Video 1 – Perspectiva Universal del desdoblamiento de los tiempos – Introducción 1ª Parte
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Video 1 – Perspectiva Universal del desdoblamiento de los tiempos – Introducción 1ª Parte

Welcome, welcome to this story that I will be sharing with all of you. I will share with you the story of how I came to understand the Doubling Theory of Time and how the doubling process works, as a physical law, applied to the Self. The scientist Jean Pierre Garnier-Malet points out this theory inside the planetary system fundamentals’ frame . This happened in the year 1998 and later on in the years 1999, 2000 and 2001, through four very important articles, published by Mr. Dubois’ magazine, this became validated and then awarded by the American Institute of Physics for validating this law in the year 2006. But I will tell you how it all came to be. And it happened by pure chance, somehow, almost by accident and unintentionally. In the year 2012, I was getting ready to go to the Biodecoding event of Enric Corbera in Cuzco, Peru, and right before my departure, a video appeared on internet about the doubling of time and I watched this video before I travelled to the event. During the event a second video appeared. Ten days went by in Cuzco and on the last day the trans-generational was talked about. The trans-generational ends up with a mourning and by then, after those ten intensive days, a lot of burden had been removed. It was as if this load was spread in the air, a lot of load from my genealogical tree, and from everyone else’s; and then this wonderful idea of giving the mourning to the double, occurred to me. This happened intuitively and it was totally right on track. Right on track because of what I am about to tell you. During the trip back from this event, During the trip back from this event, I obtained all the information that had to do with how the conflicts of that trans-generational tree were affecting my father, my grandmother, my sister and myself. Many things that were not available to my conscious knowledge at all, became unveiled to me. I confirmed these things when I arrived home and met my mother, and later I had the strong intuition that all answers exist in the future. That strong insight made me look up Garnier directly, and somehow I understood Garnier very quickly. I then applied paradoxical dreaming. On the third day of applying paradoxical dreaming, all that conflict that I had seen on the trip back home from Cuzco to Cordoba (Argentina), got solved in the dream. From that point on, many events that had to do with my sister began to unleash, plus a ping pong that started developing in a spontaneous way. With what Garnier calls “the double”, and from then on, it turned to a stream of understanding and evolution about what the doubling is. So the starting point was the resolution of a family or trans-generational conflict. But that only was the starting point. After that, the understanding didn’t stop, and this happened back in September 2012 and now we are in June 2013, nine months later. Nine months are seven quarantines and precisely these seven quarantines were necessary for the maturity of this understanding of the doubling applied to the Self. This is so important that it cannot remain in the hands of one person alone. One of the most important things I wish to share, is that the law of the doubling of time is a law of universal character. Universal means that it is one version of all the essential elements, a coherent version of all the elements. In other words, a universal truth is absolutely inclusive, it leaves nothing out. So, since it is an universal law, it cannot be someone’s property. Beyond Mr. Garnier, and the gratitude to him will be immense and profound, but it does not belong to anybody because it is a universal character’s law, for this reason alone. And this will mark a very big change in our history and mainly in science. Because this is the last step of a science in which references are outside. The doubling of time’s law will lead us, if we apply it correctly, to a self-reference system, it will take us on a path back to the essence. The essence, or let’s call it, “this universe’s origin”. Well, this is what I will share in depth with you. I know that in Internet one can find many versions of what the “the double” is, and “ask the double for such thing” or “ask the double for this other thing”, or ,“do it this way to make it work”, or “do it this other way”. The first thing that I want to make crystal clear, is that this is a law that reconnects us to the universal logic. What becomes clear is how the logic of the Origin works. It is way too big, way too important, it’s absolutely inclusive, nothing is left out, and when we apply this to the Self, we obviously find that “enlightenment” will finally be a physical process. It is not a mystical or an illusion filled process, nor is about somebody coming with a magical wand. No. It is an absolutely physical, natural process that has a logic. What we will have with the Law of the Doubling of time, is the access to this Origin’s logic. To this seventh quarantine, I have arrived with a methodology for the practical application of this law. An application that has to do with the Self, so the Self be reunited with its Essence. Right here behind me, I have the mamushkas, these famous Russian dolls. It has a lot to do with what you are going to learn in this series of videos. What