Universal Studios – Krusty Burger – Dining Review – Plus Size and Accessible
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Universal Studios – Krusty Burger – Dining Review – Plus Size and Accessible

we’re right in the middle of Springfield
here in Universal Studios Orlando and it is time for lunch
we’re gonna head in to Krusty Burger and check it out welcom to Pammie Plus Parks I am Pammie
your plus-size fairy godmother bringing you all the magic Universal Disney and
Florida have to offer plus-sized people and today we’re here at Universal
Studios Orlando right in the middle of Springfield and it is time for lunch I’m
gonna head on in to Krusty Burger and see what they have to offer so it looks
like Krusty Burger offers these outdoor tables that are like bench seating it
looks like they would be accommodating to a plus-sized person I might check
that out for you if someone vacates a table looks like kind of a food court
situation in here flaming Moe’s Krusty Burger and then they have Cletus’s
Chicken Shack the Frying Dutchman looks like it’s fish
Luigi’s has pizza and then Lisa’s Tea House of Horror has all kinds of different
drinks so the cue for this restaurant is really interesting it’s sort of like a
food court in a way but it’s also like a regular quick service you have a large
queue here and it feeds down to the end here when you get to the end of the
queue you decide which one of these different restaurants you want to order
from and you actually go stand in front of that one you order your food and then
go to a register and pay okay let’s have a look at the menu I don’t see prices on
here I think those are up on the boards when you get closer to the restaurant
you want but they have a lot of great stuff in here like chicken and waffle
sandwich double batter chicken platter chicken arms chicken thumbs thrilled to
be grilled chicken sandwich they have the Krusty Burger clogger burger mother
nature burger rib which Sideshow Bob footlong hot dog heat lamp hot dog all
kinds of specialty drinks here as well these look to be non-alcoholic so that’s
kind of cool I might try one of those I am driving today one of the places here
offers a lot of salads Caesar Mediterranean caprese veggie sandwich
turkey wrap Lummis fruit plate fruit cup so some healthier options too and then
you have all kinds of pizzas meat likers cheese pizza vegetarian pizza and then
of course all kinds of fish offering shrimp calamari chowder all kinds of
great stuff in addition to the menus that they hand out to you
there are plasma TVs with menus and them too
still no prices for these but it does give you an idea of what’s on offer
vegetarian options here at least each one of these different little mini
restaurants in this sort of food court area has something vegetarian that’s
great if you’re looking for some sort of a specialty menu and an allergy free
menu gluten-free that sort of thing there are team members you are around
the perimeter of the line who have menus go up to one of them ask them for help
they’ll be able to help you well I notice these menus don’t actually have
the name of the different food court restaurant area that you are ordering
from but the cool thing is is that the color of the menu matches the signage
above the restaurant you’re ordering from so that’s how you kind of keep
track of everything alright let’s talk about how much the food cost and what I
got so this is the chicken and waffle sandwich it has a tomato and lettuce on
it and it has like a sort of a maple syrup aioli comes with tater tots and I
got it as a combo so I also got a regular size soda and in addition I had
to grab one of these iconic cupcakes so the
sandwich is $12.99 the cupcake is $2.39 and the soda is $3.69
those prices are pretty standard for a theme park and my meal all together was
$17 and 21 cents that does include my annual passholder discount okay this sandwich is already dripping everywhere it’s gigantic let’s see if I can do
some damage here I was expecting this chicken to be
really dry and kind of crusty but its moist it’s delicious I really like that maple
syrup aioli it’s a little watery which makes it drippy but it’s not overpowering
it’s just a nice light flavor of sort of a hint of maple the waffles are very crunchy
but they’re not overly sweet which is something was a little worried about I thought
this would be really sweet but it’s a pretty good balance between
sweet and savory so I ended up eating almost my entire sandwich because
it was so good but I kind of skipped out on the tots because it felt like it was
way too much food I was really surprised how much I enjoyed the sandwich I
thought it was pretty good everything tasted really fresh on it that was a
definite bonus the waffles didn’t taste like they’ve been sitting around for a
million years or thought they’ve been frozen before we’re about to bite into
the iconic cupcake I took the wrapper off and one of the things I noticed is
that it was just stone cold so I’m thinking these have been previously
frozen or they’ve at least been refrigerated for a while I don’t know if
that’ll like affect the flavor or texture of it
