Universal Studios Orlando Pt. 2 | Seuss Landing | Marvel’s Superhero Island | Spider-Man
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Universal Studios Orlando Pt. 2 | Seuss Landing | Marvel’s Superhero Island | Spider-Man

guess where we are! oh yes oh yeah we are back so I got some cool photos
over by the castle I got somebody who works here to take my photo so that was pretty cool and wow that’s pretty I never noticed that yea, it’s getting hot and I don’t know what I am going to do we’ll see how this goes it’s gettin real sunny it’s always sunny
in florida yeah it’s hoooot, so we’re probably gonna go cool down at super hero island so yeah here we go we’re on the single rider line for Spider-Man oh, oh that was fast here’s hulk and here’s me
so I just went on Spider-Man that was fun
and I’m debating eh, Storm Force whatever I’m here if there’s like no way
on Storm Force I’ll just go on it also I don’t know if you need to have lockers
we don’t even offer at all so go on but yeah
after that I’m going to Seuss landing
stick with me guys Storm Force wait time 5 minutes, heck yeah! I’m on Storm Force and as the man said, I’m ready to spin! it’s gonna be hard I wanna start going already! it was pretty fun I’m gonna have to rank
it tomorrow up against the Mad Hatter Tea Cups so I like tea cup rides it’s been a hot minute I think last time I rode a tea cup ride was back on my Memorial Day weekend trip last year holy mack Seuss landing now Seuss Landing! I haven’t been here since Grinchmas! it’s been a hot minute it’s so weird that it’s not Grinchmas anymore kinda like I kind of miss it the Grinchmas Show is lit like ah it’s such a good
show let’s see what we’re gonna prove you know what I’ve never been on one
fish two fish one fish two fish and I think we should do it and the thing we are going to do after probably Cat in the Hat ah it’s so much cooler in here I love
this ride it never gets old but they need a revamp official petition
Universal please give it a revamp Cat Cat looks a little old funky funk
alright let’s let’s all be honest here looks a little funky some a little
moldy a little crusty okay some of these animatronics need a overhaul like complete overhaul bring it back to its former glory
especially with all of the new movies coming out for Dr. Seuss so do the thing that music is a little terrifying Seuss on the loose hey! Seuss on the loose hey! I love that All the stories you’ll hear they dry favorite fish to take but a
line one yellow one blue two fearfully inside once you are seated buckle up I don’t want to get wet so I threw this on top just in case because
I don’t want to get my white shirt see through hopefully I don’t get soaked oh hello! up, up, up! try not to get wet please lies these are lies this is awful I survived! on your feet I didn’t get wet so yay! the sky looks yucky I have about an
hour until my mom gets here to pick me up so I think I’m gonna try to jump on
High in the Sky Seuss train trolley ride that works also I love the high in the sky seuss
train trolley ride Charlie Wright odd so hard it’s like I do
also I got a fast past for an hour that’s a cool song going on express going on express I think we have one more minute so you’re gonna beep, just go ahead also like here you have the choices like oh I couldn’t go unlike your annual pass on here go Express on this ride because
I’m going up on the regular line Oh if you sound like a circus organ the
trolley train kid how about you can you boop boopity boo go or the whistling breeze of a flying
trapeze is there such a thing as an upside down song goodbye Oh so we’re heading out of Seuss landing now
it was fun and it’s starting to rain and we’re gonna catch the train on over to
Studios with my fast pass so it’ll be nice so stick with me Back at King’s Cross over by Diagon think we’re gonna head like it might be mom should be here soon I’ll
probably give her a call in a second just to see where she is at and how it’s going and yeah so it’s been a long, long day there is like nobody on the single rider line hey guys so I’m running out of the park
right now um I had a locker issue at the last minute I thought my locker was in one
spot and it was in another and I almost lost my mind I was freaking out but all
good I have to run to get to my other locker and get my bag of my mom’s
already here to pick me up and im like this is not how it was supposed to go but oh well thats life yeah thank you guys so much for watching heading out for the day I hope you guys enjoyed it and I
will see you next time and I hope to see you real soon for tomorrow’s adventure
to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom bye guys


  • F&S Disney Adventures

    Fiona and I love Islands of Adventure. We don’t often spend much time in Seuss Landing but some of those rides look like fun. Pity the Cat in the hat ride looks so funky. They surely need to show it some love soon with a refurb.

  • Modern Family Life and Travel

    We love all things Orlando but this is our favourite park 👍🏼. We’re new subscribers 🤗

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