Was Obama Right About Gun Control?
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Was Obama Right About Gun Control?

On the 5th January 2016, President Obama unveiled
new gun control laws, to protect American citizens. The President announced his executive orders
to forcibly implement new gun control measures, bypassing Congess’ opposition to these changes. Obama wants to control the sale of firearms
at gun shows and flea markets, so that all sellers must be registered and licensed, and
put in place mandatory background checks on buyers. In an emotional plea, Obama recalled the events
of the Sandy Hook Massacre, street violence in Chicago and other recent killings, to stop
the loss of innocent lives. But millions of right-wing supporters claim
that Obama’s decision is an infringement of the second amendment. Is there an ulterior motive to the limitation
of American citizens’ constitutional rights? In, 1791, American Statesman James Madison
wrote the American Bill of Rights. This bill includes the second amendment, which states
that “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right
of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. The Bill of Rights was thought necessary to
protect the civil liberties of individuals and impose limits of government power. Influenced
by the British Empire’s former rule over the US, the bill was enforced to stop other
Tyrannical governments. Many of the founding fathers believed that
to keep the Government in check, its citizens should also own firearms. And this policy has come in use. The Battle
of Athens, Tennessee, 1946, saw between 700 and 2000 citizens overthrow a corrupt local
regime, using firearms after having their voting rights restricted. This event is often used as proof that an
unimpeded second amendment is necessary, to protect US citizens’ freedoms. The US Libertarian party argues that because
most of the 18th century revolutionaries used their own guns during the War of Independence,
today’s gun owners should be treated the same as their forefathers, and without condemnation. Many pro-gun groups such as the NRA, the Citizens
Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Gun Owners of America agree with the
Libertarian argument. The Republican Party is also passionate in its belief of upholding
the second amendment in its entirety. Dr. Jermoe Corsi, political commentator for
the Tea Party movement has even made the controversial claim that the registration of firearms is
comparable to Hitler’s registration of Jewish citizens. And that this registration is the
first step towards confiscation, and an oppressive tyrannical government. But is a tyrannical government really a threat
in the 21st century? Arguments can be made that the Obama regime
has already committed acts against the constitution whilst in office. In 2011 Yemen, 4 US citizens including 16-year-old
US Abdulrahman al-Awlaki were killed in a drone strike authorized by the President.
All were killed in due course and their right to a fair trial. And there’s also the revelation of the NSA’s
invasion of U.S. citizens’ privacy, whereby the US Government monitored the public’s
emails, phone calls and chat logs. The F.B.I even invaded the privacy of Occupy
Wall Street activists, simply because protesters were exercising rising their right to free
speech. These sort of violations are angering people
further to the possibility of government control over their weapons. A 2013 study conducted by the PEW Research
centre found that 57% of American gun owners believed that stricter gun laws would give
too much power to the government over average citizens. But the statistics behind President Obama’s
tears can’t be ignored. Since 2013, there have been at least 161 school
shooting in America, which averages at nearly one a week. Nearly 30,000 Americans killed
by firearms every year put America, as of 2013, at the top of the list of deaths per
100,000 people among similarly developed countries. After the Oregon school shooting in October
2015, in which 9 people were murdered, President Obama had to give his 15th speech during his
time in office about mass shootings. And during the Presidents second term as commander-in-chief,
1,260 people have people killed in mass shootings around the United States. Combined with the statistic that American’s
make up less than 5% of the population, but own 42% of the worlds privately held firearms,
it has resulted in the harrowing fact that children between the ages of 5 and 14 in the
United States, are 17 more likely to be murdered by firearms, than children in other industrialised
nations. It’s these statistics that Obama hopes to
change by using his executive powers. However, with his presidency coming to an end, will
the recent gun laws result in any material long-term changes?


  • kimberly cross

    How many were psyops perpetrated by the CIA to make Americans want gun control so they would feel safer! Part of the UN agenda 21 and the global government initiative(NWO)?

  • IKCP Headquarters

    In Britain its so hard to get a gun without a license and as a result there is hardly ever anyone getting shot over here, also the government doesn't have any more control over us than America's government has over the American people, I think the gun law in America should be more controlled but not out right illegal so it reduces the amount of death due to gun crime over there tbh

  • That Guy

    what i think is that there needs to be a back ground cheak before buying a gun and a gun safty class in schools. go guns!

  • Christian Hjelmstrom

    Funny. Brazil has the toughest gun laws in the continent, and some of the toughest in the world, and has the largest gun murder numbers: over 40000 deaths by firearms. Almost 60% of the guns circulating here are illegal, thanks to our poor border controls, and high internal gun traffic. The main reason why in US, thereare so many public shootings is because of a lack of public health service. Most families don't have money to pay an psychiatric hospital. So, the only way the US government care about mentally unstable people, is arreting them after they commited a crime.

  • naleek12

    First of all , why does everyone has a gun in america WTF ????
    what the hell really that's just very stupid !

