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Virginia Ratify the ERA

educate and thanks all of you for coming
out on this really difficult not sliding on the sidewalk or anything great your
healthcare and it’s wonderful so one of the first things I’m wondering is how
many of you have fought this fight before were you around in the 70s we
believe I feel the different hands going up
and it was a civil rights issue back then and it is today it’s an issue of
individual race and as Virginians we tend to believe an individual race
we can’t believe in the individual persevering just like in the Declaration
of Independence right against the government essentially and if this is an
issue that has bipartisan support call it nonpartisan because it’s really about
allowing individuals to shine through this is the first time I’ve used this
particular so we’re going to see how it goes
thank you again here and the courage to make history this is going to take
courage for our lawmakers and for the citizens to speak with young but we
really believe the time is now there’s a lot of momentum to see on this historic
and equality rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United
States are by any State on account of sex I know you see it’s aimed at the
government it doesn’t restrict private actors and that’s the first thing that
scares a lot of people they can convey or their business is going to be
restricted or some new requirements and if they really doesn’t it’s aimed at
government bodies and actually here in Virginia we already have an equal rights
provision in our Constitution so it really won’t even restrict our state any
more than it already is on the right we have this lovely map of
the state to the ground away and here we are Nevada has ratified last year and
Illinois just ratified this year so if you went through this in the 70s you
probably know it takes 38 states to ratify a constitutional amendment
Congress passed overwhelmingly an item and then you need three quarters of the
states to ratify so 19th amendment when we got the right to vote Alice Paul and
your comrades immediately wouldn’t turn pivoted essentially to getting women
some additional rights but let’s just take a moment to think about that women
getting the right to vote why didn’t they are you have the right to vote
under the Constitution Constitution it gives people the right though right but
did male white landowners the right to vote and they have to amend it to give
women dad right so do we have any other right and it works 85 and you all
probably have seen a lot of historic photos and finally the women’s movement
in 1972 is passed by Congress the Congress attached a seven-year deadline
to it and they were doing that a lot with amendments at the time they were
accepting your deadlines among ratification and when that happened and
actually one of her fellow activists saw I was called my name because she knew it
would be very difficult to get and a lot of states that by right way
they were super excited but even though the deadline was extended until 1982
they only really seemed like if it stopped and a lot of people just oh my
gosh we fought so hard we didn’t get it bummer and they went and because of
statutes and rules and they you know women were getting empowered and they
were fighting as hard as they could to try and make it work somehow we had this
weird patchwork of rules to try and provide equal rights in our country and
it varies from state to state it varies between the states and the federal
government it’s not consistent there’s not one underlying consistent policy
either but in Virginia three law students at Lincoln Mary Law School Road
fabulous article saying wait a second Congress is just a legislature like any
other if they passed a deadline why can’t they just get rid of potentially
and hey maybe even count states that ratifying the mean time because the
Supreme Court has passed has decided some cases in which they said that there
is a lot of congressional power of in the amending process and so let us share
in a modern ratified and ratified after an extensive set of committee hearings
and they went around the state the lawmakers pushing for
very hard they had council advises them all the way and they did a lovely job
Wow after a lot of input panels Illinois ratified it so if you’re doing
the math 35 plus 2 is 30 steps we need 38 states to ratify we need one more
just a lot of people look at the deadlines
the law students who won’t they never talk large article but now they’ve jumps
and lines to lead and they’re I mean is that something huge in emotional but
their position is actually was just a pellet essentially by Mark herring the
Attorney General of the state of Virginia and a letter that he came out
with this summer he said I can’t think that Congress couldn’t remove the
deadline or excited and could the the other position is could the deadline be
invalid if it’s in this it’s like a package around the amendment it’s like a
law that contains some extra sort of procedural language and that those
lawyers would say is a law and you put it down on the wall
the Constitution doesn’t say anything about deadlines so some people would
argue ok didn’t really address them but maybe the fact okay one thing I’m not
sure you dealt with my slides is there is extra question which someone may
bring up some states tried to rescind their ratification what does that mean
they brought it back they said yes women men anymore right oh no they can’t
