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(dinosaurs roaring) (dramatic music) (people screaming) (child mumbling) (children exclaiming) – [Woman’s Voice] Is this Hermione? (Woman laughs) And is this Harry Potter? (Woman laughs) Hi guys! – Hi. – [Woman’s Voice] Where are we today? – Universals! – [Woman’s Voice] Universal studios! (upbeat music) Hi! Say hi. Hi, Woody Woodpecker! – Well, come on on over
there, and we gonna get a piece of it, your magic, what? – [Woman’s Voice] Let’s
get a picture, yeah! – You’re gonna do a big smile. Cheese! – [Woman’s Voice] Cheese! Thank you! Hi! – Well, what do you have here? – It’s a magic wand. – A magic wand? Say, could you make me shorter? Wave your magic wand. – [Woman’s Voice] Wave your wand. – Wow! (Woman laughs) It’s amazing – [Woman’s Voice] Yeah. – Can you make me taller? – Abracadabra – Wow! (Woman laughs) Oh my goodness! It’s amazing. – [Woman’s Voice] We’re
in Super Silly Fun Land! Hey, guys! (Woman laughs) Hi! Thank you! (singing) Look at minions! (Woman laughs) This is where the Simsons
live, in Springfield. Look at that big Krusty the Clown. – [Loudspeaker] To make sure you get through this experience in one piece. (train rumbles) (dinosaurs roar) (dramatic music) (roaring) (child crying) (roaring) (people screaming) (Woman laughs) Oh, we’re gonna fall! (child screams) Oh, my goodness, no! (Woman screaming) Are you okay, Roman? – No! (Woman laughs) – There they are. (dramatic music) (waves crash) Wow, and earthquake. (dramatic music) (train wheels hiss) (water roars) (Woman screams) Did you like the earthquake, Roman? Yeah? Were you scared, the earthquake? (child mumbles) Yeah. Jaws is coming! Oh, the blood! Oh, my goodness! Oh, oh, wow. It’s really hot. Oh, it’s so hot. Oh! It’s Jaws. – [Aurora] What happened? – [Man] A plane wreck. – [Loudspeaker] Director Steven Spielberg, and here they are, to tell you more. (sirens) – [Woman’s Voice] Hi, Krusty! (Woman laughs) Thank you, Krusty! (Woman laughs) Bye! Hi! Hi, Spongebob Squarepants! Okay, thank you! Bye! We are going into Harry Potter World. There we go. Hey! Thank you. – Cheers – [Woman’s Voice] Cheers. (Woman laughs) We’re where Harry Potter’s at. – Abracadabra. – [Woman’s Voice] Abracadabra. (girl speaks quickly) Look, guys! That’s the
school of Harry Potter! Hi! Thank you. – Have a good day. – [Woman’s Voice] Bye! Wow, look at these brooms! You want to fly on one, Roman? – [Roman] Yeah. – [Woman’s Voice] Yeah? – I want that one. – [Woman’s Voice] You want that one? And you the other one, Aurora? Yeah? – Hi! – [Woman’s Voice] Hi!
What do you think, Aurora? – I like it! – [Woman’s Voice] You like it? – Uh-huh. – [Woman’s Voice] You
like Harry Potter World? – Yeah. – [Woman’s Voice] Yay (Woman Laughs) That’s the sheriff, the police from The Simsons, eating a doughnut. He has doughnuts. And look at his car, guys! Looks really good, guys! What do you have there? Maybe an ice cream? – (mumbles) ice cream. (Woman Laughs) – You want some? – [Woman’s Voice] Oh, yes. Thank you. – What do you think? – [Woman’s Voice] Thank you, Aurora. You want to go up Billy Swirly? Hey, brother! (Woman Laughs) Who’s this? Who is this? He’s all red. (Woman laughs) (Roman laughs) (Woman laughs) Are you ready to go on the ride, Roman? – Yeah. – [Woman’s Voice] Yeah. – Is this for (mumbles) – [Woman’s Voice] Yes, you can go up. You can go up like this,
or you can go down. You can move it however you want to go. Oh, we’re going up! (dinosaur hisses) – [Loudspeaker] This
is not a buffet place. You have two choices:
one, you can eat somebody, two, you don’t eat anybody at all. – [Woman’s Voice] We’re
gonna take a picture with a velocirapter, guys! – [Loudspeaker] How you guys feeling? What’s up, Potter? Turn around. – [Woman’s Voice] Guys. – [Loudspeaker] And I say
that you’re the only one in the way for this encounter. – [Woman’s Voice] Aurora! – [Loudspeaker] Somebody, look over here! – [Woman’s Voice] Look over here, guys. (Woman Laughs) (child screams) Wow! Look at this big dinosaur! They know how to play, guys. Oh, yeah, look at those bones. – Bones. – [Woman’s Voice] Yeah. That’s a big bone. Are you stuck in there? – Yeah. – [Woman’s Voice] In the
belly of the dinosaur? – Yeah. (Woman Laughs) (wheel whirs) – [Woman’s Voice] Hermione. Oh, and this is Harry Potter here. Don’t put a spell on me, Harry Potter. (Woman laughs) – A woman and a wand? (mumbles) Bye. – [Woman’s Voice] Bye! – I went into the water. – [Woman’s Voice] Hi! – Where are you off to? – [Woman’s Voice] Now,
we’re going to a tour. – A tour? – [Woman’s Voice] A tour. Bye! – Come back again! – [Woman’s Voice] Bye! (laughs) (upbeat music)

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