Voters From All Parties Want Congress To Push PROGRESSIVE Legislation
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Voters From All Parties Want Congress To Push PROGRESSIVE Legislation

According to new poll conducted by politico,
the majority of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans believe that a top priority
for Congress should be finding ways to lessen the student loan debt burden here in the United
States and also increasing funding for k through 12 public education majority’s very strong
majorities of both parties, including independence, a believe that those should be priorities
for Congress, reducing student loan debt and giving more money to our schools, and the
reason I’m bringing that up is because this is just the latest in what is becoming a very
long line of polling data that shows that the majority of people in this country left
right and everything in between. Overwhelmingly support progressive policies. Reducing student loan debt has been a hallmark
of the left for a very long time. Not The center left, but the good left the
people to the, I guess you’d call far left who have been talking about student loan debt
for years, but been ignored by those people on the left who are closer to the center. It’s the same thing with Medicare for all
overwhelming support. Another new poll came out today showing that
there was massive support for a medicare for all plan polls show the majority of people,
including Republicans, want a green new deal. They want to expand social security. They’re okay with expanding Medicaid. All of these are progressive ideals that progressive
candidates have been pushing. So the big question is, what is the hold up
Congress? You have your mandate, you have your polling
data, you see what the American public is wanting you to do. And yet here we are with Nancy Pelosi leading
the House of Representatives and rather going full tilt on a green new deal. She creates this second select sub committee
on climate, Ocasio-Cortez, even though she spearheaded the green new deal with help from
the sunrise movement. Um, she’s not gonna be a part of it. They’re not going to have subpoena power. They’re not going to be able to look into
this. They’re not going to be able to do that. So yeah, way to, you know, really water it
down for literally no reason. Their Polo. See you had the public behind you. You had your midterm mandate, you had members
of Congress getting angry that it wasn’t happening, and so what did you do? You capitulated to no one and just said, you
know what, I’m going to water it down and make it not what it needs to be just because
why not I’m speaker now. You’re not going to be speaker for very long
if that’s how you continue to things. If you don’t bring up things like Medicare
for all debt free college, uh, the green new deal, expanding social programs, your tenure
as speaker is going to be shorter than it was the first time the American public has
spoken. And if Democrats want to get Republicans on
board with their party, then you got to go left. That is the only way to win. Poll after poll, after poll, after poll has
shown that to be the truth. You want to win over those Republicans. The answer doesn’t lie in the center of the
aisle. The answers are all on the far left.


  • David Timmer

    Education, the green deal, housing, Student loan debt, and Social Security. Those are very important issues! They should be focused on. But Trump and the Alt Right just don't care about progress, all they want is blind puppets to manipulate.

  • CyberPrime 935

    Time to stop watering it down Pelosi. Its more about doubling down on what the people want. Don't blow. #DemandChange #CallPelosi

  • Randy Pederson

    But you're missing the point , ignoring the progressives and voters was ALWAYS THE PLAN for after they got elected. Those old white men and Pelosi are well overdue to be retired if they aren't Primaried first.They just wanted to get through this election and will all probably leave before 2020 because they will soon see that it's time for them to be gone one way or the other.

  • BernardSanders

    This is to funny and how many people were surveyed in this poll? there's no way to determine if the MAJORITY of Americans feel this way maybe in New York and California

  • N G

    Meanwhile, in Congress …

    The Republicans: OMG VENEZUELA!!!1!

    The Democrats: That's a great question, and we're committed to making sure people have access to access access access.

  • janeen harris

    American politics still functions at the level of "Reds under the beds". It's a throwback from the McCarthy era. Socialism is a dirty word so the government wants to rely on private enterprise to handle everything, including education. It sort of goes against the concept of education for all. It's as if those in government don't believe in what government is for.

  • BernardSanders

    f you live in Sweden, chances are you're already acutely aware of how difficult it can be to find somewhere to live. You may also be aware of it if you don't. In the last few years, the term "housing crisis" has become closely associated with the Nordic nation, in particular though not limited to capital city Stockholm. But just how did the situation occur in the first place, how bad is it really, and are there any indications that it will be fixed?

    Complaints about the difficulty of finding somewhere to live in cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg are nothing new (The Local has been writing about it for a decade), but these days Sweden's housing shortage is seen as a nationwide problem. According to the country’s National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket), 255 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities now report a housing shortage. That's the highest amount since the agency started recording figures in the area.

