• Christian Ricana

    This logo is one of those frequently re-used by some 2000s and 2010s movies. This logo was re-appeared in Drag Me to Hell, where the 80s closing variant was reused, but without "PRODUCED AT" and "CALIFORNIA, USA" in their respective positions. Also, it didn't zoom towards to us; instead, it was there already. Then, in Land of the Lost, international prints of Inglorious Basterds, Ouija: Origin of Evil (movie took place back in the 60s, but it was shaded green and with Comcast byline) and American Made (with the current logo but it was disrupted and was replaced with this already formed logo with Comcast byline along with the music).

  • Pat French

    One of the best logos I've ever seen as a kid watching the first American Tail & Land Before Time movies.

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