can to try and create an "event" it feels like

  • Ken Richard

    Or, the loony tunes supposed psychiatrists who claim that they have analysed the President and found him to have this, that, and the other disorder, threatening the fate of our nation and the world.

  • 615jondoe

    I'm a conservative if you actually watch the trailer the conservatives or deplorables are actually the heros. They should have released this.

  • Kevin Ceniceros

    Notice that these people who claim to "not be racist" are calling people who are not white people of color… 0:30 That right there is racist and you will get checked for that if you say that to a black person.

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