I am going to give you, I don’t want it to be in nobody’s hands, as I want it to be in everybody’s hands. It is something way too important to be someone’s property. Nobody can own this; nobody can own the path back to the essence. It’s something that, from this point on, will belong to all humanity, as it always has been, because the Origin has filtered through all of our distortions, of our partial purposes. It has filtered and it has arrived where it had to. So this is what, to start with,I wish to share with you, as an introduction. Obviously, my deepest thanks to those who have been by my side since September till now, in order to offer this message. If at any given moment or at any quarantine, I would have stopped explaining people about the doubling… the level of clarity that was increasing quarantine after quarantine was so big, that at times it felt like a vertigo, of not knowing how to communicate with others. But thanks to these constant meetings, to these persons that have always been close, is that we have now accomplished the development of this methodology The methodology shows up precisely to help people to have the same perception. One very important thing: what does the Doubling’s Theory law serve for? To correct our perception. It is a law, that when properly applied, corrects our perception, and if we are observers in a quantum field, to correct the perception is everything. So it is absolutely important. We have integrity and are self-referenced. This is a part that I will develop later. What I am doing right now is an introduction to open a series of videos that will last about an hour, in which I will give you all this knowledge and how to apply it. Obviously those people who deeply resonate with this, will be the ones that will come to receive it directly, as a training of this calibration. this is a calibration I warn you right away,an ultra-fine calibration. Here, details change the results completely. Therefore… it is not something superficial. Time’s Doubling is not something superficial. It is not “for me to do better in business” or “for me to do better at home”. It is not for that. It is for something far much bigger and far much more important. So this is what I am going to share with you from the roots, and this precisely will give birth to a whole Foundation in order to boost this science. Obviously our eternal gratitude to Garnier for having done what he has done, and his mission was accomplished brilliantly. He has given the world the understanding of the universe, and now we are going to apply it to our lives, to the Self. So it is something much bigger than a new physical law, is much more, so much more than that. And we are going to discover this. And we are also going to discover that we are going to meet our “Original”, beyond that with our “double”, we are going to meet our “Original Self”. And our original self has an original contribution, and when we contact that original contribution something wonderful happens, because the sum of our contribution placed beside the contribution of another, is a lot bigger still. You will see this with my contribution, you’ll see it with the contribution Hamer has done, you’ll see it with the contribution Corbera has done, and well, from all who are in this. And that somehow, not understanding it, are fighting each other over which the real understanding belongs to. time’s doubling ends with that fight because we understand that we all have an contribution that is original, and that this law, which is absolutely inclusive, makes it that when our contribution meets the other’s, both significantly outperform together what they were separately. So, this is the first part, is the introduction, and welcome, welcome once again. Well, we are about to explain what happened in Cuzco. what happened in Cuzco (and we are going to apply Hamer’s contribution, what he fundamentally made, a very important contribution). What happened: Hamer makes a contribution explaining how is it that our conflicts are translated into a biological language, are translated into biological conflicts. This is called “ biological unconscious”. Here, we are going to use another term. We are going to use “the past’s active observers”, “maximum past’s (most remote) active observers”, in other words, one of the most important things that the time’s doubling law teaches us is that past, present and future exits simultaneously. I know that you probably have heard this before but it is very difficult to assimilate when we come from a totally linear concept. The future doesn’t exist and everything exists simultaneously. The only thing that happens is that there are futures that are suicidal and others that end up with our “enlightenment”. That is the only difference. But they exist simultaneously. All possibilities exist simultaneously. So, this that breaks our linear mind, we will begin to understand, we don’t have to be concerned about understanding everything so quickly, but yes, what has Hamer done? He has activated, has created a bridge of communication between our conscious present and our past’s most remote observers. The most remote past because we are talking about the maximum past’s observer, when life begins on Earth. When life begins on Earth, a series of conflicts begin to develop that simply have to do with staying alive, as simple as that. Then these conflicts about staying alive are the conflicts of the first stage. (Hamer) The conflicts that have to do with basic survival. Then the other observer that has to do with the second stage is activated, the one with the third stage, the fourth stage.