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[…swindles and shady methods, Julian Sanchez tells us this story..] Founded on July 9, 1977, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, criticized by many and praised by others, provokes controversy in the questioning of their practices. There are those who say the ministers take advantage of crisis situations to attract desperate people and consolidate their evangelical empire in Latin America, and that they have made the church into a big business. Those who defend it, maintain that talking about the Universal Church is the same as describing a miracle. In a special report that will be published this Monday in the group of daily American newspapers, including ‘El universal,’ it is noted that the Church has not encountered many difficulties in their expansion efforts… despite allegations, such as money laundering and making false declarations. The strategy used by the Universal Church for getting close to their parishioners… is a strategy that has nothing to do with getting close to their parishioners. They succeed as providers of religious services. Exorcisms are an example of this. What we increasingly call: the Miracle Express strategy. A person comes to them and tells them that they’re having problems… They quickly diagnose them…they do a speedy exorcism and then comes a form of emotional blackmail… where they tell them: “In order for this to be permanent, you must come seven times and repeat the amount of money you have given in order to keep it permanent… or else the devil will come over you again.” In mexico, the church is facing legal action for not registering 35 of its ministers. Experts like Elio Masferrer, question the theological basis of the church’s ministers and believe profits are foremost. The success of the Universal Church is due, I believe, to the notion of selling a product quickly and with good marketing. IS IT A BUSINESS? These people are not part of a grand theological formation… Instead, in many cases, these are expert sales people MINISTERS TAKE PART IN DECEIT? A salesperson has to sell, right? and we know that a professional salesperson can resort to many practices or to half truths… and then the people acquire the product and it’s ok to bother them. For ‘Codigo 2009,’ Julian Sanchez, El Universal. Well, there it is. This is a church you have probably seen or heard of. They promote themselves heavily in the media… and well, there are frauds behind this subject, Stella, that is not new, playing with people’s faith, this is not new… but here they truly reach a level that is surprising. And very powerful on a continental level right? That’s how religious ideologies are and well, here are all the elements for everyone to draw their own conclusions and affiliate themselves if they want with any church to stop their suffering. Yes, of course. They profit a lot with that–with the problems of people, with stress, with city problems… They began in Brazil and have, as you say, expanded to the the entire continent. And speaking of this, you can read detailes about the church and about its growth in tomorrow’s Monday edition of ‘El universal’ newspaper.


  • TheUnderlost

    @guilhermegreenday Abra os olhos, não bastam os milhares de denúncias, até a Interpol está investigando lavagem de dinheiro na IURD, em breve o Bispo Macedo estará escondido deles igual o Maluf está.

  • uckgcult

    The uckg is a cult whose only end is to extract money from fools. They have been caught time and time again on video demanding money from their victims and then laughing about it. They get away with it because their followers are from the lower stratum of society and don't know any better. If only they educated themselves and read our Lord's New Testament they would know that the "pastors" have no right to demand ten per cent of peoples earnings, but they are too deep in the cult to break out.

  • Unathi Somhlahlo

    Unathi all I can say is the it is a lie becuse all charismatic church is how they operate as the bible say eg Proverbs 3:9-10 Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce; then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine OR Malachi 3:8 Will man rob God? Yet you are robbing me. But you say, ‘How have we robbed you?’ In your tithes and contributions OR Numbers 18:26 check this one in the bible yourself

    Unathi Somhlahlo E.L RSA

  • uckgcult

    @usomhlahlo And how is giving money to some brazillian crooks equivalent to "honor the Lord" or to give thithes to God? They're using your cash to buy planes, mansions and prostitutes for themselves!

  • uckgcult

    @ECity786 It's very difficult to break free form their mental grip but it can be done. Try to show her videos of people who left the cult, and what they say about it. I have a good one in my channel of a guy who drove into a "temple" of them after being completely defrauded by the crooks.

  • Dionizia Alva

    i bet that more than half of the people who commented on thsi video have never experienced God, and are just people who really dont understand what it is to have a relationship with God. The universal church has helped me better my life, and i can honesty say that the pastor Always says that God "Deserves the Best", However he has never forced anyone to give money, neither in tiths no rin offering. so before you guys waste ur time waching this video, u should check out what the church is about=)

  • plokij12341234

    the uckg are doing alot of positive things, like getting children off the street, bringing them the word of god. Letting ppl know that GOD can take them out of their problems etc. these are pros… But the cons are they love money above all, (like so many others churches too) but they go the extra miles by doing the campaign of Israel, fund raising and always making people believe they can't give as they feel to give but it needs to be alot "before GOD" otherwise Jesus wont be please (cont)