because it’s been sitting in a refrigerator and then sitting out in a
counter space let’s see what we can do here it looks like I’ve got almost the
perfect bite let’s try it it’s a pretty standard cupcake tastes
like something you’d make at home from a mix the frosting is more of a not a
buttercream which is what I was expecting it’s kind of more like a
marshmallow a kind of fluffy frosting it’s good it doesn’t have any particular
flavor it’s very vanilla so it’s not anything spectacular but if
you just you want to eat something that looks cute it’s definitely cute a little
bit about the seating options here they can have a lot of variety the table I’m
sitting at now is a hybrid of a booth and a chair
so I’m sitting in the booth portion and the table in front of me pushes in and
out you can move it anywhere you need to be comfortable and it’s a
cushion and it feels really comfortable I was able to set it exactly where I wanted the table to be the chairs in this area are very heavy-duty stainless steel
chairs and they have wood seats they’re a pretty generous size pretty typical
standard very comfortable very sturdy I’m gonna see if I can try one of the
booths that have a table that maybe doesn’t move I’ll see if they can move
give me an idea of what to expect with seating in this restaurant because
most of the tables here have chairs that pull out or have tables that move around
this is a really good restaurant for accessible seating for wheelchairs ECV’s
are not allowed in the restaurant unless you have some sort of a special pass for
them they really ask that you park the ECV’s outside and walk in same thing
with the stroller they ask you to leave your strollers outside
so here’s a really really really big booth for a large party looks like the
table underneath you can see has legs where it can be moved if needed I’m
gonna go ahead and give it a shot I’ll sit right in this area here without any
issue whatsoever and there’s no problem with clearance actually have space
between me and the table you wouldn’t actually even have to move the table I
scooted up a little through here so I know that I can actually scoot through
if I need it to this is a very comfortable booth I’m gonna look around
and see what other seating options there are and get some more shots of some of the
chairs this section of the dining room has tables that are all very much like
this you’ll notice underneath they will push in and out from the booth the booth
section is very generous and the chairs are again very sturdy
stainless steel chair with a wood top so the chairs and the seats that are in that section of the dining room are all very accommodating adjacent to the
Krusty Burger dining room is this opening that goes right into Duff’s bar
as you can see there’s some high tops in here and some very generously fitting
boothss there’s additional seating in here as well there’s one more section of the
dining room that has booths that look like this
and ones that look like this again they all have the pedestals that can be moved
around and adjusted this is sort of a strange arrangement you could seat like 8
to 10 people in here but there’s a table that’s only big enough for two it’s
weird okay the tables that are here these
booths are reserved so I don’t want to spend a lot of time in them but I can
tell you I’ve tested them all of the booths this one the big round one and
the other traditional style booth no problems perfect these are the outdoor
tables pretty traditional umbrella tables it looks as though the bench is
actually attached to the table so you cannot pull it out I’m gonna go ahead
and give it a try to see if it will work for me
it’s very bright out here so I’m not going to stay for very long but I can
tell you no issues with comfort sitting on this bench whatsoever even
though they don’t pull out there’s plenty of room let me see if I can show
you I still have room here well into this thing without any issues whatsoever
just in case you’re wondering what size I am I am five feet four inches tall I
weigh 350 pounds and I wear U.S. women’s sizes 4X 5X or a size 30 so that will
give you an idea if I can fit in this maybe you can as well just to reiterate
the seating in this restaurant you are not allowed to bring ECV’s or strollers
inside you can bring a wheelchair or a motorized wheelchair the reason why they don’t allow you bring in strollers and ECV’s is because there are some tight
spaces in here and they don’t necessarily fit in between the tables it
can also be a fire hazard as well overall I’d say my meal here was pretty
good pretty decent the quality of the food was pretty good the flavor was
pretty good and the prices were right in the ballpark of what you would
normally find at a theme park alright guys that was actually a pretty good
lunch I really enjoyed it I want to thank you guys for that lunch because
the fact that you watch these videos and share them with people and many of you
have also contributed to the channel as well those funds go to pay for my gas
getting back and forth to the parks and also for my meals and drinks so thank
you guys thank you for watching


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