(Hamer) We will call these observers, “past’s observers” Having created a bridge of communication with these observers and raising the issue of the doubling, we are activating future line’s observers. Here comes the issue, if we have activated the observers of the maximum past, and by naming the doubling law, we activate the observers of the maximum future, simply because there is a symmetry. If it is the beginning of life on Earth, it will be the best future of life on Earth, simply because there is a symmetry. To be able to be coherent and consistent with that symmetry, the only thing I have to do is to find myself in the zero point. If I find myself in a totally neutral zero point, and this is what I magically did when I said: “Well, I am not taking care of this issue, the double takes care of it”, and I stop “disrupting” from the place where the conflicts are to the place where the solutions are. So I don’t disrupt, and the conflicts meet the solutions. This is what happened in Cuzco, it was an alignment of the observers, maximum past’s observers and maximum future’s observers on a physical level. And this, being at the zero point in the present, one mutates the other. This is so, as simple as that. At that event in Cuzco, there were manifestations of this. There always are when we talk about the doubling. There always are kind of signals in our environment,that are confirming this all the time. In fact, what was collected from the participants as tips for the people that had contributed to the “physical existence” of the event, added to 333 euros, and what all the participants contributed to take the next level in the CP2 or CP3 came up to 666 euros. This is an alignment of what would come to represent the gravitational energy that serves as a physical basement. a physical basement. The gravitational energy, the experience, the 333, that has to do with this gravitational energy that is in the law, and the antimatter that has to do with the purposes.The purposes that people had in order to move forward in this understanding. So, these energies aligned just like new observers aligned. Simply by being able to be zero in the middle, one inhibits the other. And what is the first thing that happens? Which is the first sign or the first symptom that occurs when one puts both observers in contact, meaning, activates the past’s observers and activates the future’s observers, and they both place themselves neutral in the present? The first thing that happens is that suffering is eliminated, or a peace sensation that comes with respect to the past. This is the first instance. There is like a disconnection of all states that have to do with the distortion. We are going to understand much better why this happens later on, but initially and to follow the explanation from what has occurred, this is what has occurred. Hence, while Hamer could think that he was making a contribution to the new medicine of the future, he actually makes a much bigger and more valuable contribution than that. The biodecodification, now, neurobioemotion, can say, well, to resolve a person’s physical symptom is alright. But this, this contribution is much more important than that. And the same goes for Garnier, to have a physical law that explains, that justifies, the cosmological constant, and justifies the distance of the planets and, so these corrections have been made at an astrophysical level, this contribution also amply exceeds that as well. So we are going to see how the sum of the parts is much more than each of them individually. This will be a constant from now on, and the law manifests it in a very clear way. So once I explained this, and validated how it is that we arrived here, we will begin then with the development itself. And here is where I part from Garnier’s suggestion. Garnier’s suggestion has to do with contacting the double and I, what I will present to you has to do with something that goes beyond the double, that has to do with the Original. Garnier shows his graphics always in a circular way, I will show you the doubling with the axis that conform these circles. Our alignment is coming from the experience, Garnier’s comes from the Origin and that is why his ways of showing it always will be as with circles. We, instead are came from the linear experiences, so the main thing we must do, in order to create, go back and return to that spherical consciousness is to make an alignment of the axis. And here it is where we will use our main resource. You will surely remember that in school, also in elementary school, at least before, we used to make presentations in the “Y” axis, and the “X” axis, we also made them in high school, and later on we made straight lines functions. Well, we will take this information, we will take these two axes, that will be essential in the methodology. We will take the “Y” axis, as the axis of the Self, the axis of the Original Self, is the essence’s trajectory going on a journey, in a very deep dream, that will make it find out why it is the way it is, and why it is not something else. And we will take the “X” axis as the experience axis. The experience that unfolds within the essence’s dream is an essence’s journey that later unfolds into a range of possibilities. When I explain the time doubling, I often say: it is like some sort