USA TODAY: Corporate lobby wrote Iowa Senate Legislation
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USA TODAY: Corporate lobby wrote Iowa Senate Legislation

Thank You, Mr. President. Senator Zaun, will
you please yield? (Pres:) Would Senator Zaun yield? Yes, I’d be happy to. Senator Zaun, where did
this bill come from? This bill was brought to
my attention because of I’m told there’s eight other
states that have done this, and because of the
doubledipping that’s going on. I will tell you, Senator Mathis, this has been a learning
experience for me. And we’re trying to
save this money for these people that
have this disease. And to avoid the
double dipping. So, to answer your question, I know it was mentioned
earlier by Senator Hogg that we do
constituent bills. It was brought to my attention
that these bills are being done throughout the United States
or the other eight states… Well, who approached you
to present this bill? I was approached by
someone in the lobby. And who in the lobby approached you about putting this on the floor here? I don’t believe, I mean, we all know who
the person is. And I know he’s
talked to all of you. I’m not going to, right now,
say who that is. All right, well Iet’s
stop the charade. because we know
it’s an ALEC bill. Okay, could I… Absolutely, please comment. Senator Mathis, I’d like to have you look
at me when I say this. Yes absolutely. It was not ALEC. No one from ALEC.
No one from Koch Brothers. No one has contacted
me about this bill. I’m telling the truth
about the person. And I believe you, Senator. And I have had no
contact from ALEC or any other
organization out there. And I believe you.
You may… I’m done with
your questioning. I have the ALEC
bill right here. And…word-for-word
with your bill. I did read your bill. Every darn bit
of your bill. And this ALEC bill
is word-for-word. Every description, every bit of the first
half of this bill is an ALEC bill. I think there’s a
pattern here. There’s a pattern here. And I may sound
like a broken record… And I hope you freshman
Republican senators understand that these
bills are brought to this chamber
by a group that has other interests across
the United States. Silica dust has
been classified as a human lung
carcinogen. and results in fatalities and
seriously disabling illnesses. And according to OSHA, silica exposure remains
a serious threat to nearly 2 million US workers. Continues to be a threat,
Senator Zaun. And ALEC wants to make
it harder for injured workers and their families to
seek compensation. They’ve created a model bill. That is fact. That is fact. And I know where this bill
came from, Senator Zaun. And probably a couple
more that are going to be coming our way are
also model bills. (Zaun:) Point of order! (Pres:) Senator Zaun,
please come to the well. (Pres:) Senator Mathis
please come to the well. Can he state what his
problem is to the body? (Zaun:) Senate Rule 9. (Zaun:) You’re actually
questioning my motives. I’m not, but I’ll
come to the well. (After discussion in the well)
And in conclusion, I just want people to think
about as they vote for this bill… If this is what you
think Iowans want. If when you knocked on
doors, if people said “Wow, I really want an asbestos bill.” “I really think that we
need to do this.”

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  • Robert Trembly

    This is PROOF Iowa Legislators are a conduit for Big Money to get their agenda into law! “He who pays the piper gets to call the tune!”

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