Universal Transport – from Dresden to Oberlausitz
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Universal Transport – from Dresden to Oberlausitz

From Mühlheim an der Ruhr, two so-called turbine rotors arrived in Dresden for the “Schwarze Pumpe” power plant in Alberthafen. However, before loading could begin, the flatbed had to be assembled. In this case, the load will be supported between two carriers, usually on the lower edge. This makes it possible to reduce the load height for example, lowering to a few centimeters above the ground whilst passing a bridge. After that, the first of the two 91-ton turbine runners was lifted out of the ship. The truck drove backwards below the crane and the cargo could be unloaded. To ensure its balanced evenly, it had to be measured again and again. Finally, the turbine rotors were in the flatbed and after the load securing was done, the daily target was reached. Now the team had to wait for the start of the actual transport. At around 11.30 pm, once the police had checked everything, the first part of the transport could start to the power plant 90km away. The route began with a challenge: in reverse, it went from the harbor area up a slope to the first public road. From here it was only a few kilometers to the motorway exit. The journey went from the A4 to the A13, to its destination, the service station “Freienhufener Eck” 60 kilometers away on the A13. The next morning the second turbine rotor was loaded the same way. Driving backwards below the crane, lowering the load, aligning with centimeter accuracy and load securing. Now the transport was ready for departure. On the evening of the second day the first transport started. To pass under a bridge, the use of a flatbed paid off. The whole trailer was lowered a few centimeters and the bridge could be passed easily. Shortly before the entrance to the power plant a 90-degree bend had to be mastered. The traffic island was laid out with mats beforehand, so no damage would be done to the ground. The gate to the power plant was no longer an obstacle and the first transport had reached its destination. A little later, the second transport also reached the power plant and the team had a well-deserved rest overnight. The next morning the truck had to be maneuvered on the power plant site to the entrance of the hall. Again, large mats were laid to create a paved surface for the 13 axles of the transport. In the power plant hall, the turbine rotor was then unloaded with a hall crane and lifted to the top floor. The first truck had to leave the hall again backwards, so the second transport could deliver its load and the order could be completed to the satisfaction of all.


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