  • Genesis Anguiano

    In my opinion, I feel that instead of having back ground checks, that we should be having mental checks with psychologist to see if there mentally stable to handle a gun. The reason why for this is because most mass shootings have shooters that have been under the influence on psychotic drugs or they were on it the day of the event. That's why I believe that we should take action on having mental state gun regulations instead, so we don't have innocent people hurt or traumatized.

  • Chris K.

    Yeah, there would be a long term change, things would be worse because criminals will still get guns illegally while nobody else would be armed. #MyGunRights

  • Harvoable

    In 1791, I don't think they had fully automatic firearms with ballistic tipped bullets in mind when they created the 2nd Amendment.

  • Marcus Kelly

    Criminals don't obey the laws anyway. Gun control only serves to deter and disarm those who will obey the law.
    More power to the criminals, I guess.

  • Kevin C

    Why do some europeans hate America for wanting to protect themselves when in Europe people are using knifes to kill.there will always be people that want to kill so why can't people protect themselves.some Canadians are proud to say we don't have gun like Americans do.criminals where using bomb there and I don't know about knife beings used but according to Canadians there is no killings there because no gun in killings.and in Europe it's a happy and fun place to be where there's no crime.I feel sorry for Europe I read one crime where a old lady was just doing her thing and a person went in her yard and be head her.

  • Rafaela Scheiwiller

    Im from switzerland and here, gun ownership is highly restricted and you need tons of license. ive only seen guns held by soldiers traveling, but never by private people. also gun shops are extremely rare. but, we have seven heads of state (all from different parties) and whenever we dont like something, we have to collect signatures and then vote about it. with this, nobody can become too powerful. i think its much better than citizens owning guns

  • Maisie Moo

    I don't understand America sometimes. I would feel very unsafe if my neighbours had guns or if the local police had guns. I live in Scotland ( Britain ) and I feel safe. I don't know anyone who has a gun. Unless their a farmer, who has to go through a strict background check. You can't have a gun without a license which is regularly checked upon. Me and my friends all say that we would love to visit America but are worried because a) guns and b) Donald Trump. It just worrying. Work on education and gun control. This is important. America has a gun problem. Although I'll try not to say that my country is perfect its not it has a knife problem. However i don't think its as bad as this video says the guns problem is in the US. !!!??? i love a lot of thing about US but yeh…

  • 9ED6F5E1

    you should need a door reason to buy a gun also you should have to register your guns and you must have no criminal record

  • Robert Brueck

    +alltimeconspiracies hey guys, i just wanted to point out President Obama DID NOT issue any executive orders to restrict firearms.He took "executive action" which sounds similar and many Mainstream outlets incorrectly reported this as executive orders. Whitehouse.gov list the Executive Orders issued. after being unable to locate and actually review the orders themselves. i did more research and uncovered this slight difference. Essentially executive action hold no real authority, it's merely the presidents way of telling the agencies they need to crack down in these ways.

  • Kola Finger



    People don't need guns to kill other people. You can take a pencil on to a plane as well as your bare hands. both those can kill a person.

  • Mason Gordon

    our founding fathers came up with the fucking bill of rights for a reason and any american should be aloud to have a gun as long your not going to be stupid about it!!

  • James Delorean

    yh take the guns away and you can be just like the uk in that criminals will be able to get guns at a moments notice and the innocent citizens will have no way to protect themselves! Don't ever give up them guns! just someone needs to tell the black people of America that the right to bear arms doesn't mean to kill everyone you see because from where I see it they're the ones making it tough to have a gun.

  • HolyGoodShit

    The bill of gun control has been rejected again by the Senate today ..it's a shame for the whole  Unites States Republic  to approve the continuation of the gun slaughter . The Senate is continuing to murder own citizens and merely  kids across the states ….Anything to proud about the 2nd amendment ?

  • Jo Silva

    Crazy how in 2016 we don't seem to connect the differences to what happened 100s of years ago. We live in a different world with technology growing out of control. People cry out when systems of security and safety "fail" and when the regulators try to control something which is inherently for the safety of others people still complain- it's so heartbreaking

  • terry z

    Obama wants to control guns in order to save lives and keep gun out of the hands of would be mass killers. Make sense? Yes, it does, but Americans will never accept this common sense attitude.

  • bunke

    +Alltime Conspiracies……I'm actually quite surprised at the lack of research [or perhaps just a novice on the topic] of "gun deaths in the US" and you equate the motive for each gun death as being equal. This is wrong and here's why. In 2013, there were 33,636 deaths in the US related to guns and most people believe that all those deaths are just like Sandy Hook, Orlando, or Columbine. They are, in fact, wrong. In 2013, 21,175 of those gun deaths were SUICIDE. That's nearly 63% of all gun related deaths in the US! This state is erroneously overlook and ignored as suicide is product of a mental/emotional condition, such as Depression. In that same year, 505 were "accidental" and 281 were used with "undetermined intent". This information is available and provided by the Center for Disease and Control Prevention.

  • cykboy

    your little handguns and rifles mean nothing to the government, you think the citizens could overthrow them? the gov has jets, nukes, bombs, warships and more. maybe he wants to control guns to stop the mass shootings? take england for example, in the 90s we had a mass shooting, then we banned handguns completely and restricted rifles/shotguns. we have had no mass shootings since

  • captain kirk

    If that's not a good enough reference look up these fine gentleman Mao tze tung, josef Stalin, Pol pot , Idi amin they all confiscated their citizens guns.

