Universal Remote on Stranger’s TV’s!!
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Universal Remote on Stranger’s TV’s!!

*lit music starts* *Ross laughs* *Ross in a high pitch voice* Hello These are my new friends, I don’t like you guys anymore Go away. They have cool golf carts. What do you have? Your truck! That’s mine! No, it’s ours now You ready to universal remote some TV’s? Alright, we’re going out to try to find some more TVs We found one TV, but the code wouldn’t work. We found another TV but the code wouldn’t work Charles, you got the remote? *Charles breaks the fence* *Everyone laughs* That’s the one that broke in my hand Look at that one broke Alright, so we’re on the next street, we’re gonna try to find a house now Oh there’s a TV right there! Where? *Charles whispering* I got the name of the TV It’s working! *Charles laughs* *Charles laughs even harder* *Charles laughs sounds like a steaming tea pot* *Charles laughs* This is the funniest thing ever This is so funny, oh my god We’re gonna go now, alright, find someone else Oh it’s so hard not to die laughing. I just keep turning the volume up then he turns it back down I know, dude. I’m so scared. It’s so scary. I feel like he’s gonna like know at any moment. That we’re right outside the window I’m gonna turn it off right when he looks… turn it back on Nobody cares, nobody can even like tell that it’s changed or anything How are you– No, pull that out, let me see that for a minute. So how are they gonna let you wear, a pirate… I was a pirate at the time. That’s why. What? T That’s it? Tomas Oh yeah that’s a cool name I don’t know We just turned off every TV in there Good I’m trying to turn them back on Keep turning them off What? Look at the TVs Oh, how did you do that? You guys gotta get better material man come on man I know it’s little kid stuff, but I thought it’s so funny Hey, what’s up — what’s up with the TVs? Someone is f****** up with them Probably one of you guys Probably one of them They can have an app on their phone Huh? an app. No no they know it it’s these guys right here Yeah their doing it Because I don’t know you so I’m sure it’s you because you’re filming me and you think it’s fun. And I’m having a great time. Thank you guys very much for comin’ in *Charles pokes plastic water bottles* *Charles continues to pokes plastic water bottles* Whoo, phew Feel accomplished for the night it is it’s so satisfying honestly. That’s probably the greatest compli– accomplishment in my life Yeah, they make me wear this dumb thing Don’t you see me Don’t you see me to do something really illegal No, no it’s cool, though, it’s just really illegal. Did you see that? Yeah, isn’t that crazy *ring* Oh yeah, what’s so funny? *Charles dances to lit music* *Laughs* It’s a windy one out here today, I have this supporter Hadji al he sports me on patreon $100 a month That’s absurd amount. I call him about once a month when we talked for probably an hour I always tell him how thankful I am for him and for his generosity and this time when we were talking I was telling him how my IR light on my camera broke So I was thinking about should I buy a new one for this video basically just thinking out loud and stuff and he offered to Buy one for me, so I ended up buying me an infrared light for my camera. It’s like 40 bucks It’s just like way above and beyond anything. That’s necessary at all, but he just continues to Support me so much. I wanted to publicly. Thank him. Tell him how much? He means to me and his generosity Thank You Asya Also, all my new patreon supporters it like went up a lot recently It’s so awesome like to have people supporting me in the comments and liking when they support me financially it’s like man People really like I make a difference for somebody That’s what it tells me here, that’s what it feels like so thank you guys so much on patreon Ah he’s squeezing my butt He’s squeezin’ my butt I need a whole more of these Get out of here *Answer in the comments* *Buy the merch* *Like and subscribe to Charles* *And check out his Snap @rosscreator*


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