backsies but the Supreme Court has generally not allowed that to happen and
in fact for the 14th amendment when the 14th amendment was passed Congress
counted states that had rescinded their ramifications and that stood the test of
time so if Congress wants to count states that have rescinded it is
generally why they believed by attorneys that that would be okay those recisions
would be invalid it was a big state that tried to some sentence graph
occasionally the same issue Congress has a lot of control over the living process
if it wants to cut the states taken countless states it’s having ratified
okay so we have a lot of history come and help us lobby in Richmond or if you
talk to lawmakers or whatever it might be these
are some lovely points to make they speak to Virginia’s values our bill of
rights first ten amendments of our Constitution
we’re largely written by James Madison based upon the Virginia Declaration of
Rights which was written by George Mason we have a lot of Virginia history
amendments what was the bill of rights all about it was about preserving
individual rights and liberties against potential incursion by the government so
when our own Virginia Constitution number one contains an equal rights
clause would it be great if we just bring it full circle and bring all
individuals within the Bill of Rights bring women clearly within the
Constitution and here’s some more talking points all people have created
equal this is just basic America’s the greatest nation on earth don’t you
believe in and reading all constitutions practically for us on Arabia United Arab
Emirates independent women equal rights why are we a company like that we should
really be in company with the other four modern nations of the world we believe
in basic effects on governmental power that is what this is some lawmakers to
say they’re worried about federalism I think their concern is misplaced I
believe this is a check on governmental power the power to discriminate
unreasonably okay and do you own a business
all of the major tommy burns have done Studies on this you know some of them
were worried what would happen with gender
the workforce as good as this bad what with this do they have shareholders to
protect and Deloitte has done studies McKenzie has done studies
PricewaterhouseCoopers has done studies and they have all found an increasing
gender equity actually increase experience for metastatic product and it
increases net corporate profits and that is because you’re essentially empowering
additional people to become redundant and so and they’ve shown actually
enormous benefits to the bottom line going to the economy so also it’s great
for companies that might want to relocate into Virginia or Amazon or look
at multinationals it’s more predictable for them it’s more profitable for them
and they can probably similar models here that they would follow in Europe or
other countries okay alright state constitution we talked about this we’ve
had a quality in our own State Constitution for almost half a century
has this guy followed I mean we have equal break it’s a very clear equal
rights provision in the Virginia Constitution no one has seen anything
negative and this this speaks to why wouldn’t want equal rights that’s a
question Caroline what’s what’s the opposition the opposition I think is
rooted in America that used to be and I understand that people have nostalgia
Bobby knows best you know there’s a bit of a patriarchy
in a lot of systems that we have but not every family is the same not
every economy is the same and I think the world has changed that America has
changed with it some people might be concerned that additional gender equity
would have negative effects because they’re worried people were worried
about any sex bathrooms well guess what you can go to any McDonald’s and they
often have no sex bathrooms and it’s just very common these days sometimes
you’ll see them in airports it’s a pan like that and you know in North Carolina
had to vote benefits bathrooms law because it was losing companies that
were coming to Virginia and that’s that’s an example of the American fence well our horses are now full of drilling
female members of our military one of my favorite members of our coalition is a
ten year veteran of the Air Force people our women are entering the military
voluntarily and thankfully the government doesn’t have a drought and
they’ve never enforced a draft I mean fortunately in America we just haven’t
had to do that and so it seems really really speculative and at this point we
have a ton of volunteers so yeah I would be happy to hear if anyone has other
opposition arguments that they’re that they’re concerned about and we can do
some Q&A activists all right so we’ve gone over this longevity consistency and
justice for all I’ll talk a little bit more about
longevity cos we really didn’t discuss that so statutes can be rolled back
judicial interpretations can be diluted I’m a lawyer so totally geek out here on
you for just a minute it’s a please humor me people say why would this make
a difference we have people pay ax and some kind of
discrimination protections why do we really need this the 14th amendment
thanks to refit Pittsburgh and how their attorneys had that time before she
became that for justice they brought cases and they usually had a male
plaintiff to try and help the justices for themselves in their shoes and they
did bring a lot of cases and they persuaded the government to interpret
the 14th amendment as giving us some protection against discrimination it’s
