Universal Transport – Imagevideo 2016
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Universal Transport – Imagevideo 2016

What do heavy load projects have in common with a concert of a symphony orchestra? Quite a lot! Like the performance of a sophisticated hymn by a symphony orchestra a project in the heavy load business consists of a variety of perfectly tuned sub-processes. From consulting and thorough planning as “composition” to the choice of the appropriate “instruments” in form of fitting transport technology right through to the perfect project management for the actual transport performance. One process interacts with the next and in the end the perfect harmony arises. Like the musicians in an orchestra men are the are decisive success factors for the successful execution of heavy load projects. In each phase of the transport process skilled specialists are at work and using their competencies care for the successful management of the challenges in global transport. The special thing about my apprenticeship at Universal Transport is that we are a large international team. Additionally, among the more than 500 musicians are many apprentices and the work is really diversified. We spend time in all relevant departments, like sales, accounting and disposition. But also may go with a heavy load transport on the lorry. The special thing about my job is that no project is like the other. To guarantee the on-time delivery of wind power components close co-operation with colleagues of all departments involved is required. Innovation and advancement set the Universal Transport Orchestra apart just as the willingness to enter new stages. The special thing about my job is that we are able to offer tailor-made transport concepts for import and export to CIS-countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) to our customers. Here, we co-operate with constant partners and have executed numerous large-scale projects. Due to our excellent IT-infrastructure we are able to track our transports any time real-time via GPS. The special thing about my job is the challenge waiting behind each project; the challenge to find solutions even for complex tasks in logistics, or, in other words, to compose the perfect musical score for the tune to be performed by our orchestra. My job is focussed on the conceptual design of a project from the first idea up to the feasibility analysis and risk assessment, customer consulting and sound and detailed planning as well as the target-oriented co-ordination of processes plus supervision of all areas. A paramount advantage of Universal Transport in my opinion is that as a project forwarder we handle bulk and heavy load transports using our own manpower and equipment and thus are able to keep command chains and reaction paths short. Handling heavy loads is our daily business, no matter whether by road, waterway or rail; we find perfect solutions – for all kinds of transportation. Heavy load projects by Universal Transport A perfect symphony


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