  • plokij12341234

    (cont) Because they preach alot of truth and mix their lies with it, the congregation believe everything they are saying is true. EG. if someone is always telling the truth even if he lies to you few times, you will believe it's true. 80% truth 20 % lies for some people that = 100% truth, thats how alot of these pastors are able to trick people. And they also twist the meaning of the scripture by telling people God want you to be rich when it says in 1 Timothy 6:10 (cont)

  • plokij12341234

    (cont) love of Money is a root of all kinds of evil etc. So to justify themselves they say " Oh GOD wants you to be rich" so if they are rich they are being bless by GOD that's what they will make you believe, it's not because of our money we give them ( that goes for all these "prosperity gospel" churches) They love quoting Jesus saying " i have come that they may life, and that they may have it more abundantly" But if Jesus was talking about money then it would contradict 1 Timothy 6:10 (cont

  • plokij12341234

    (cont) The message of Jesus has never been about being rich it was about salvation (eternal life). God in the past has blessed some men with prosperity but that was GOD's own will they didn't ask/pray for that kind of blessing. The Prayer Jesus taught us to pray was Our Father… Matthew 6:9 and what does it say " your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread etc" So the message there is to do the will of GOD and to depend on GOD for our food/needs. (cont)

  • plokij12341234

    (cont) Not money. we need money but just enough allocated to us (so we will always depend on God) like this prayer says in Proverbs 30:7-9. People Need to understand why Jesus/GOD came to this world and die on the cross for, to redeem/save us to have eternal life with Our Father/Creator once this short life is over. We need to let people know why we need GOD not for blessings but for our Salvation. Doing good works as being grateful to GOD but not by a means of buying our way 2 heaven. (cont)

  • plokij12341234

    yeah you are right, they use the name of GOD for their benefit, like Jesus said freely give freely receive.
    They need to use faith too like they tell people. May they change their deceitful ways and lies about giving all your money to receive your blessing (campaign of Israel). In the time of Jesus no one even once paid to receive their blessings/miracles. I have heard of people leaving GOD stop believing in God after not receiving their blessing like the pastors promise.

  • merceditas2009

    i am researching this "church" my mom has recently started attending. when she told me that she had to pay to attend i knew something was wrong, so now i have to convince her to stay away from these fools.

  • Fidel Luiz

    You guys are dumb this church is special even the video is a lie
    im the NCAA 125 Champion and this video sucks and all you people who believe the Universal Church is fake you people are weak and WIMPS this church is real 100% real than any other church because a few church want is money but this one like the universal church dont want just money but people too and they want more churches in cities, states, and countries. This is what the NCAA, WWE and UFC champion is saying you cowards. Period.

  • tanidami

    (1) the church doesnt MAKE you give any money. you give if you want. noone ever harasses you for me as if you were to get charged for the services. we do more than most churches for FREE.
    (2) keep hating on us. the more we are criticized and stepped on, the more we'll grow. that's how it was with the primitive church (Read Acts and be informed!! Nothing this church does is out of biblical context)

  • Angie

    i don't give money if i don't have!!! and they still treat me fine! and i go just to talk to God..God bless u all, in Jesus name, Amen!!!

  • xWaitxWhatx

    no this church doesn't MAKE you pay, but when they say do and say things to MAKE you pay ex. "if you donate 5$ you'll receive a veil of holy water". i attended this church and every time i went or talked to people from there i couldn't help but get a cult feeling from them. (there were even people i knew before they started going to this Church that gave me the same cult feeling)

  • Edwardo Hernandez

    no es un engano ellos ayudan a las personas y usan la fe verdadera. somos los unicos que usamos la fe verdadera de dios. no dejes ue este video te engane. To my english viewers we truly use the faith to conquer what we want , evrything is real nd there is evil out there, this video is a from of that evil that doesnt want people to view that with your mind and faith and gods help anysingle thing is possible. we dont sell a product, no vendemos un producto buscamos la verdadera grandiesa de dios

  • joshypsalm121

    not really God is on our side sir. Ur being lied to with these amulets and roses doctrine. ITs unbiblical.

  • Arlex Mena

    Mi esposa y yo nos estabamos apunto.de separa y undia manifesto demonio… Yo abia escuchado de la iglesia universal so la llebe y le sacaron el demonio, no me inportan lo q digan, esta iglesia me dio fe y fuersas y dios me canbio… Antes escuchaba ruidos y me daba mucho miedo.. No podia estar en oscuridad y dios me a dado fuersas oi no siento miedo… Grasias por la iglesia universal

  • Melissa Ramirez

    Everyone talks about how much money they collect but are you aware of what they do with the money ? They use it to make more churches around the world to help people . I've never seen a pastor with luxury car or house . The money isn't for them . Stop judging without knowing and go check one out for yourselves .