not the highest level of protection against discrimination basically the
government comes up with a decent reason that sounds like it might be okay for
the discrimination reasonably important than makin discriminate that’s not the
highest level of discrimination which is accorded to racial discrimination or
religious discrimination or discrimination based on national origin
or basically any other important protected class so if you’re
discriminated against because you were a guy you adopted a child and brought the
child to America and that child is at risk of deportation you can get
discriminated against because you’re not the mother in the past if it’s
discrimination if a guy was trying to get benefits as a military spouse or my
friend channeling our coalition was trying to get a government credit card
maybe a decade or so ago and she got a different credit history when she
divorced her entirely my husband was a lower rank than here in
Lexington and that was discrimination pure and
simple she just got caught up in a discriminatory classification crazy
things happen much camera down but they still hurt so if we have it has an
amendment that sends a signal if it signals the courts it takes judges it
signals juries but this is our principle that we as the United States of America
I believe in equal rights for men and women if the underlying principles that
are in our Constitution help inform judicial decisions and that makes a
difference and it makes a difference across the board okay I’m gonna try and
get through this to y’all can have some questions okay and we are gonna do this
awesome cause direction asking Virginia friends were influential in Republicans
districts out some state lawmakers to ratify the era so that’s what’s really
purchasing but I’m gonna explain to you we actually have Republicans as well as
Democrats supporting this legislation we have to support the Republicans for
supporting it they need to be able to say I got this many calls it’s generally
their party that has they actually introduced the Equal
Rights Amendment originally and they supported it for years but then under
Phyllis Schlafly it was sort of rolled back a lot of these fears arose so those
who are brave enough to support it now again we really need to help them by
giving them calls so that they can tell their comrades look I got a hundred
calls today or this week those who are not supporting it again
we need to pressure them and let them know that their constituents believe in
equal rights for all make a super widget if you really want to help this is kind
of a fun way we’d like to get about four or five hundred people to descend on
Richmond mention eerie night brings the color big crane movement which is purple for one more day we can help make
appointments with lawmakers or unnerve so you can just kind of roam the halls
we’ll probably up rallies we’ll have it to Kevin’s house whereas lunches dinners
etc we will be there leading president enrichment it’ll be very peaceful we did
this we’ve done this in the past being ratified the Armada or is the statewide
campaign and they will be taking sign up and we haven’t took the nova offshoot
group which is this psychic down in Seneca equal rights Network and I
believe you all the handout which has this in it he’s very good yes so you
might be wondering who’s behind what they’re letting stretch how can we get
through this it’s like resolutions who are going to
be the leading sponsor six-year plan Sturdivant is a Republican Scott Sarah
go is M crack and Roslyn tangents Democrat Leinster event is free and his
committee who’s gonna be writing the VA ratify the area class which is wrapped
in the logo and is touring around the state lots of fun
as editor Stewart is another Republican it’s also done the same although it’s
mainly the Democrats who can write it because they have a little easier time
politically not giving too much pressure when they do this ginger Colonel Floyd
and harmony Allah are two of the newest youngest members and they’ve been
essentially a sort of a diverse cast that you know is breaking this forward
into the new millennium and Jennifer’s doing a lot of his writing of the bus
became she came to vote we had a law and business
the RA at William and Mary Ross School where this whole idea began we just had
that this weekend it was fabulous and amazing but we also had the business and
legal leaders to come around the state Luke Torian is also one of the oldest
friends of the computer is we need to get these guys to send it to the floor
what does that mean the floor is where everyone comes and Florida house now you
have a floor on the Senate side and what’s happened in the past if it
doesn’t reach the floor if everyone votes we actually win we have enough
votes between Democrats and Republicans we will win in both chambers but they
keep the wheel of the leadership likes to bottom committee and reassure them
that enough people who really want this that’s why the bus tour that’s why the
huge momentum this year so I think I think this is working we would like them
to pass she is the chair of the privileges
Elections Committee on the Senate side and she always sends it to the floor she
receives the resolutions be airing resolutions she was sent to the floor of
we will get the book that you need if tell me that it’s sensitive to Ryan
McDougle link in this past session it will go he’ll die a stop and impending
death so we’re not gonna let that happen so we’re down to the house House Speaker