    In the two years between 2015 and 2017 alone, the number of municipalities reporting shortages increased by 72, and for the most part the negative trend isn't predicted to change in the near future. At the current rate of production, only 44 of the 255 with a shortage will exit from a shortage situation within three years.

    So how did Sweden arrive at its current situation in the first place?

  • BernardSanders

    A life-threatening lack of resources

    Expressen is dismayed by the conditions in a country that calls itself a welfare state:

    “Not even children are spared in this crisis. At Stockholm's new Karolinska Hospital a third of the beds are empty and one in ten of the operations on children has been cancelled this year. … The acute problem is the shortage of nurses. It is forcing hospitals to leave beds unused. … Never before has so much money been allocated to the healthcare system, but it is being misused. The Social Democrats in Stockholm want people to come to the polyclinics for regular health checks. In other words completely healthy people use up resources that can barely cover the needs of the sick. The chronic crisis is undermining trust in the politicians. The question is whether Sweden can continue calling itself a social welfare state when children are dying unnecessarily.”

  • BackAndStillBgMsDangerus Dangerus

    But it's easier to manipulate and control the masses if they're poorly educated. The primary in 2016 has proven that. DeVos was appointed to speed the decline.

  • BernardSanders

    why do these leftist socialist channels claim that the majority of Americans feel this way what did they do go out and interview 100 people and cook the polls like they did in 2016? #FAKENEWS

  • Jay Bax

    This type of Democratic/Pelosi Bashing from our own left is how we lose elections.
    You may offer your opinions but you should keep the bashing to yourself or get the H*!! off Youtube. I hope I made myself crystal clear!

  • sXehero137

    Spread the word:

  • BernardSanders

    Free health care is just giving gamers a good reason to stab each other when they have temper tantrums like what happened in Orlando

  • Rob M

    Republicans and education do not go together! Republicans despise education, that's why their so fearful of the Democrats who are far more educated no doubt!

    Look at their voters and you can see much evidence of this, especially all across the southern states!

    Because their voters are so ignorant, uneducated and uninformed, it's unreal!

    I have never seen so many ignorant voters as I see voting for republicans!

    And republican politicians just love the ignorant uneducated voter, it keeps them in office since more ignorant people don't know any better than to vote republican against their own interest because republicans are constantly lying to them and deceiving them!
    And with the ignorant voter, you can tell them anything and lead them almost anywhere!

    And they haven't figured out that there is more out there in the 🌎 world!

    Like an education!

  • Dave G

    Remember politicians only listen to the corporate millions dumped on the to vote for donor written legislation. Pelosi sucks the most dick, she gets the most bucks!

  • Flashy Paws

    you guys are stunned that your revolutionary, radical, progressive agenda represents the middle, huh.
    you thought you were cooler than that, didnt you.
    turns out that all your super-keen intelligence and insight, all the introspection and philosophical torture you endured to find truth brought you straight back around to the mainstream.
    ha. tards.

  • Wayne Plaisted

    These are Supposed to Civil servants which means they're supposed to work for us we pay their checks but they only seem to work for themselves and corporations.they are not people i don't give a Dam what they say they don't Breath,no Heart beat ,no pulse .no morals They don't do the job the people put them there for it's time for them to go . It's{ WE THE PEOPLE }not We The Corporations .

  • Marc St.james

    who funds this channel? and why does he try to divide democrat from democrat….. who funds you Mr. Cousins and wanna say why it matters? Sound like Tucker Carson trying to get people to go to his tea party i dunno [perhaps you serve green tea doesn't matter… so who's your friends there, Ring of fire?

  • Dan Ames

    While Retards justified giving the Government over to​ Trump and the GOP.also,What u Want… Doesn't mean SHIT unless you have Realistic goals of achieving it.
    Good bye Liberal Dead weights who fought against Trump being IMPEACHED

  • Witchbell

    No matter what side of politics we're on we all want life in America to improve. So we should have representatives that strive to make good decisions to improve things. Congress right now is filled with people bought by huge corporations who care only about money. We need to get these people out of office on both sides.

  • Draconic Gaming

    “The answers are not in the center. The answers, are on the far left.”

    In any other country, that would be called center left. The US is one of the few center/far right countries in the developed world, mainly from hysteria during the Cold War and McCarthyism, which is the main reason we are even right wing, in the first place. Ted-Ed did a whole video on McCarthyism, and it’s rather fascinating. Give it a look 🙂

  • PIAZI123

    The only policies that need to be pushed are the ones that are good for families and not only the well being of the country but that of the world. Don't care what you call it but without inclusion of the rest of the world it is going to be the same as is. Pretty faces that could spin better.