  • MasterBuilder140

    A lot of people argue that they need them to "Defend themselves", but if in a hostage situation I highly doubt that you are suddenly going to turn into Bruce Willis from Die Hard and save the day.

    Another argument I always see is that "the enemy will always find a way to have guns". Thats just stupid, you can currently walk into a store in the US and buy a gun for around $200, but if you went to Australia or another country with stricter laws then that same gun would cost $20,000.

  • Gerald Ander Lee

    This bitch isn't enforcing the laws. Letting people through the borders. Legalizing illegals. The he wonders why there are so many gun violence then places more laws to further restrict our rights. Fuck you Obama, Fuck you. And for all the people who still believe in his bullshit, please wake up. Obama care?? Forcing everyone to get insurance otherwise get fined? Freedom? Bitch please. Wake up America.

  • steph85jp


  • GermanSubTV

    idk how it is in america, but in germany guns have to be locked away in specific places, so that kids or other family members and intruders cant get them. I know from movies, that people place their guns under their pillows or into there commode… thats maybe a too easy access for kids…

  • vivek tamma

    are people of USA really using firearms for self defence?? with population less than 5% in world's and firearms around 45%.??.. Obama is right about this….. when people start shooting each other…. it'll be only guns that remain on earth….

  • Troll Face

    Pff we all know why he's doing it and it's the same reason why a lot of people do it. They're scary and not socially excepted. If anybody owns a firearm you'll know that heads are often turned and people are frightened why they are revealed. These liberals will often strive for an entirely disarmed country. And that shows the true danger of governments. China in its communist takeover disarmed their entire population and see what they're doing to them now. This could happen anywhere

  • JK Wright

    What about the murders down in Mexico is like one most violent countries on Earth but we don't hear anything about them on the news

  • Richard Fortman

    It's really weird that random people would want to just go shoot up schools.
    "I think I'll go kill a bunch of children to day and then off myself when the police arrive"

  • Renwick

    Im against all SJW's but not about gun control. Im britain you cant buy any kind of fire arms really. And there are never any mass shootings

  • The YouTube traveler

    guns dont make you safe if you dont belive then listen countrys where not evryone has guns there are far more les deaths by guns than in countrys like america

  • JustSomeGuy

    Once again we have a video that starts out seeming unbiased, then quickly begins spouting false statistics. Classic propaganda. Molon Labe.

  • whatisnoscope

    he wants out guns first, our virginities next… omg man your amaznig! can you give me a shout out, i'll make a shout out vid back pleeeeeaaaaseeeee 🙂 <3 your content

  • Mandy Schmidt

    Harsher gun laws but no complete bans. It's an effective compromise. Also, for the people who are going to get butthurt and say "well the criminals are going to get ahold of guns anyway", I wouldn't want you having a gun, since you are basically protecting a murderers right to own a gun. Also by that logic we should just make all crime legal considering people are going to commit crimes anyway.

  • Wes Hughes

    tuff shit berry can't be done. It's a joke we are in control not you. the government is owned by the people and of and for the people. we tell you guys what can be done not you. you are just too stupid to know this

  • Emperor Alvis

    30,000 gun deaths a year is what they say to make you feel bad. Those deaths include suicides, police related shootings, and gang violence. Gang members don't walk into Walmart to buy a gun, they buy them from other criminals who don't require they show a gun license. This is backed by Chicago having the strictest gun laws in the country and thousands of shootings annually, 80% of which are gang related. So guns are not the problem, criminals are.

  • Mr. Smith

    Stricter gun laws are not going to help because criminals don’t follow laws to begin with. That is why there called criminals. If we let the big Gov make our gun laws any tighter they will start manipulating laws until big Gov is the only gun owners left. History shows us mankind is violent before guns man used swords, axes, clubs and rocks. It didn’t change anything then and it won’t change anything now. History has also shown us what evils a corrupt greedy government addicted to power and control is capable of. Over and over again. If we want to change anything for the better it first needs to be changed at the source. I have watched this controlling greedy, corrupt cancer grow bigger and bigger, election after election, Writting nonsense laws that benifit nothing but the spread of this cancer. Just like a real tumor it will keep growing and spreading until it cripples us all. We are already choking on miles of red tape while they manipulate our rights and laws that were meant to stop this shit.

  • Lanwarder

    The government has an army, thanks, bombs and quasi unlimited research budgets…..It's my right to have all of that!! oh wait no….but I still want my AR15, 'Cause somehow it's going to stpo the US army…unless you are the worst or most sadistic hunter on earth,The only thing you'll kill with that is a civilian.

  • eagle chick

    FDR murdered more Jewish children by his actions and inaction than have been shot in the last 100 years! He did nothing about his party's KKK.

  • chief lucifer63

    this is bs propaganda trying to stereotype & divide & label ppl. there are plenty of black "liberal" ppl who are legal gun owners & military vets who are pro 2nd amendment.

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