V#106 HSKY Let’s Go Shopping Simpsons Store Universal Studios Hollywood 2014 HD
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V#106 HSKY Let’s Go Shopping Simpsons Store Universal Studios Hollywood 2014 HD

I’m at the Simpsons, the store this is $30 dollars Marge with little Maggie Bart in a, is this a Batman costume? It’s a $15 dollars it’s kind of like a small size I don’t know what this is its kind of like a towel Maggie as a towel $17 dollars and one of the fish in the Simpsons has 3 eyes so this is the fish $13 dollars then you have Lisa this is their dog i forgot his name oh, Santa’s Little Helper regular Bar Bart no, this ones a little bigger than that one you see this is $19 dollars and you also have Homer and Homer in a teenager outfit oh here it is this bookmark is only $4 the cheapest thing I’ve seen so far and these are some cups like shots It says i visited Krustyland and all I got was this lousy shot glass Funny! back it says Universal Studios and you could pick out your name I don’t know, oh, $8 oh, this is really cool ( Cute ) $22 dollars so obviously the bigger the more expensive it’s gonna be back is orange color with their logo so I don’t know what you’re going to do with this when you get home and here is a a Homer pajama it’s just like $30 dollars so expensive and a Homer slipper? to wear pajama oh here is something real cool I see a lot of people buy this it’s a world famous Lard Lad Donut Lard Lad Donut this donut is $5 dollars if you are into The Simpons donuts come get it! and this thing is really cool it’s a Converse All Star but with a Bart on it like in a comic so this is like really really cool wow you can buy a Marge wig more shots Homer getting drunk and you can work at Kwik E Mart Mart and you could but a name tag ladies of Springfield pen pal [ horn sound ] oh, this one is really funny oh, I though there was a hole how can you make it a mug there is a hole on the bottom but this is only like a 60 percent mug b ecause I don’t know, what are you gonna put over there, sugar? oh, this will be good for tea, you can put a tea bag in there $17 dollars [shocked] [ or a donut ]


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