  • 73151cb

    We need less war and military spending. Pelosi is becoming a disaster. She is doing what she is doing because she is getting paid.

  • skulldeath23

    ok that all good but where's the polling data for oh I dunno IMPEACHING TRUMP HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED NOW and yes its great that the country is back good ideas but im still calling for the IMPEACHMENT OF TRUMP

  • Sandy

    if people stop playing their partisan games, we would discover we have more in common than differences. I was a teacher, bring back civics, history, governments, Ban all phones from school except at lunch.

  • Mandy B

    To a European, your perception of "far left" is bewildering. "Far left policies" in America are to us, if not accepted across the board, then considered centrist or maybe just mildly socialist policies. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but that's usually more to do with recent history than lack of desire to care for one's countrymen.

    Making our students pay for their courses and forcing them to take out loans happened here, rather ironically under a supposedly socialist govt (because of our US-loving, idiot PM, wannabe bff of Bush. Says it all.) It's one of the most despised policies of the 21st Century and we're constantly nagging our MPs to just write everything off. It puts many bright kids off from going to uni at all, and we're going to pay for it down the line, not necessarily financially. Even some right-wing MPs are backing the writing off of student debt as an absolute minimum. Every country (including my own! Grrr!!!) should provide free education from cradle to grave, as it were. By the latter part of that I mean giving free retraining for older workers who've just lost their jobs. I don't mean a short course, which is the most common outcome, but the financial ability to spend a few years training if necessary. We need to have the right workers for our industries, whatever they're doing.
    It's going to take a couple of generations for every country's govt to understand just where its future lays. To do it successfully, we cannot demand that our students from nursery school to tech college or university bolster the govt's pockets while eventually becoming just what the govt wants. The sooner we (every country with a non-free education system) fix it, the better the world's chances of dealing with the changes which will very soon be upon us.

  • Mieke Bruin

    Education for all. Healthcare for all. Does are things even the far right and the most conservative person in the Netherlands are not against.
    In the US they only say it is socialist to have an excuse. It means the private sector will profit less. So they profit less.
    Why do you think they are privatize the public school under Trump.
    Not for better education.

  • Dave

    Voters want low taxes and high handouts. Politicians giving voters what they want to boost their careers is sending this country down the tubes

  • Trumpfraud Lens

    i told evryone pelosi ws in Trump's grasp. i didn't like her when she turned against Maxine fir calling for trumps impeachment! out i rather have ocasio, Maxine, Bernie or warren as the speaker.

  • Alex Martinez

    If you guarantee a payment for a service to a business ergo schools or hospitals. What would you do with the price of that payment if you were in charge of that business? Yep. Increase that price.

    It has already been happening for decades upon decades. The failure of left wing economics…and now you want to double down?

    I think not.

  • waffledude111111

    i am confused, is it that this sub committee not going to have subpoena power, or something?

    Someone needs to ask Pelosi, at the next townhall/Q&A session, face to face, "with the people watching, are you going to say you endorse the green new deal and pledge into it?" or something like that.

  • Trollkiller botsmacker

    Meachum so smart

    The guy who wrote the memo that first led to bush giving emergency powers to our president was on CNN today. That set the precident that allows trump to do this!
    He was asked if he still held that opinion? He reiterates saying, that yes and that congress and the senate could impeach! But what he just did was combine the two branches of congress and senate into one power and gave president a single power! That's the problem we find ourself in! He Broke the constitution! No idiots please!

  • PinkPonyOfPrey

    So there is a huge majority on the issues to go with progressive values but 300,000,000 americans can't chase 300,000 or whatever in the political machinery out of the bubble of Washington DC? Well, then you deserve it!

  • COWBOYS fan1980

    The people we send to Congress to represent us come up Very short the majority of the time. Its getting old a lot of these Congress men and women have been in there position way to long. Time to get new blood in there for the sake of the country.

  • Michael Coville

    Great. Now we just have to get those same people to vote for progressive candidates instead of people like Mitch McConnell.

  • OrionPax09

    While I'm glad that more and more people are supporting policies that will help this country and its people, we still have a long road ahead of us. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of them love their hog trough of corrupt money, and they will do anything to avoid relinquishing it.

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