Universal Sorbents
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Universal Sorbents

ULINE Universal Sorbent Pads, Rolls and
Socks quickly soak up water, oils, coolants and other solvents to keep your
facilities clean. Made from low-lint, 100% virgin polyprolylene for maximum absorbancy, Universal
Sorbents help prevent slips and falls by containing spills or leaks before they
spread across floors. Universal Sorbents’ ability to absorb oil, water and chemical
base fluids make them ideal for use while maintaining leaking equipment,
performing oil changes, servicing conveyors or cleaning up accidental
spills or condensation. And, Universal Sorbents save time over granular
absorbents that require sweeping and discarding after cleaning up a spill,
because they leave no residual grit or clay grime. The Universal solvent pads
are individual sheets that range from light to heavy duty with an absorption
capacity up to 44 gallons per carton. Pads can be used to absorb accidental
spills, wipe down tools or soak up drips and splashes that occur when maintaining
equipment. Drum Pads are pre-cut with a 22 inch diameter to fit 55 gallon drums
and quickly absorb drips and spills when pumping liquids. Sorbent Rolls are ideal
for the cleanup of water or oil-based spills and leaks where the size of the
sorbents needed varies. They are perforated for custom sizing and easy
dispensing with absorption capacity up to 50 gallons per roll. Medium and heavy
duty sorbent socks can be used to surround large spills and stop fluid
leaks as well as absorbing condensation. Sorbent socks are made with 100%
polypropylene filler and have an absorption capacity of up to three
gallons. ULINE Universal Sorbents are in stock and ready for immediate delivery
from any of our strategic locations in North America.
Whatever your janitorial needs are, you can rely on ULINE to have the solution.

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