  • jamie highdrox

    Going to church is not gonna save you from going to hell.at longest you have jesus in your heart,he will always be there for you (:

  • wil s

    Some things of this church is okay, but not all of it …such as: They do too many campaigns for money. If you participate in one campaign it's not enough according to bishop macedo. He says that we should participate in all of them …hey i thought the tithe opens the windows of heaven , so why should we do all campaigns ? Campaigns are only when we are in hard place, so why should we participate in all of them…that's bull. bishop macado is not God…he's a man and man makes mistakes.

  • Dan 123

    They are crooks and they launder drug money. The church was founded with cocaine money from the FARC, the revolutionary faction of Colombia that kidnaps and kill people for their political agenda and for profit, I think when you say people you gotta mean drug dealers and corrupt politicians, then you're right.

  • Dan 123

    If your god is supposedly everywhere, why you have to go somewhere else to talk to him? Stay home, keep your money in your wallet. If you don't do this for yourself, do it for the people around you.

  • zivkovicable

    What do they do with the money? Yes they build more churches to make even more money. Their churches are money making machines, so of course they build more.
    You've never seen a pastor with a luxury car? Bishop Macedo has private jets & Luxury houses around the world. Of course you don't see this. Do you socialise with him? Have you been to his house? You realise he's one of the richest men in Brazil right?
    I know the UCKG very well. I'm Judging with full knowledge of the facts. You're not.


    and the end of the day it doesnt matter where the money goes as long as you know where your soul is going! now that should be priority not the things of the world that will be left behind when you pass!
    this is crap what i being exposed?


    lol daniboy thats why you are daniboy! dont you know that if you do bad things success is not your friend? guess what universal church is a success cause it has given billions hope!

  • Dan 123

    False hope. And they are a success because they are able to make the sheeple inside donate as much as possible, the lives on the members are not better, only the pastors make money, and how do you feel being called sheep everyday? Being controlled? Feel good right? I bet you're a submissive person in all aspects, in bed you would love to be leashed.

  • Thabathani Mahlangu

    it does not matter what they do with the money, what matters is that they preach Jesus and those who believe and accept Jesus as their lord and saviuor and live according to his statutes , they will be saved

  • Pinto Pedro

    You don't have to if you don't want. Abraam took part in "campaigns", even after receiving his blessing: Isaac. It is not possible to deceive people for more than 20 or 30 years. Either you never understood the spirit or you just hate it. It works for millions, and for many other millions who come in and go out, nothing happens. who is to blame????

  • wil s

    I think you are the one who doesn't understand my child… I am not under the old covenant ,(old testament )…I am under the NEW COVENANT, ( new testament )… Jesus did the sacrafice… anyway I am not putting the campaign down, I 've done one and I know it works,,, the point is that bishop macedo said that we must participate in all campaigns, which i believe is wrong. Rather we should let the Holy Spirt guide us when to do it.

  • Carlos Aguilar

    Honestly most people that talk mess about the church have never stepped in one foot on the church. Ive been in that same church since i was a baby. You never are obligated to give tides or offerings. The church helped my whole family from destruction. im a witness of gods work in my family. Im blessed to been in that same church my whole life. With the offerings and tides they use the money to open more new churches to spread the work of god. Dont be fooled by what you see.

  • jasmine lunaa

    @jamie highdrox where do you go to buy bread? the bakery. wher to do go to buy meat? the carneciria. where do you go to exercise? the Gym . So where do you go to look for god and seek the holy spirit? CHURCh. amen or amen?.. AMEN!

  • jasmine lunaa

    @DaniboyBR2 have you ever been there? just bequiet if you dont know because your saying that its dryg money right? so ok when they preach and read the bible they obviosly arent on drugs if they can read the bible and preach. ok look before you judge you should go my life changed i used to think the same. but you know what they dont dig in your pockets it is your dicision.

  • Roger Vargas

    I got say thanks god to put me and my family in this church and now we say we r free and procter by god and we learn so much from the bible in here I don't believe any liar people put in here about the church

  • Vulcan Hades

    LOL look at all these brainwashed idiots. Just because you are not forced to give anything doesn't mean it's ok. My mom goes to this church and I'm always surprised when I learn what they try to do to make a profit. For example, they have their members cook or work for the church, but since they're doing this "voluntarily" (you know, because they have faith and believe in sacrifice)100% of the profit they make goes to re-building the Solomon temple in Brazil LOL. Look it up, it's disgusting.

