Universal Design for Learning Explained with Lego
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Universal Design for Learning Explained with Lego

This is Ken. And these are Ken’s classmates. This is their teacher. He has a goal for them. and has asked them all to follow the same
path to reach that goal. Some of the students follow the path with no complications, easily
and quickly reaching the goal. Some students may wander off the path and need additional
assistance staying on track. For some students however the path is completely inaccessible presenting barriers that make it impossible for them to reach the goal. This is where Universal Design for Learning comes in. UDL recognizes and values the variability that
exists in students’ backgrounds, abilities and interests. And helps educators design
curricula that removes barriers to learning. By providing different paths to reach the
same goal, UDL supports the different ways in which learners take in information, express
what they know and engage in learning.

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