Kirk Cox he’s a very nice man he’s a very savvy guy and he’s listening to his
caucus he’s listening to the other Republicans and a lot of the Republicans
just saw their districts go a different direction it may want them to go in that
direction to to see if their seats they may want to move a little to the center
and this would be good the area is very much a centrist issue and it’s a
nonpartisan issue so this could be very good for them taking their seats we want
them to impression for cops to send the kids and the Rules Committee I’m not
just send it to mark polls religious elections committee we will die a sad
pathetic day so what I like it to go to Joe Bobo’s committee and Tudor Cox’s own
committee and probably taken way more to my question I’d like to know what
questions by Newtown did I cover the waterfront healthy chefs because okay
can I bring them to my place and the next few people just want to ask
a question tomorrow this is important this is our chance I actually have two
questions so what do you say to people in the same what rights do you want
women already have equal rights so it’s my first question and then my second
question is does the language in this account for trans the trans population –
may identify as women there’s pretty big questions I think the first question is
basically as if I say in general we would generally like the same legal
rights and our Constitution as as met happen and in general these days courts
tend to give us most of those but underneath intermediate level of
scrutiny because we’re not getting strict scrutiny by the courts what that
means is if there is a discriminatory law it’s some time stands even if it
injures people so there was there was a case no end where this fellas son had
been adopted adopted him from Vietnam essentially in brought into the United
States and the kid is basically a deportation limbo father doesn’t have
the same rights as their mother it’s not necessarily that it’s only women that
need equal rights so has been due to theirs
there are sometimes really compelling government reasons for discriminatory
laws because biologically generally men women are different
we want the important to only allow laws to stand when there is a compelling
reason not just when there’s an excuse which is what they can do right now
because so I recognize that’s a very general statement but I can’t possibly
list every single what I’ve been going through the entire mess efficiency like
this rate of my enemies it would just be clearer if we were clearly within the
Constitution and then your second question is a really great one because
it’s very important to a lot of people and it is virus fear and a lot of people
so ever since of burgerphile which is a recent Supreme Court case
other people have had increased rates very and generally I think a lot of
people remember some of interviews however there is a good question
if women and men have greater equality what does that mean for people whose
gender might be different or maybe trans or have you know there’s a whole
spectrum of identification and no one can answer that for certain that you’re
gonna look all my questions all my answers sound like this don’t you you
can have that for certain but the amendment is written that there will not
be discrimination on the basis of sex and in legal precedent sex generally
means your biological sex at birth and so that could be very sticky for trans
people if the courts continue to apply that it’s not going to be very helpful
for them obviously you take you supporting organizations aren’t going to
be in the courts arguing that it doesn’t apply that it doesn’t fix it right and
some policy organizations will be in their heart and then it doesn’t increase
their rights we can’t really predict what’s going to happen because it’s
going to be some litigation for one bottom line yeah we don’t know but the
word that is in the amendment is sex it’s not gender gender it generally
means the full spectrum of identification and I would say that I’m
very like this church for enabling us to
discuss these issues these are important issues and I believe that in general
religious organizations often garbage to be supportive of equal rights for all
but in this case version we are talking just about people rights based on
biological sex I think we’ll see what the decide okay so my personal view is I
think Congress does have to extend or limiting the government however at our
symposium and the gospel there was a fascinating discussion our last panelist
two speakers one an academic a law professor the other one the pipeline law
partner who’s arguing about the bone abuse it’s in this area not the area
specifically which is various discrimination cases they both really
knew their stuff and the law professor also has eliminator and she was arguing
you know we should really go first to the courts and say that the demands in
Maryland and if you all are in Congress arguing that they should get rid of the
deadline present at almost you no harm the the argument of the courts because
she said the opponents of the area going to immediately go to the courts
and say the deadline was valid and this business taking place too long after the
initial passage and there she said we’ve got to be in the courts with our own
cases so that was interesting and watch there she wants to argue that the
deadline is likely valid because it’s not in the active language of the
amendment itself it’s just in the law that would wrap around the women and
it’s not provided for by the Constitution so fascinating again
