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Universal Studios Animal Actors Show

please wardrobe right away from Universal Studios Hollywood
welcome to universalism hi my name is Tina I’m an animal trainer here at
Universal Studios Hollywood this is my friend Franklin he’s one of
many animals for the rescueteer animal actors and you can see him I always think I wanted to work with
animals but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be until I volunteered at a Wildlife
Sanctuary while I was there I saw the trainers working one-on-one with their
big cats I thought it was amazing how much training improved the animals lives
and the relationships they built I knew at that point I wanted to become a
trainer too I’m lucky to work with a great team of trainers and staff here at
the show that truly care for love and respect all of our animal stars one of
Hollywood’s top family trainers miss Tina Brown tiny tiny and I both work for
a company that’s been training animals for movies and television for over 40
years and something you may not realize as many of your favorite animal stars
came to rescues and shelters and just like training they got their start right
here on this stage in front of a live audience
and I will show you what three he and his friends had to learn in order to get
their big break but until then you’re all done buddy off you go the show started with a little friend of
mine mr. Kiwi with fue McKinley has been trained to fly from one person to
another in order to demonstrate this I do need help from an adult volunteer
preferably on these little sections how about you there guess in the black shirt
stay where you are stand up and take out a dollar now the reason I asked you to
take their dollars and commute as an au pair and they feel uncomfortable flying
so much you’ve never met as seen in this clip from Evan Almighty we turn our
first to recognize some slides with common objects it can be anything in
this case we place it between two fingers and we turn out to the side okay
we will see that double-teaming flat perfect you’ll see the daughter know
exactly where to fly not only do we get to work with cute
adorable birds like Kiwi but sometimes we like to challenge ourselves with
something larger like a bird of prey as seen in this clip from universe’s
Ladyhawke matthew broderick catches that hawk with both precision and grace and a
spectacular feat of flights who like to recreate that movie magic it can focus
your attention to the small closed box in the back corner of arena we’re gonna
fly down a star from the movie 3:10 to nuuma ladies and gentlemen watch your
heads this is arrow is your cute first very pretty piece you can do anything before you go straight into you there’s
a lady right here in the black shirts glasses on your head
she’s got a dollar you want to take it back out this engine air oh yeah awesome
I’m just kidding stay seated it’s a joke thank you and Amanda and arrow and I was
a captive bred African augur Buzzard which is part of the Raptor family the
group of bird that consists of hawks thanks Falcons vultures Eagles and owls
we like to introduce two arrows presents and we are close-up appearance I understand myself both Eurasian Eagle
Owl and we may recognize them from the Mary Poppins you may have also seen them
in episodes of Bones CSI recently the ready backhoe
commercial these birds are not endangered but many of her native
species I beautiful majestic creatures just like
these to never become endangered a round of applause here the show
say hello sleepy those are some nice hoops but we have
something even better we’re gonna show you our version of that high-flying
scene first under a pepper a little restrictive Danica is gonna fly her into
a strong current of wind once in flight we can replace that green screen with
any background that we like to see how it appears in the movies take a look up
at the Saturday one of the most common questions were
asked here at the show is how do we get our animal stars to light a role in a
movie or a television show it all starts out with some basic
training to help them mister this please welcome out a brand new animal star mrs.
Glover the runner analyst on set they need to be able to follow directions
using hand cues verbal cues and most importantly they need to know a mark a
mark is a simple black circle just like this one
then I can place anyone on the set and will tell clover where she needs to
stand for any scene but in order to demonstrate this I do need some help
are there any brave town ladies not afraid of dogs they like to help me out
your hands shut up right away you have a black t-shirt on it’s got pink and
purple and yellow something you go pinata I love it come on Donnie thanks
for helping us out what is your name Kate and where you from
yeah yeah welcome to Hollywood come over here with me you can take a student our
chair Kate now as I mentioned the mark is in the
top loader which needs to be for any seams let’s get her set up you ready
can you get off mark good job Chloe now the way I can make it look like
she’s interacting with her actress I can do this in one of two ways one way is
that I can stand next to or behind our actress you following me get back Mike
jerrick McClure I could watch me for any
direction that she needs from over our actors to the shoulder so let’s try that
out ready sit good girl
lie down stay stay lie down lie down lie down
good girls day actresses called the work away which I need you to be back on your
mark for good job the word boy is very important because I can’t always be in
front of clover sometimes I have to be behind her where she can’t see me I
might be behind the camera or behind a prop and she won’t be able to see me
she’ll only be able to hear my voice the way I can make it look like she’s
interacting with our actress this time is simple I’ll take some of her favorite
treats place it down in front of our actress that way she knows where to look
for the scene and then when I step behind her she’ll be following only my
verbal cues and this is the work away ready yeah on your feet good girl sit
lie down side street on your feet all right we
are going to make you a trainer for the day and you give a universal Express
Pass you’re welcome how about a round of applause for our activist back door now
that we have our actor in place all we need is this animal co-star from an
episode of Ravens home this is monthly XYZ now this is really
cool backstage we have a huge pile of clothes
anything you could think of in that pile hats shirts shoes pants anything what
did you do is stay in the seat until two items of clothing that you want to Mugsy
and he’ll go back and get them for you okay
all right so once you have two things you might go ahead and tell magazine be any two things hat shirt pants shoes
any two things you want I can’t tell them one one thing okay race on back
there now folks I know what you’re thinking but this is not a trick this is
a trained behavior monkeys really digging through that pile well that was
fast he brought you out the drafts perhaps yes or no great folks we got the
first a little snack for you go ahead on get the second one once he gets the
first one right he never misses the second one so this is going to be a 100%
showing you folks are gonna be totally amazing why did you I’m so sorry about that that was monkeys
girlfriend but you did a great job why don’t you stand up and give a big wave
to all your it’s alright I’m kidding you don’t want that but you’re doing such a
great job we’d like to keep you around for when we’re seeing okay can you take
a walk with me oftentimes on the set the director wants
our dogs to do things they’ve never done before so just go over around or through
things they’ve never seen and it’s our job as their trainers to help them
through it what better way to demonstrate this there’s a friendly
competition so please help me walk about to our favorite like you’d love to give our animals lots
of encouragement that’s where your folks are gonna help us out so everybody on
this side of the arena you’re gonna be shining on a blue who’s that pretty
husky mix and she was in the movie a dog’s purpose when I say action I want
your folks to scream in sheer as her as you can so let’s try it out lights
camera action nice cheering you guys this side of the
audience you’re gonna be cheering on that handsome Bradley he’s that
Australian Shepherd and using the movies show dogs you hope to know what to do
like leaping through the tunnel jump back over our stuntman and fish up there
reading the talent we can only audition one dog at a time and it looks like blue
is in place to go first so that’s you folks on that side make sure you’re nice
and loud Lux camera action make sure to glue ichigo relax on the
trailer looks like Bradley’s ready to go next
he is a high flyer so the louder you chew the higher he’ll go lights camera
action wow I am so sorry stand up did you see
what happens don’t worry about it then nothing
happens I’m doing a great job and you’re a good sport you did an excellent job as
their hurt actor so we’re going to make you a trainer for the day as well and
you get a universal Express Pass how about a round of applause like so sorry but everything we want to remind you that the next time
you’re looking to adopt a pet please check the local rescue shelter


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