Virginia Residents Fed Up With Liberals – Buy Billboard To Defend Their Constitutional Rights
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Virginia Residents Fed Up With Liberals – Buy Billboard To Defend Their Constitutional Rights

This billboard is hands-down the best thing
I’ve seen all week! This week we told you about the liberal tidal
wave that has plunged Virginia into chaos. The D.C. swamp has flooded the once-patriotic
state, leading to a Democrat majority in their government. The home of so many Founding Fathers is now
overrun with left-wing hatchetmen, eager to strip away residents’ rights. Their pro-abortion governor has promised insanely
strict gun laws. This includes a bogus law that will take away a citizen’s firearms
without due process. Over 90% of the state has passed Second Amendment
sanctuaries to combat this agenda. Now, citizens are fed up and are fighting
back with billboards. From Daily Wire: A slew of pro-Second Amendment billboards
have started to pop up around Virginia raising awareness of the radical anti-gun agenda that
Democrats in the state are prepared to impose on law-abiding citizens with the backing of
billionaire Michael Bloomberg. 90% of the state has responded by declaring
itself a “sanctuary” from the Democrats’ anti-gun rights agenda. Billboards have been popping up across the
state of Virginia. They are warning citizens of the encroaching day that Gov. Northam will
try to take away their guns. Of the many far-left gun laws he wants to
push, the worst might be his confiscation law. This law will empower a court to take away
a person’s firearms if he is considered a “risk.” The law is so vague, it will give the courts
the power to disarm a person who hasn’t even committed a crime. This is not only a violation of your Second
Amendment rights, but a violation of due process. Northam wants all Virginians guilty until
proven innocent. Hmm… sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? (Because that’s exactly what Democrats are
doing to President Trump right now!) Citizens are fighting back. These billboards
are spreading the word. All law-abiding residents need to know what’s going on. They better protect themselves now and voice
their outrage. Before Northam can slip these bogus bills into law. It’s going to be a dark 2020 for the state
of Virginia. The only hope is that, come November 2020, they can get rid of as many of these
liberal politicians as possible.

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