Universal Resort Orlando – Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter, Wizards and Magic!
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Universal Resort Orlando – Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter, Wizards and Magic!

Crystal: Yay! Universal Studios! We made it!! Whooooo! We’re gonna go check it out! Crystal: So apparently the early park access
was into Islands of Adventure, not Universal, so we came here first and then we’re gonna go on
the Harry Potter ride and then we’ll figure it out from
there what other rides we wanna go on here. Crystal: We have this special pass. Crystal: Yes, I have the pass. I have the pass. Employee: Thank you so much. Awesome! Crystal: Yes! Thank you. Crystal: Winter! Crystal: Hey it’s Harry Potter. Crystal: Yay! You got your magic wand! Mariko: Harry Potter! Crystal: This is the most ridiculous map I’ve
ever seen. It’s like super hard to understand. Apparently you have to make these
moves on… Crystal: Oh look it’s doing something! Crystal: Hahaha. Why isn’t your wand working? Mariko: Because I’m not a wizard! Crystal: Let me see. I feel like he did it like this. Crystal: Yeah! Look at that! Crystal: Yay! Good job! Mariko: Thank you! Crystal: Excited to take the train? Mariko: I am! Employee: Second cabin, cabin B please. Employee: Thank you guys, have a great day. Crystal: Thank you! Employee: Let’s give her a big round of applause! Crystal: Now we’re going on the Jimmy Fallon
ride. We just got done with the Mummy ride which was awesome! It’s probably my favorite ride. Mariko: It is. Mine too. Singers: Little bit of uh uh…Y’all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here. Crystal: Going on the Transformers ride now. Crystal: Oh no! You’re gonna blow this place up! Crystal: Going back on the Hogwarts Express! This is probably like my favorite
part going on this train. Employee: We’re going to be over here in Cabin
G as in Gryffindor. Hogwarts Express again! Yay! Crystal: I like this train. It’s so cute. Mariko: Yeah and it’s very convenient. Crystal: It is very convenient. We used to have to walk back to Islands ofAdventure and Universal before but now we just take this awesome train! Crystal: Yay! You did it! You’re getting the hang of this. Mariko: Woohoo! It worked. Crystal: I did it! Crystal: Alright now we’re gonna go on the Simpsons ride. Mariko: Simpsons ride! Crystal: Yeah, and then the Despicable Me
ride and that’s probably it for the day. Crystal: We did pretty good. Stayed from opening to close, 8-7.


  • Puri and Sue

    Hi Travel Pockets! I've always seen pictures of people posting about this place on Instagram, but this is my first time watching a video of the place! It's spectacular! Thanks for sharing 😀 Cheers from Puri & Sue

  • Renata Pereira

    Universal is one of my favorite parks! How was it to vlog there? Do you need any approval or is the staff cool with it? I'm planning to go next month!

  • theMRSingLink

    I still have yet to see the Harry Potter world, haha, and I'm 20 minutes away! But thanks to your video I feel like I don't have to rush there to see it now! 🙂 Ugh, I miss when Universal had the Mummy ride – that one was THE BEST! And the Cat in the Hat ride is lethal – I get nausea every time! Haha

  • King Tolentino

    the train experience is cool.. looks like both of you enjoyed the theme park… cute how you tried to use the magic wand 😎👌

  • The Bucket List Project

    I think Darcee would love to visit Harry Potter World in Orlando. She would love to ride the Hogwarts Express!

  • birdontheroof

    That looks like fun! I think the Harry Potter section opened after I left the states. I hope to go one day and check it out. Thanks for showing us how to get there

  • Visit Ecuador and South America

    I love the Harry Potter section it makes you feel like in the book/movie. I find all rides at Universal fun and this video captures how fun it isn’t being there! Great video!

  • Fly Drive Explore

    Love watching your Universal trip as it brings back memories of our visit last summer. The attention to detail in the Harry Potter areas is amazing.

  • Travel Tyrol

    Wow! I did not know about this Universal Resort. I would love to go on the Hogwarts express. There are impressive rides! Would also not like to miss out on the Simpsons!

  • Gab & Maya Backpacking

    Wow that first half at Harry Potter world was AMAZINGGGG… I am so jealous, you have no idea, Harry potter is one of my favorite books/movies in the world! And that looked so magical to walk around and do magic with your own wand! How much did that want cost you? Damn, everything looked like so much fun!

  • All About Family Travel

    Great adventure through the world famous park. So many interesting places. We have never been in that particular park before and it looks so impressive with all the rides and stops they offer.

  • Four Friends One World

    Universal has changed since we were there last. So much fun! It looks like you had a really great time.

    Keep posting and keep travelling. Adventure is better shared with friends.

  • My Next Flight Home

    We love the Universal Studios in Hollywood and I'm hoping to go to Universal Resort in Orlando soon, especially 'coz I'd like to experience the Hogwarts Express, something that's not in service in SoCal.

  • Christopher Rudder

    Two spots for me: 1. Harry Potter (I always wanted to be a wizard) #2 Dr. Suess Love any of his stuff!!. You don't understand the map because you're a muggle lolol just joking. I just realized that I never actually subscribed to your channel…done that today and it felt magical!!! 😉

  • Skyelines and Sunsets

    Great video! We have just come back from Orlando. Our first time experiencing the Hogwarts Express. Absolutely amazing! Gringotts is a new favourite of ours too 🙂

  • Timezone Junkies

    We haven't been to any Universal Studios. One thing that amazes us is the scale of some of the buildings and rides, it looks intense!!! Looks like you both had a great time. What was there to eat there?

  • Elaine Masters

    That was fun. I long to visit Hogwarts and take the train too. Glad you got the wand working and that dragon breathes fire!! So cool.

  • Wanderlust Storytellers

    Gosh so much fun!! We went to Hogwarts in Japan's Universal Studios and it was great fun! They didn't have the train though 🙂

  • GoYvon

    Seeing the Harry Potter scene with all the snow and the people wearing shorts and shirts made me laugh, it looked funny. Really liked Dr. Seuss too!
    Seemed like you had a wonderful time there!

  • c-a-li LLC

    Travel pockets, this looks like so much fun. Like you are having a full Harry Potter experience from embarking on the train to the shop and the stock. Great video

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