Volvo Trucks – How the EU legislation on CO2 emissions will affect the transport industry
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Volvo Trucks – How the EU legislation on CO2 emissions will affect the transport industry

From now on, the entire truck industry
must double the pace of development in order to achieve this
significant CO2 reduction. At Volvo Trucks we think
this is a positive and necessary step towards more sustainable transport. Our job is to help our customers
to go through this transition and at the same time remain profitable. We know that our customers
are very interested in new technology, but at the same time, this could be
a challenge for profitability. Especially in a business
with small margins, that will limit the opportunities
to invest in new technology. To help haulage companies
to do their part, we think it’s important
to combine the new requirements with financial incentives. We believe that this
will be good for everyone, because this will push new technology
to the market in a more rapid pace and this will benefit the customer
and it will, of course, benefit society. We are ready for the future
and we will help our customers in their transformation going forward. This is why we have chosen to develop
many different fuel-efficient solutions specifically adapted
for each customer’s needs. We continue to invest heavily
in new technology such as alternative drivelines,
electromobility, LNG and biogas. Since more efficient diesel trucks
will also have their role to play, we will continue to
develop our whole range to make them more aerodynamic, make the engine more fuel-efficient
and many other solutions. We know that from now on our customers
will experience a growing pressure for them to reduce their CO2 emissions. We strongly believe that companies who choose to adapt to new
business models early on will benefit from that and be
better prepared for the future.


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