Universal Riders riding equipment
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Universal Riders riding equipment

At Universal Riders, we offer you the possibility to rent CE certified full face and flip-up helmets. Don’t forget to have a CE certified helmet if you are using your own equipment. Then, the rider’s must-have with our security lokers (with alarm), yellow jackets, included in the rent. The GPSs are in option if needed.They are equipped with a european map.the gloves need to have a CE certification.if needed, we have some for sale at the agency The gloves need to fit your size and protect your joints Our luggage range includes soft and hard luggage They are resistant, light, and our top cases are equipped with a large storage space with a net for extra storage. Among our soft luggages, we propose tank bags, easy and fast to install. The small soft luggage is adapted for some of our Indian, BMW, Triumph and Harley-Davidson models, they are made to fit on the exhaust side. The large soft lugagge is very good for extra storage space without neglecting the vintage style. Our side bags are also resistant and light, available on our BMWs and Triumphs. They include an inside soft bag to protect your storage. We protect our helmets with a
hygienic protection for your confort The reflective stickers need to be visible on your helmet All of our helmets are equipped with them. For your security Make sure your helmet is well atttached before each departure. We also have a range of motorcycle jackets available in various sizes with a range for women and a range for men. Make sure the protection foams are well positionned For the unlucky ones, we can also provide rainsuits. The selected size needs to be larger than the one mentionned on your jacket. Start opening the bottom of the rainsuit be carefull to not break the fabric, and close properly the bottom of the rain suit in order top stop rain or wind to come in. Beware of burning the rainsuit fabric on your motorcycle’s hot parts like the motor or the exhaust

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