Universal Drain Hoses for Washing Machines and Dishwashers
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Universal Drain Hoses for Washing Machines and Dishwashers

Hi I’m Matt from eSpares, in this video
I’ll be showing you some of the range of universal drain hoses available for
washing machines and dishwashers. eSpares stock a wide range of universal drain hoses
available in different lengths with different fitting connections. It is important to ensure that when ordering
a universal drain hose for your machine that it has the same type of connection and diameter
of hose to the one already fitted to your machine. As you can see this hose has a ninety degree connection
with an internal diameter of 20 millimeters. These hoses are a great economical alternative
to the manufacturers original or if you need a longer hose
when installing your appliance. Safety first: Always disconnect an appliance
before carrying out any work. Now I’ve lowered a typical machine onto its side
and also released the drain pump so we can see how the drain hose is fitted. As you can see it has a ninety degree connection, and also we need to measure the diameter
of the spigot here it’ll be twenty millimeters. Therefore this Universal drain hose is
suitable for this machine. So there we have it, Universal drain hoses
for dishwashers and washing machines. And you can learn how to fit a universal drain hose
in another of our eSpares videos. Remember eSpares stocks
all the spares and accessories for the appliances around your home. Thanks for watching.

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