• Shelly - Cottage Farm Bear

    Actually ITS TIME FOR MOTHERS To Parent Their Own Kids, Men To Care For The Property ETC ETC !!! Can’t you all see what has happened?? The state instead of We The People Is IN CONTROL. Take control back!!

  • Sumumma Bish

    republicans are DEPENDANT on brown people to raise their kids!
    But, cant stand them cuz they are brown.
    republicans are INSANE…

  • Free Speech

    I have friends who are closing their businesses because of idiotic liberal fascist policies. Only fascists want to dictate how much a business owner, one person, must pay the others, other people, by gun point. This used to be called extortion. Now it is just Communism. Liberals don't understand economic but only vote buying. Every cities they rule, they ruin people's lives and the same stupid people will still vote for them while complaining about the lower quality of living standard and higher crime rates. Hence the term libtards.

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