guess what I have no answer I don’t know we’ll see what the courts do and we’ll
see what these lawyers do I know it’s just going to go to court she said she’s
got law students working break down the cases it’s going to happen so there will
be court cases but there will also be people going to lobby Congress so yes
that will happen and what’s going to happen in common grace all right – now
again there are people on both sides then I’d only support it was this
legislation right now in Congress we’ll just have to see if the last state
ratify fire I’m feeling very nonpartisan about this
issue but because they control our state legislature and we need their help I
would love to let them with us it was the same thing as far as I’m concerned
every politician needs to think about this as a person how do they feel about
their own family about their own daughters their nieces their cousins all
of them are probably have the average 70% of the grounds workers know they
want laws protecting memory that was still don’t have equal pay ways and it
depends on who I’m very race as well unfortunately is a white woman I’m
relatively privileged than about 80 cents and a man’s dollar if you have
chimeric unless 56 cents to a web installer and this is
it’s unfortunate man to some extent is it is it does to some extent result from
the occupations that we’ve segregated into but that’s not all self-chosen and
it doesn’t entirely result in that we have a statement of purpose
States Constitution explaining that we really believe in essentially equal
opportunity without regard to our sex that would be very much philosophy okay
sorry I strayed but I I think the thing is to not talk about we just can’t talk
about party it’s it’s a it’s an issue of people and as a Republican member of the
FX Board of Supervisors who may be a few creative points that are legal symposium
he said you know when our Declaration of Independence was passed that was a
radical document back then in imagined a world where we can have a government
based upon individuals not based upon being ultimately ordained by God but
based upon our own parents all of us pulling together as one when the Tavor
church is supporting us women have our institutions have faith they’re along
for the ride but really this was a country where we could have a government
of men money George Washington if you had his first term and then he stepped
down no time so maybe it’s rather want to think that women as well could be
included in all of this trade equality but maybe we’ve come to the point in in
society where we’ve reached the modern age some of the Supreme Court decisions
in recent years seem to indicate that they create women and it’s equal money
belong so let’s let’s just get it together there so in Congress if it had got like a
building to stuffing committee they can file and discharge positions does that
apply to houses too so I can we’re talking about if it’s like such that one
committee and elect eyes that’s a fitting death but could they just but we
don’t want to do it that way it’s almost you know like violating the leadership’s
rights we don’t want to we’re going to need Congress to be able to come up with
some nonpartisan solution we want both parties on board enthusiastically and so
it’s it’s considered in a very courteous world of Virginia politics it’s
considered the rather little way to do it so unfortunately we just can’t but
great question that’s a big question
so you remember on the first slide equality rights under the law I mean
that’s the area right there so equality rights under the law legal rights do men
have a right to an abortion I don’t think so
do men have a right to get the bill really wouldn’t help them not have
babies you know so what do they have them ready to culturally and in other
ways sometimes they just biologically different from us so it would be hard to
argue they were into X so we have an equal rate it is certainly in here in
the look absolutely fear and once again I don’t know in turn it’s going to go to
the courts it’s going to get a good importantly we’ll find out as far as I’m
concerned and as far as I think most people
our concern well we would like to get the rights that are there in the
Constitution our rights under the Constitution only a Constitution is the
Constitution is that founding document and we deserve replacing them that’s all
I can say we would like that new scrutiny and like
scrutiny of discriminatory step discriminatory laws rules so if the
government acts in a way that is discriminatory in some cases it has a
very good reason to do so there may be a reason a good reason for a particular
law I don’t want free prostate exams I mean
I just don’t let you know and there may be some things that don’t go very some
sort I don’t know there are certain things where we’re just generally
different looking based on sex and it’s hard for me to see how we could demand
for rights in this context some people might argue actually and it has a target
or there’s all kinds of crazy court cases out there if you look at one of
the 50 states lawyers have tried to make a lot of arguments but I keep coming
down to the fact that in Virginia having equal rights many under our Constitution
you have the same rights that men do and it has not led to any crazy consequences
why I think it’s because our courts are very passionate and I think our
judiciary was very careful and I think that when we passed the array if she
just shared throughout the country is going to be super careful because
