Universal’s Horror Make up Show | Full Show | 4K 60 FPS
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Universal’s Horror Make up Show | Full Show | 4K 60 FPS

You would also like to remind you that you have a possibility of getting wet thank you Yes all the way from holidays in was marked either Makeup artist it’s been in the business quite a while normal long time very like at that one here that Explain what you have to see So mister Okay Please get off your butt any thoughts about – creature creator that means it basically my job To gross you out and freak you out and to scare the poo poo area now if you’re like I don’t realise is beautiful actually invented the horror Movie as we know it today right and I’ve brought along a clip of some of my favorite moments and universals Legacy a horror, but before we see this done. This one is used to it if you’re easily Nauseated or even frightened just close your eyes, but let your kids watch We’re gonna try to recreate some of the effects you Charlotte screens here on this stage and okay have time and if you behave, I will Check babysitting a five-year-old Topics if you behave, I’ll give you all this TP that our project. I’ve been working on friggin kid show Good I see that no you can’t see it can watch Myself go out of the audience you can touch them Fucking to be a lovely person whose family doesn’t need them anymore Take a picture there, piloncillo, hi, Georgia All right, yes, you have a hug for a boyfriend or both. You single or for sure You have a husband. Where is he back home in Georgia? But he hit come here, I’ll tell you what I’m going to give you all the parts you need to make a new husband We’ll never know Unless he sees it on YouTube, okay? He’s gonna have five hands, so he’s already more fun than your old And you only has one foot Sorry are you alright now? That’s never happened before so make it up to them to make you my assistant Trust me Don’t worry, I’m gonna leave you a good size, so I want you to scream like her an actress in a horror movie all right So we’re gonna practice on the count of three. You just frame is like a panic here. We’ve got one to break All right, I forgot talk to the kids hey kids All the knives blades that you’re gonna see on the stage or on the screen today, they’re all fake, okay? This is actually very important for everybody all of the knives You’ll see are dull like this or they’re plastic like this or they’re dull and plastic like the Kardashians All the tags that you’re gonna see today have been developed by professionals with years of training, so please kids don’t try this at home Both wing to the skin no excite, what should we do? Totally life with a retractable blade laser Cut out here the honor, but we start with a knife retracted into the handle first. I start Kennedy squeezing the blood pool here That’s behind the handle I’ll let the knife catch on the arm and catches And then I can go back to make a look like it sliced into the arm. Here’s a bowl on The film set I’m going to go through buckets of blood How many of you have seen the original psycho or 92 living day? Popular movie I’ve come to buy the wagon because they’re filmed in black and white and use chocolate syrup to simulate blood They did that because red looks great like a white dove look very creepy, but color films you actually need blood That is realistic looking in I’m old-fashioned. I like to get some blood. That’s freshly squeezed Hart San Francisco somebody just left it there All people explain that some people and then is Very important you really gotta be careful though because this So sorry This kind of work goes back to the 1920s with Macduff pioneer Launching known as the man of a thousand faces He developed his own made up of plastic or pictures like the Phantom of the Opera And the Hunchback of Notre Dom it was a great actor and truly suffered for his part. He put bleach in that I know He did know Where 20 pound worker hung on a harness from the Hunchback and that gave him some pretty bad back problems for a while Now we don’t know how he did most of his work and kept it a secret but what he did sparked a horror movie craze and lasting drama twice went into the 1930s and influenced and another Craig made the partisan by the name of Jack Pierce He’s the creator behind classic Universal Studios monsters. We know today like The Wolfman The Mummy Bride of Frankenstein Lady Gaga and Tommy Tirelessly to bring creatures to life even studying real corpses There the New England Patriots bury your home soon Combination of other classroom morticians wax and some toxic grease paint it took four hours to apply Double that time for the money I’m sorry. I played to thank you, and thank you for your honesty. There’s the door you little punk What’s your name Evan were you from South Carolina never heard of South Carolina jr., South Carolina all right Evan from South Carolina, you’re Watching you like a hawk from a South Carolina See this is a Disney World I have to be nice to the children here We’re talking about Latex latex A lot of latex was used in the most recent version of the mummy notes in theaters last year We’ve got some conceptual drawings here done in the three production based on the star of the movies sofia boutella Play The Mummy here. She is and From all those drawings. They made some sculpts in from those scopes They made some latex pieces and later glued on to Soviet space Along with these tiny wooden letters or symbols it had to be quite individually with tweezers I was a painstaking process that took about four hours to complete and probably talking from the neck up There’s a lot more work We have large silicone appliances with each infused being embedded in them They when I start off the hunter to put a blender to cover her entire body That’s hustle of traffic is on i-4 now Here are six makeup artists working an actual speed to make sure her makeup looked flawless. It’s a lot of rental lending Sophia and her stunt double Lucy cork went through this process This is a time screw out filming and all of their hard work and determination and a lot of Cirque de Soleil training nicely I Think we’re all inspired by great visionaries in the past And I firstly to inspiration from who I mentioned earlier John Chambers and Jack piers and somebody haven’t talked about yet, Rick Baker He’s a legend the ministry’s won. Seven Academy Awards eleven nominations Men in black Harry Harris another composer. It would his first cavity worth owes a big movie doesn’t right here. Movie is this Yep there’s Somebody said if everyone on this planet 1981 her fingers working this movie in this scene alone was so innovative He didn’t just win his first He won the first Academy Award for makeup effects 82 was the first year for that category This is a great movie if you’ve never seen a go fight watch because you’re letting you watch the movie Then the world is cruel. You guys did a lot of editing right how does that accomplish 30 70 years ago? I’ll show ya I brought some stuff over here those effects obviously the decades before all the computers that we have today So they do that by creating one brick paper designed and built a whole series of these Called change-o heads he does a bunch of these from the movie We’re lucky to have two of them here now. I drew the latex off of this so you can see the understructure This is a fiberglass and it’s based on theater not speakers at the start of the movie Rick Bateman would make these structures and then strength make these masks and stretch them over each and every one of these different phases transformation all running on pneumatics pneumatic switches an air pressure compressor, yeah That’s all that’s making these pieces movies very perfect great details here like the airbrushing the latex – and porcelain dental Appliances, and this is real human hair hair. Where does that come from well it says it on the label kids from South Carolina But Today, this is still a huge part filmmaking today You’re gonna see this combined with more great computer working think I never cook about that, baby We’re going to go back to the money in pre-production where they made what’s called animatics. They’re animated Storyboards now they’re going to make these before they start shooting the movie I think if the filmmaker is an idea of how they want four characters alone now when they start shooting they’re going to put the Actor actress in a suit it’s going to dot squares and triangles over of cameras track their movements so that a digital team in post-production Can more shift and change their appearance now my digital team. They need to work with the makeup artist It’s a great collaboration between Old-school practical aspect is a new technology just to make sure that their work is seamless and flawless Computers are great tools to use but only When they’re combined with the right amount of practical makeup work in there like those guys and what you saw earlier that Along with a great story and a great performance. I can stay employed and nightmares come true Well now those wearing is called a telemetry suit this will allow you to remotely tell a creature like a Scooby-doo on steroids You have your movements and transfer them you’re gonna Turn on the electricity it’s gonna travel through these wires. I got out of my neighbor’s backyard a while Then you wake up, we’ll be back home, and your pants will be wet let’s take a For the insurance coming Your side okay relax all right. Don’t move until I tell you tune if you do good nut job. I will give you Evan Louis back gold No me neither, I took them till I fell on the ground Very slowly They see you’re controlling him, this is basic motion capture technology work We use this over the first time in 1993 for the first Jurassic Park the t-rex same thing just on the major scale And he can bend the elbow like this, too I’m


