Urgent Message From Archangel Sandalphon – The Amazing Transformation | AWAKENING PEOPLE
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Urgent Message From Archangel Sandalphon – The Amazing Transformation | AWAKENING PEOPLE

your awakening message begins now so open your soul maybe that is for you hello everyone today I would prefer to
discuss the superb process of transformation that every of your
undergoing while a lot of it the focus for many of you is your world shift from
dimension to fifth dimension that method is way less important to America than
the individual transformation and inner growth that every of you’re experiencing
remember that from our read of your world every of you project from your own
subtle minds your expertise of reality on earth and this can be however it
absolutely was designed to be your subtle beliefs your values and your
limitations and understanding are what produce your experiences in so it’s far
more necessary that you simply transform and uplift your own inner being then
that you worry regarding transforming and rising your world the method that
every of you is undergoing is an inner flowering of your consciousness
you’ve got entered this expertise of judging a reality so as to be told
regard to so as to be told regarding yourself from interacting with it you
can think about your reality as a house of mirrors every mirror might have slide
distortions or a rather completely different angle but all of them are
reflected back to you some a part of your own being so that you’ll then
examine and learn to like while not conditions or expectations the more
every of you raise your consciousness the more you read of your world can
amendment as you grow stronger within the conviction that no matter your
staring it is an expression of pure consciousness the more you’ll relax and
your God to heal the planet yes several of you’ve got entered this expertise to
be told regarding making an attempt to uplift humanity saving your environment
or protective others rights this can be fine
this then is one of your lessons however never forget that your primary lesson in
being here is to uplift and purify your own inner being listen
your world is made by you not by the government not by the weather and not by
the movement of planets those two area units projections from your own
consciousness planet Earth has been a coaching ground for several beings so as
to be told to expertise higher qualities at intervals their own being every of
your challenge perpetually to stay during a state of pure love even once
the truth around you feels dark or intrusive you’re challenged to stay
detached from the expression of reality that your refined mind is making for you
in order that you’ll still be unaffected once approached by heavier energy by
anger lust greed or violence the work that you simply area a unit drawn to and
maybe typically struggle with is expressed by you so as to be told to
rest in your highest qualities in spite of what dramas might manifest around you
remember over jobs and relationships that you simply have owned throughout
this lifespan what challenges did they give to you
perhaps they school you endurance and perseverance even an adversity or even
you learned compassion whereas helping people who perceived to have less
abundance than you maybe you old the verbal and emotional blows by somebody
who failed to appreciate you at all and you had to be told understanding
forgiveness and to stay steadfast within the area of your own supreme love and
spite of what they did or said think about your more personal relationships
with family loved ones what challenges have they bestowed to you and what have
you ever learned how much more has your heart opened as a results of
experiencing each deep love and profound loss in your relationships contemplate
alternative struggles that have presented throughout this life what
opportunities to grow did they provide you however would you handle them
otherwise if they presented in your life now it is important that every of you
learn to ponder once one thing tough or difficult arises in your life
at intervals and raise yourself what you’re making an attempt to be told by
manifesting true in your life currently once you’ve got the solution taken to
account what the best approach you’ll be able to maintain in this situation would
be then learn to sustain this state whereas externally interacting with it
this is how ever you grow within the expertise on earth you learn to elevate
and expand your ability to sustain the best-loved you also learn to stay
terribly targeted in spite of what your house of mirrors reflects back to you
and you supplied love while not expectation of change or results you’ll
be able to conjointly learn to forgive from the depth of your being those
components of you which of them are now mirrored back to you within the kind of
an outer expertise always keep in mind that some taught experiencing life on
earth is truly terribly brief beings typically wait a long time before
they’re able to come back to the place that you simply are presently at so as
to learn build use of this point to raise your consciousness ever higher the
manner that you simply change your expertise on earth in your house of
mirrors is to elevate your own consciousness though every of you’ve got
daily activities or work that you have manifested that job is being bestowed to
you by you so as to be told embrace it love it and learn from it enable
yourselves to feel feeling for the chance to be here during this moment
right now to be told and to expand taken with we all send all of you great nice
love and many blessings sand alpha share our messages too I will provide a
daily angelic guidance number love and angelic blessing send of the message
watch your channel awakening people previous videos for a universal
understanding subscribers will be updated with the latest articles and
informations leave your suggestions in the field bellow while the love to you
beautiful Souls and we are proud of you as viewers and of your support for your
channel all for awakening people and please support us to develop our work of
lop our work

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  • Karat Bomb

    Wow ! I was literally meditating yesterday to connect with my spirit guides, and when I asked his name because I saw it was a man, I heard Sandalphon. It heard it more like Sandoval, but the connection blows my mind. This journey I'm on never dissapoints ! Thank you for your message .

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