of magnifying glass that… what do we use a magnifying glass for? When we want to find the fundament of something that it’s too small, and we want to know it more clearly, more deeply, then we apply a magnifying glass. And what that magnifying glass will do, it will amplify our vision and things that were joined together, now we see them separated, we see them clearly. So now we are going to see that, how the doubling is to see separated that was always all together. We will see our existence on one hand and the purpose on the other. And that unfolding will be the unfolding of the “X” axis. But this is going to be a virtual unfolding, because the truth is that everything is joined together, then we will see it separated, simply to understand it better, and that is why the time’s doubling law what it does, is to correct our perception. We have already explained the axes, now I would go back further and further in time, to this doubling’s beginning, to where this law comes from. Let’s define universe, this is the way I like to start with first, is by defining Universe as “one” “version” of life that puts all the elements in coherence, as we said in the introduction, it is a version that puts all elements together in harmony, in coherence. And here we could say that this universe is a construction in frequencies of light and since the most vivid experience available to us is when the light unfolds itself into a rainbow, that well… seven colors, sounds, seven notes there is something expressing itself and that unfolds in seven. So the doubling has these seven frequencies. These seven frequencies, let’s imagine that the initial observer, let’s call it initial observer in order to use a terminology with no “load”, because the word “god” is a generic name, such as cat, such as dog, such as pig, “god” is a generic name, if we say this first observer that has a version of all the essential elements in harmony, in coherence, well, there we can all agree in a logic way, in a coherent way. So this initial observer had this version, we could say, within or within or in a potential way, and at a given moment, chooses to manifest this, in other words, donates his energy to manifest that purpose. That purpose is what keeps everything coherently joined. Then the energy comes after its existence. And that energy manifests creation. So, creation will be the energy plus the purpose totally united. Most important in quantum physics, just like to make a cake we need flour, eggs, sugar, well, to make a reality we need energy and information. energy and information. Energy that collapses with an information. And that information gives a format to that energy, and then what it is, what we know as matter, is born. So this reality has a part of existence and a part of purpose. The part of existence is the energetic part and the part of purpose is the information part. The union of these two aspects builds what would be the original paradigm, which is that coherent version. Here, the past, the present and the future do not exist. There is only one time because the questions and the answers, the existence and the purpose, are united in an original paradigm, and that which maintains a reality united is that energy that we all call “primordial energy” or “love”, is the door that holds things united. Very well, we have come to this point and notice, the purpose existed before, and existence is a manifestation of that purpose, a staging of all that purpose, comes later. But I am going to play a little game now making you imagine that initial observer that has its purpose, unfolds the existence, but now I am going to place myself in the position of one of the elements that arises from this initial observer. In this case, as we are speaking of the rainbow, I am going to play the part of: Oh! I exist! And then I look at myself and I am yellow, and on top of that I am yellow because I compare myself with the other that is green, and I compare myself with the other that is red, and I compare myself with the other that is blue, and then I realize that I am the lighter one. How can this be? Then, in this initial observer, surely there was a reason for a color to exists light and another one dark, because it has a view of the whole.. for a musical note to be low and another one high, But if I have a partial view and I am one of those attributes and I start noticing that if the blue draws a line on me it shows, but if I draw a line on the blue it, is not very noticeable, I may think that perhaps I would be happier not being so light; maybe the blue thinks that he is too dark and also would like to be lighter, or a low note would like to be higher to see how it feels like. Can you imagine how an universe would be if all the colors and all the numbers, and if all the notes were unsatisfied with their role, with its true essence. That universe would sound quite ugly. This is called the doubling. When: wouldn’t it be better if? Wouldn’t I be happier if I were different? And then this is the magic question of not knowing the purpose of being who one is or what essence one has. So the essence anxious to discover what it would be like not being itself is what makes it fall into this deep dream. It dreams and imagines being something else, so the essence dreams and unfolds an imaginary state of how it would like not being itself. And then a distortion is applied, and it experiences it in the dream, and later, when already that experience accumulated