Various efforts being made for successful constitutional revision
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Various efforts being made for successful constitutional revision

One of the most hotly debated topics in Korea
is Constitutional revision. While most agree on the need for it, many
are at odds on how it should be changed. According to our Park Hee-jun, efforts are
ongoing to ensure a smooth and peaceful process. The National Assembly is racing against time
to make progress on finalizing a proposal for a constitutional amendment,… which the
government is pushing to put to a national vote during the local elections in June. A seminar, co-hosted by the National Assembly
Research Service and the Korean Association of Party Studies,… was held Tuesday to discuss
the pressing issue. Lawmakers, professors, and members of the
press gathered at the National Assembly to share their views on the vitality of an amendment,…
and to provide insight on how to reach a consensus. “I believe we have what’s needed for a successful
revision. Now we just need all lawmakers to reach a
consensus and for the public to be part of that law. I hope that today’s debate will act as an
impetus for the amendment.” Although there were various opinions on issues,
such as how to limit the president’s power,… all participants agreed that the constitutional
revision should reflect the willingness of the government to best serve the people. And the government is already striving for
that goal. Its special public advisory committee on the
Constitution launched a website on Monday,… to gather public opinion on the various issues
surrounding the constitutional revision. The general public can not only voice their
opinions on existing details regarding the Constitution,… but also bring up new questions
that they wish to add to the revision. “In order for the vote to be held alongside
the local elections, the proposal needs to be set by mid-March. The government is pushing for a Constitution
that best reflects recent social and economic changes,… and one that also follows the
wishes of the Korean people. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.”

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