Universal Studios Monsters Classic Collection Promo A
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Universal Studios Monsters Classic Collection Promo A

>>Announcer: Now for the first time ever MCA Universal Home Video presents three collector sets. Each featuring three classic monster films and priced at just $44.98.>>I’m greatly relieved.>>Announcer: The Universal Studios monsters box set includes Frankenstein.>>Just think of it, a brain of a deadman. Waiting to live again live again in a body I made. sfx: girl screaming>>Announcer: Dracula>>I told you nothing. I’m loyal to you Master.>>Announcer: The Wolfman>>Oh yea, is bitten by a Werewolf and lives becomes a werewolf himself The Mummy spot set includes the mummy bury it when you found it you have read the curse Gale did I get the Mummy’s curse we must find dr. Halsey The Mummy the mummy took the girl away the Mummy’s ghost don’t try to mix with them just keep sight until help arrives the creature box set includes creature from a Black Lagoon the creature walks among us Revenge of the creature kill me prehistoric master there’s no such thing look for these collectors box sets priced to just 40 498 each from MCA Universal home video are you afraid of unknown things you

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