they’ll know that any cases the famous side may be brought to the Supreme Court
so I think they’ll be cautious and I think we’ll get the precedence
yes well create some temporary terminal
we’re gonna help on these court cases that’s that’s the biggest issue I can
see quite honestly and I think that I can only see benefit frankly but there
will be a temporary period of time where there will be some unknowns and there
will be people caught up in litigation trying to find the right answers and
there will be some people who are really wedded to the status quo and that’s I
think the majority of the country will not in fact the majority of the country
wants the 14th amendment and most people are shocked that it didn’t pass and they
didn’t even realize that and Paul people about three quarters of people think we
have an Equal Rights Amendment and more than 90% of the people depends on the
pole and three percent in six percent want us to have an equal rights movement
it’s very popular people in America do believe generally
having just where we are right now I am NOT a mixed with other between interest
rates although there are people who like it were cases I think back in the 1980s
but none of them I think created great bother or problems I think there was
mainly which is one case testing as we did remain as part of the Constitution
but I don’t know I don’t know the other cases I have to ask my colleagues but I
can get back to Virginia but maybe mainly the issues that we’re facing a
federal and some other take that much more about something up in Virginia I see one way back you can have to consent but maybe actually a lot of the kinks in
junk custody cases haven’t worked out and in fact some of the cases that were
brought in order to try and remedy our laws or to ensure that men would also
have child custody rights because that actually still in some areas women got
an automatic preference and that didn’t seem really fair your father is
understandably I think the Equal Rights Amendment might have even more in some
areas with that but many areas have already addressed
that issue which is tomorrow my friend who is on the panel is going to be
bringing some cases against some very Bolivar Maryland Virginia but there are
some laws still on the books which are quite discriminatory and she actually
asked us not to list them in our talks because she doesn’t want to give it
heads up to the jurisdiction for she’s planning to sue however so I apologize
is it would doesn’t mean very specific case examples and I’m not giving them
but that’s intentional but there will be drama in some states that could be
we are a because they are unfairly discriminatory and classified based on
the sex rather than based on attributes first I have about the main concerns we
have today that’s public service is the possibly to be together to try and
repeal Roe vs. Wade would pass tra the other difference things are going to be
argument in court it’s a very real question for a lot of people it’s change
their minds I think they already know that that case
was decided based upon privacy rights and self-determination rights
we had no neon rain and so Roe versus Wade essentially it’s already on the
books and it was not exciting equal rights in women so you don’t need an
equal rights argument to have that case law outcome is going to have to be
something different that would happen to come over anyway because privacy rights
are not affected by the iron in self-determination or external affected
by the erm it would be its own amended based upon such the non-discrimination
arriving at some so I don’t think it would change things
personally they don’t really change things are there better words one way or
another as an attorney this is just my personal opinion there will be a trapeze
artists in both sites but but again it was passed based upon the privacy rights
of self-determination rights it was novella tre at that time had not
got a point so it probably but so he’s going to
create a shooter when I talk about the the turmoil there’s 70 litigation I
think I think we’re just in half get hold onto the Ryan events I think we’ll
come out the other end with greater women’s race and hopefully not affecting
other values that we care about can you and then I guess why I met the food that
I can visualize this to me and like in Ethiopia like in
Africa and they’re really struggling like to have women’s equal rights every
study that Prime Minister was like in The Washington Post it all over and the
first time he appointed the first woman president in Africa it’s kind of a
little symbolic but she’s very educated and also like the Supreme Court
president is a woman monoi girl I mean I judge and half his cabinets are women so
like when I hear this that it’s not an ink it was my constructor invocation well it’s funny and the lawyer I feel
super confident as I think they’re afraid of employers I think they really
are afraid you know it will affect your productive or social
issues gender equality in you know the full spectrum of gender or reproductive
rights I think there’s a lot of fear the difficulty is to meet and see all of
this hypothetical fear I have to give the players a very powerful creature
sort of A&R things get that but on the other side I see women who are not
reducible citizens in our Constitution which to me is insane and hilarious like
how can this be I feel the same disconnect as I think you do this is the
greatest nation on earth as many people want to reserve that vision that we have
