Walter Williams: State vs Federal Power
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Walter Williams: State vs Federal Power

James Madison, the acknowledged “Father of the Constitution” when he was explaining the constitution and he said that the powers that we gave the federal government are few and well-defined, and those left to the people and the States are indefinite and numerous. I think that all the States should recognize that the power lies with the states, not with the federal government. The States created the federal government the federal government did not create the States.


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  • bluewater454

    That is all fine in theory.
    The states have willingly given up their powers to the federal government in order to get federal money. If the states want Title IV money, they have to accept Title IV standards for welfare, child support, ect.,.
    Want federal education money?
    …you have to accept federal education standards.
    That is how it works.

    The negative consequences of federal taxing and spending have been more than just racking up insane amounts of debt. Here is another reason to cut off the feds ability to tax and spend.

  • EABOY2600

    The Fed's got greedy and said fuck those states we run this shit we taking money and bating y'all with your money lol y'all don't control the Senate by appointments anymore lol! the feds shit all over the states.

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