a load, because… what would the gravitational load be? Is the energy which is filtered with a distortion, then, that generates a load, a gravitational load. When we feel that this load is kind of already, well, ready, the load is highly loaded, then we say: “what do we do with this? And here comes the big change, the big change that has to do with this great time opening. This moment we are going through and that has been much talked about, has to do with a moment that is to return to the source. It is a moment in which all the planes and dimensions are unified. Then, is where we, who are in the farthest point, must recognize the origin, instead of keep going towards the distortions creating experiences that will generate a load, now we will change the route and we will begin to reference ourselves in our origin, to reference ourselves in our essence, which is the same as referring ourselves to our purpose. The purpose will consist in all the better answers to our existence, that have always existed, had that part simply forbidden to accumulate for myself the experience of how it would be not to be, and of how it would be to be different. Then, as I already gathered enough experience, and is starting to sound cute that what’s good is inside, instead than the best is always outside, we change the route. This is an inner sensation, nobody can tell anybody to return to the source. Nobody can tell anyone to return to the essence. This is something that we just feel. There comes a time in which we begin to sense, the being begins to sense, that this past that’s he is been carrying on and been referencing to, it’s beginning to sound like, kind of repeated. As saying, wait a minute, I already went through this it comes a time when we see this, as when a toddler for instance, is watching Barney, Barney and his friends, that always sings the same song, and the toddler always laughs at the same things Barney does, over and over again, over and over again and he smiles as if it were the first time. But then, at 4 o’clock, the mother comes in to watch the soap opera, and in the soap opera the same things happen that in the previous one, or in last year’s soap opera where also same things happened, and the mother keeps having fun with the same soap opera, in which the same things keep happening all the time. Then the father comes in and he puts a game on, where always the same things happen, just as in the previous game, where always the same things happened than in the last one. Then we rent a movie that has the same plot because always the same things happen, and it comes to a point where life starts being a series of repetitions, and something inside tells you: “But you have already lived through this, right?” But we have to pretend to be amused and be enjoying it very much. But something inside says: “hum, but I already lived through this” Just imagine, if one leaves the origin and goes on to discover something unknown, one doesn’t care where to begin to know the unknown, because it is unknown. So if I go to explore a forest, it will make no difference to me, to explore this part of the forest, than that part of the forest, than that part of the forest, because I don’t know the forest at all. But what happens when I begin to find a place in the forest and then wish to go back and find myself with the same place and I walk and walk and walk and I find myself in the exact same spot again?, I say: “But I already know this place” We realize that we are trapped in repetitive experiences. So it isn’t the same when I leave the origin and can go anywhere I want to, than when I want to return. I need a route. It is here where the doubling of time, the doubling of time’s law will help us enormously, because it rescues us from those repetitive patterns, it references us to the observers that return to the source and that have all the equations of all the distortions that the past’s observers have. And this is very important here because, notice this, I leave the essence, where I have everything in the original paradigm, I have everything, absolutely everything, everything. The truth manifested and I have everything. However, I begin to feel that if I depart from things as they are, I depart from that pleasure of things being what they are, and I start wondering if it would not give me pleasure to be anything but myself. This question sets an energy in motion where that principle of pleasure becomes distorted. This question: “Wouldn’t it give me pleasure if things were not so? So the creation I am about to do, to develop, is no longer with conscience, but it will be a creation with a distortion. Simply to see how it would be. Then that’s where, broken the principle of pleasure, which is the pleasure for purity, the pleasure for things being what they are, the pleasure with the distortion included. So I will experience all these distortions. When I leave, I think that the best will be outside, that the good is outside, I’ m going out to explore all the possibilities, that essence, restless to go explore. That restless essence is entering the doubling. Now, we have experienced all those possibilities and we are lost in that forest of all possibilities, because to top it off, we are walking in circles. We can’t go back. So now, that going back becomes extremely important. The methodology will guide us to activate the observers that return to the origin. When we apply it correctly, we will be at the slowest frequency of