  • Vulcan Hades

    Also follow their facebook page for a good laugh. It's basically like a company selling a new product every week. They also have these pathetic texts that teach members it's ok to be scared and it's ok to sacrifice. They try to convince people that if you truly love god then you should be willing to give everything you have to the church. It's a bunch of Pharisees and I bet Jesus would really be ashamed of this Church. Strike me god if I'm wrong. I DARE YOU.

  • wil s

    I go to the Universal Church and don't believe everything they say. I go for the strong prayers ; and I put my trust in God not man. So don't assume that everyone is brainwashed and is an idiot. You do however make a point…back in the days some pastors (not all of them ) used to make people feel guilty that if you don't participate in everything than you don't have faith. I don;t agree with that. Anyway I have seen healing on me and love ones.

  • mine craft

    You stopid people you are the ones that don't under stand but you live your life and i live My life but with god. God is all powerful the can chage your life If you want to be with god

  • Molemise Matlou

    Tell your mom to start listeng carefully her life will change I m telling you,my life changed from poor to middle class I have work and cars .

  • wil s

    I don't "worry" about pastors and I don't "worry" about problems either. Your spiritual discernment needs help , because you tell me to "worry" about problems? I don't "worry" about problems, I take Authority over them. Think before you respond. I have the Holy Spirit and I don't "worry" about problems, I rebuke them.

  • NayNay P


  • Kevin Avila

    It's thanks to God I'm not addicted to pornography,it's thanks to God that i'm not depressed anymore,it's thanks to God I'm alive and will prosper with much more in my life! in the name of Jesus.

  • nelida flores

    This Is Stupid ! -.- This Churg Has Helped Me A Lot ! && We Ain't Religious ! First Read The Bible Then Come Talk Smack ! -.- && This Lady Paid About $11,00 ! && Thanks To The Campain Of Israel !! -.- Her Son Is Alive -.- ! Y'all Talk Dumb Smack Of A Church You Haven't Even Been Tio For More Then A Year So Y'all Better Shut Up ! -.- Cause Y'all Don't Know Smack ! -.- && Dont Expect To Go To Heaven While Talking Smack About God !! -.- " You Will Know The Truth && The Truth Will Set You Free " God Bless You !!

  • Gabriel Pezzi

    Universal Church gets their money by asking tithes to anyone who would LIKE TO give it, you are never NEVER forced to give any offering or tithe. I know closely most pastors and ministers and their are like "living" in the church around the globe, they have their wives and childs even inside of the churches and they must move away from church like in New York to north africa certain time if needed. Even if this church around the globe is known as a profit organization, most of the world's countries governments would not give any profit to a church or religion that is not from the actual country.

  • Tandy Culley

    how could u say such a thing I go to this church in Trinidad n I've seen for myself u can decide whether u want to give or not n how much u want to give

  • Thiago de Oliveira

    There's video footage of Edir Macedo (president founder of this institution) teaching pastors what to say in order to pressure and trick people into giving away their money, they target the poor and the needy, and here in Brazil (where these thieves come from) they have already been condemned to pay about 100 thousand dollar for harm caused to an HIV pacient by promessing the guy a miraculous cure for hiv.

  • Emanuel Castellan

    how do u explain the manifest of people! are they acting? NO its happend to my mother and its happend to me iv completely black out and wake up with a feeling of comfort and freedom people give money on the own will the pastors always tell us we dont have to give anymoney EVER but we do it to should god that money isnt everything for us like how people of the world are SO hooked on it and we do it for our faith its changes us in an amazing way that we would every want to change back if people dont believe if God Jesus they dont have to the Universal Church needs the money to pay for supplies, water, light and all the pastors trips and homes they also improve the churchs everywhere with that our churc has cameras new tiles floors great new restrooms and great seats the church has to stand out because it isnt the same as these other churchs who ever taped this or talks bad of all the amazing ushers and pastors God Bless You im not saying anything bad i dont need to its just your Thought of our church God will see you on judgment day take care and once again God Bless ☺

  • Roger Vargas


  • Meek Safar'I

    Because you are asked to give 10% which church doesn't if it doesn't work for you that's your problems you not seeing a change cause you don't want to change your appetite is what you feed the mind if you think negative you will get negative

  • Grace Miranda

    I just started going to this church ive heard bad things too but i instantly connected to the pastor i have gone through alot and i have confessed and ask for forgiveness i too dont have money and im treated the same is like a school of faith i was battling depression anxiety i was very fidgety all the time and coming here has helped conquered my anxiety now and i dont feel as de0ressed as i first came im still going through alot pain and recent breakup and me being a single first time mother and almost one year off of drugs this church is standing by me and rooting for my success i feel renewed everytime i come and ive been coming everyday since the end of september thankyou god for my new life

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