Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags Stock Number: ES471016
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Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags Stock Number: ES471016

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares. In this video I’m going to be telling you about
these truly universal vacuum cleaner bags If you’re Vacuum cleaner needs new bags
and they’re no longer available Or you have a look at our website and the model
is not listed then these bags can help you they have been specifically designed
to fit most machines. Simply take the old fitting from your old bag
and stick to self adhesive on the new bag. Or alternatively if the old fitting has become worn over
time use this as a template on an old cardboard box
and make yourself a new fitting. These bags are constructed with five layers of
microfibre material offering higher suction power and also higher micro fine dust particle
filtration than standard bags making them ideal for Asthma or allergy sufferers. These bags measure 257 by 353 millimeters have a fifty millimeter diameter opening and come in packs of 5 . Remember, eSpares stock spares and accessories
for all the electrical items around your home. Thanks for watching.

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