of it how can we not have women is fully equal citizens and to me that’s a
greater issue what are we telling our daughters you
know I understand there are a lot of theories but I think this probably will
not come to pass on the other side the end we have both and we do we want
another generation of people as they don’t have equal rings that to
me it’s just very normal and and do not receive equal rights means they have
less ability to defend themselves against discrimination which comes
sometimes in the form of violence not just economic and justices there’s
another woman in their coalition who I’m not going to go into detail but
basically she suffered a great deal of violence and she was not able to have
full recourse in court and embarrassing presidents out there which if we had an
Equal Rights Amendment she actually would have greater force to the statute
so she was trying to use to explain what her attacker had done and so there are
cases in which it’s going to be harmful to people just to have a general
principle so lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which is a big step forward and the
tough whole there was an Equal Pay Act before deadboys a lot of women’s rights
activists were not super happy with because it involved some compromises
that they thought made it less helpful we sell boys to go and the Equal Rights
Amendment will make it easier to go to Congress go to state legislatures and
argue for additional pay equity where there are specific concerns we will have
an underlying principle on which we say on this basis you know we have a
suggestion page we have this great principle that our country believes all
people should have essentially equal opportunities against discrimination so
it will it will give us an additional backing argument essentially it’s not
going to do wait for Edgemont we’re going to have to then take it and use it
but it can be several in the back do you want you want the brain they were different because the
federal subsidies exist somehow their government especially was under
something can’t be Affordable Care Act assumptions a government program and I
think that people will use it again they’ll use it as an argument and
see how much ice companies might be a little concerned on the other if they’re
allowed to have raised that compensate them or for having to equalize and yeah
I might think it could definitely be an issue and I’m not going to say it might
not be there will be there will be attorneys out there making that argument
but it’s not going to be instant and it’s not necessarily buddy talked about
back to the litigation I talked about I can’t not but almost every day you can
almost every almost every answer is I’m not sure but yes was that what did
nothing out in the air anything exactly so how do you change you know
there any hope of changing minds of people who want to live by some of the very best do but there are
people who have viewed that the Bible requires a charity there are many people
who don’t invest lying you know in some some religions you may
have great roles for women or my participation and just more equitable
treatment I think yeah I mean there’s some churches like the Mormon Church has
excommunicated people for being area listening or even advocating for it
there’s nothing we can do about people’s deeply held religious beliefs except to
talk to people who are willing to listen and to ask them what would you do if you
were in our shoes how have you build and this is right I
mean women get grades that are expose or better than men
I’m graduating universities and raised there
and not drop out and basically the world has changed
they’re an enormous part of our workforce and we’ll do it in diagnosis
children it’s amazing to me but we should recognize this this reality we
are right now racing against North Carolina ladies and gentlemen and I
think we’re going to win them but in Arizona distinct possibility there’s
some other students that are definitely candid but I think I think it’s between
us and North Carolina is where I think the real competition is I think we can
beat them yes well it would be great but I’m just
I really now in his white in this position the
something they decided to roll isn’t on the house side they ascended for
volitional errands everyone that you give the officer it’s okay
they’ve already so we basically legged it everyone can
reach out to their own state lawmakers everybody has a state delegate at the
state senator and that would not be Tennessee no Marquart
so whoever your state delegates your state senator reach out to them in
Northern Virginia most people are very supportive of hearing almost uniformly
but it’s good to have a child find out what their position is and tell them if
you support it that will help strengthen their position again because they can
tell others how many people contacted them but then if you have friends in
other parts of the state I don’t I don’t care what we have the state of this ask
them to do the same because in every area if they have an area supporter who
they who is there for their members of the state legislature
you are helping support there doesn’t matter what party they are more anymore
they are there to represent us and when they hear from us they are more likely
to do as we’re asking right that’s that the whole principle behind some of these
new movements is they’re contacting their lawmakers a lot why because they
know that the lawmakers respond to that they’re interested they want to know

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