  • Mark Way Up

    great show….nothing like the frankenstein show at calif universal i first saw back in 1978 πŸ˜‰ it's sometimes cool to sit up front isn't it? my buddy and i did and we got chosen to be in a show – it was called Airport…u prob don't know about that one eh? πŸ™‚ thanks for taking us along…man I feel like I've been on a great orlando vacation!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Geeky Goodies

    This was so entertaining, I watched the whole thing!! 😁 I totally thought that there was a real person inside the warewolf, but I thought he was gonna go after Madeline LOL! Nice upload! Thank you!

  • Anna Nicole's Paranormal

    I enjoyed this. Thanks for taking the time and heart to create a entertaining vid. Hope you guys stop by and give us a watch. Love and support πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  • Thomas Ever After

    Cool, you guys!! A little creepy and gross, but that's the point, right?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It's amazing to watch the transformation process with the make up and silicone that they use and see the hidden secrets as well! Thank you for sharing!

  • Geeked Out Getaways

    I don't know what happened to my comment!!!!!! It disappeared!!!!!! Darn it!!!! Okay, it was really good and now I have to re-create it, ummmmm….well first off, this was a freaking hilarious show!!! I was not expecting to laugh as much as I did considering it was called a horror show. Mark was SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!! I could go on forever about all the funny things he said during this show, but I loved how he grabbed your camera right at the beginning, you seriously can't buy moments like that! And then when the werewolf ran towards 'Natalie' in the crowd I actually jumped out of my seat a little bit but then started laughing hysterically… anyways, AWESOME video.

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