Universal Drum Grabber
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Universal Drum Grabber

Uline’s H-7170 Universal Drum Grabber is the safe and efficient way to transport steel, plastic and fiber drums with a forklift. Compatible with 30, 55 and 85 gallon open and closed head drums, the H-7170 Universal Drum Grabber has a load capacity of 1,100 pounds. It easily attaches to most forklifts, saving time and energy transporting drums. To attach the Universal Drum Grabber to the forklift, lower the forks and slide them into the drum grabber’s fork pockets. Loop and secure the safety chain around the forklift cage, making sure it’s as tight as possible. The drum grabber is now ready to load and transport drums. To secure a drum, tilt the forks slightly downward and slowly drive up to gently make contact… …keeping contact with the drum, raise the forks until the steel beak grips the rim of the drum. Once secured, lift until the drum is at desired height. To release the drum, lower the forks until the beak releases. Once released, slowly move the forklift away. To adjust the height of the beak for shorter drums push down on drum grabber beak housing and slide
the included 12mm steel rod above the drum beak and under both the height adjustment pin and spring support bar.

Remove the height adjustment pin and adjust to desired position. The Universal Drum Grabber features a heavy-duty, powder coated steel frame and a sailcloth drum support that will not scratch or puncture drums. Uline Universal Drum Grabbers are in stock and ready for immediate delivery from any of our strategic locations in North America. Whatever your material handling needs are you can rely on ULINE to have the solution.

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