Universal credit ‘a nightmare’ admits claimant [subtitled]
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Universal credit ‘a nightmare’ admits claimant [subtitled]

My name is Daniel, I’m 24, I live in Wigan
and I’ve just started a new job in a call centre. I was working in a public house but new owners
took over and my hours went from 35 or 40 hours per week right down to 4 or 5 hours
so I ended up having to leave that job and try and search for something else. I was quite depressed through not working
because I’ve always worked and I’ve always had my own money. I applied for universal credit in December of last year. My relationship with my work coach, Janice,
was really good. We started discussing where I would like to
work and what I would like to do. The CV, she was the one who suggested doing that. She was the one who suggested the work placement. When I said I have got a job interview they
set up a mock interview and the mock interview helped me out so much. I went to a couple of workshop-type things
which were to get people into employment which were a really good idea and I never got told
about anything like that when I when I was on jobseekers. So it is just a total different
way of working. I think she was looking at long term prospects for me. With universal credit you have actually got
to do your research, you have actually got to apply for jobs. It is not an easy way to
make money. The whole 35 hours looking for work was really good because you are not going
to have a job where you are doing 2 hours a day or half an hour a day. I applied for a job. I got an interview. I
applied for another job and got an interview. Then I got offered two jobs on the same day.
Both of which were right up my street. So I could not really ask for more. It was weird to actually turn someone down
for a job. It is quite a good feeling to be honest. Yeah, I enjoyed it. (Now the reality) First of all you’ve got to wait 6 weeks before you get your first payment (of universal credit) which is very hard. It’s a long time. If I didn’t live at home I’d be screwed coz
my Dad helped me out a lot. The monthly payment I don’t think works. 250 quid doesn’t go far. My bus ticket into town is 5 quid. If you’re going into town 10 times
a month that’s 50 quid gone. 10 times a month is not that much. When you’re going out looking for jobs you’ve got to drop your CVs off, got to go to the jobcentre, got to go to the library. Things like that all cost money. It’s not a lot. I’d like to see them try living off 250 pounds for a month.


  • Terrible Tanner

    I don't understand why this guy agreed to do the advert, only to slander it afterward…?
    I mean, thumbs up to the guy for telling it how it is; they must've been pointing a pretty large shotgun at him while he stated that work placements are beneficial.

  • W Leon

    Tory voters have allowed this to happen. The Right Wing Media have allowed this to happen. What is happening now within our country is nothing short of a national scandal. To leave vulnerable people without a penny, starving, dying, homeless…is an absolute DISGRACE AND AN ABOMINATION! This Tory Government, who have murdered their own people through lethal cuts to benefits, SHOULD BE HAULED BEFORE THE HAGUE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES!!!

    Furthermore, they should NEVER see power again!!! Sooner or later the tide will turn and when it does, then every single one of those murdering Tory monsters within Government – as well as those within the DWP, will, I hope to God, stand trial for the deaths that they have caused to innocent people.

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