the physical experience, but returning to the highest frequency, to the highest vibration of that plane. So this will result in us entering a spiral, in a spiral process. In that spiral process the frequency will become increasingly faster, but I will always be linking myself to the observers that return to the source. The path, or the great change that the time’s doubling contributes with, is that now we have a reference. With the relativity’s law we used to say: This experience is relative to this other one, and this other one is relative to that one, and that one is relative to… and we are always accumulating experiences from a positive pole, a negative pole, a positive pole, another negative pole, and we fall into repetitive programs that keep us trapped in circular experiences, because we haven’t activated the observers that return to the source. So we are always referencing ourselves to the past. We want to move forward, but in reality we repeat the same. If we are going to deploy what Hamer teaches so very well, really wonderfully well, is this: notice what happens to the amoeba or we could call it Alfa, beginning of life on earth. Because the good stuff is outside and it turns out that what’s good is outside. OK. Needs air to breathe and it is outside, and has to breathe because the good stuff is outside and has to get it inside. Bravo. Has to drink, the water is outside and has to drink it. the good stuff is outside, the water is outside The essence’s idea that the good stuff is outside, became a reality. Then survival, survival became an effort. Because in the original paradigm there was no effort, as everything was inside and everything was given. So it goes on to have an experience where the good stuff is outside, needs to eat and the food is outside, and has to hunt for it. Sure, the good stuff is outside, you need food and it is outside. In the protection stage, we need, the essence watches the dangers and watches outside, and we are looking outside, to see where the dangers are, so sure, dangers show up, and in the stage where we have already survived, and are already protected, now we are going to see what we’ll do, and I have to compare myself with others, and I have to compete, to value myself for the fight or not. Notice that the valuation will always be about something that is outside, because otherwise it would be acceptance, acceptance and that’s it. Instead, if I have to value myself, is because I have to compare myself and I must compete. Then I begin, that one is faster, I am slower, that one is taller, I am shorter, that one runs quicker, I run slower or I run quicker and then I will hunt him and he will be my dinner, or I am going to be his dinner and I have to find a better idea. Anyway, survival and the whole nature of the doubling, has to do with this very insistent idea of always being on the outside, projecting ourselves, comparing ourselves, surviving, nobody knows what for, right? Nobody knows what for. The amoeba comes solely to live, doesn’t have a purpose and its purpose becomes to keep on living, so its paradigm will be one of survival, because it has no purpose. The purpose was left behind at the other end. So, this is the famous original error, alias “original sin”. The original error that everything is outside. It is a mistake, it is a distortion and that is the original distortion. If we align ourselves with the observer that has the original distortion and we place ourselves in the zero point, we will find the observer that has the purpose for that existence on the other end, and that will eliminate that original error. So our life becomes a life of returning to the essence, it becomes a life of returning to the purpose. Notice that if our reference is our past, our paradigm will always be one of survival, will always be a paradigm in distortion. If we change the route and start referencing ourselves in the observer of our better future or of our original purpose, we will find the highest vibration of that plane. That plane’s highest vibration will help us to hook up with a higher vibration in the second plane and with a higher vibration of the third one. Why the highest vibration? Because the future will always be the fastest one and the past will always be the more dense, the slowest one, the one that has the greatest distortion. Then simply by being in the present, I must stop referencing myself in the mistakes of the past, to reference myself in the one that returns to the source. This one will be much faster, that is why when I project myself to the future, where is the projection? The camera is here and the tape is behind, and what will show up ahead is what is behind, but what happens if I project, if I reference myself in the purpose? The cycle will run backwards. I cannot go to the future, because the future I am going to is a suicidal future. My best future already exists and is so much faster than my present, that the only thing I need is to tell it to come get me, nothing more. In our present, what we are going to do, is to live in anticipation. Our best future already exists and merely because we supply our past as fuel, because all that load, when we stop inhabiting the past, the past becomes a fuel and the reference is the future and the fuel is the past. Then the future has the correct direction and the past has the strength. It means that my evolution will impressively accelerate and simply because I change the route, I change the reference. This is a great change for humanity at this point in time, if I reference myself in the past, the future looks dark, uncertain, dangerous and frightening. Instead if I reference myself in an absolutely bright future and full of purpose, my past will be constantly liquefying and will be permanently changing because what will be changing is the logic that holds it together. I will be eliminating the distortions of the past’s line observers. Then the past will enter in decomposition. This is the work we must do now, to be that, our purpose of the future, which is our best future, be equal to the purpose of the present, and we must take the equivalence to the purpose of the past. When we have this equivalence, like an equation that is matched through the present, that is the famous end of times. When the purpose, that has always existed, but that is going at the highest speed of this temporary opening, we begin to accept it. Is when we begin to accept that we have a route and that this route already exists. It is the best route for our existence We have loaded the experience, is like a fuel tank. What will happen next is that when these times converge, my past is my fuel and then it will be the fuel of my own enlightenment, if I am able to do this derivation. If I can to do the correct derivation, at the right time and meet my purpose, my past dissolves and it will become my fuel. That fuel will be managed by my future, my best future, and that will be the brightness in the center, because we will end up realizing that we don’t shine quite simply because we are unfolded. When we begin to conciliate this, we are preparing our physical body for our original self to come to inhabit it. The first thing we have to do is to change this body’s logic. To change the logic of the distortion for the logic of the purpose. We do this wonderfully well with the methodology. The first thing that happens is that we feel at peace, at great peace with the past. The second thing that happens is that we enter a much happier vibration, much more self-referenced, we don’t seek approval outside anymore and we start vibrating in a very particular way, in resonance with the purpose. Third step: reality mutates, but for that, we have to take the first step. We are never going to mutate a reality when we have a burden of suffering. Impossible, there’s no way. So then, first thing, we get out of suffering and we do this very easily: applying correctly the doubling’s law is very difficult to connect with a painful experience of the past. It is, I’d say, practically impossible. Everything changes places completely because the logic that held together that distortion, has been transformed into something else. We already know the purpose of each experience. Then by simply having this awareness, it stops hurting, period. And this not just happened to me, it has happened to many people I know and that are applying this in the correct way. So I simply invite you to have this possibility and through the methodology we will discover this in this path, step by step, because as I’m telling you, this happens to be from now on, humanity’s heritage. So everyone, whether they decide to return or to stay but the road will be open, walkable, it will be absolutely logical, we will be using both hemispheres at all times, we will bridge what is the corpus callosum. Another important thing is that we don’t need to operate through beliefs. Beliefs are not necessary, THEY ARE NOT NECESSARY, beliefs are choices made in the past and who knows by whom.Then Then for what reason we will not choose something in the present? For what reason we will be comparing what happens to what should happen? What it will just do is hinder the possibility of change. So beliefs is a way to operate that makes no sense, NO SENSE, only be programs’ puppets or of great manipulators, nothing else, nothing else. Beliefs are good for nothing. We can absolutely go without them; it is simply a matter of reference, nothing more. So this has to do with a way to operate with the references of the past. When one drops that identity, which is a totally virtual identity and takes the identity of that “Y” axis at the zero point. “Y” at the zero point: what word does it form up? The word “YO” ( “I” in Spanish) right? “Y” at the zero point, there you realize that it is a very clean way to define what the word “I” is. It is the axis of the Self at the zero point, and from what I’ve told you so far, you already know what it is capable of doing: is mutating the maximum past with the maximum future, so now you understand why it is so important to be in the present. So many people have said it; so many teachers have spoken of this through metaphors, now we understand it from physics. And from physics, since there is logic involved, this becomes teachable, learnable and applicable. These are very important qualities that we now need to implement this return, this return to the source. So this first part ends here, and when you resume the next video, what we’ll do is to do is start directly with the methodology and through the methodology’s presentation , step by step, you will begin to understand each plane and each frequency more deeply and how this flow of time acts, but to enter the methodology we must know what it’s about. This is the meaning of making this introductory video. I hope you’ve liked it and been able to enjoy it. Thank you.




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